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Transcript of Smart Authentication Datasheet Smart Authentication Server

  • 7/30/2019 Smart Authentication Datasheet Smart Authentication Server



    Smart Authentication Server

    The growing number o high revenue services on the Inter-

    net is leading to a huge increase o online raud. Security

    regulations are put in place to counter these threats and

    nancial institutions are constantly improving security o

    their online services in order to protect their customers. For

    sensitive services like e-banking and e-shopping, strong

    authentication is the cornerstone o these new security


    The variety o authentication means now available allows

    nancial institutions and mobile operators to propose

    better adapted tools to their customers, taking account o

    the security level required or their transactions. However,

    without a comprehensive approach, managing a ull range

    o authentication means might become complex.

    Compatible with a ull range o devices and mobile solutions

    Oberthur Technologies Smart Authentication Server enables

    nancial institutions and mobile operators to reinorce and

    adapt their online security strategy.

    Key benefts

    Single server to secure all sensitive servicesWide range o authentication means supported

    and exibility to connect new devices or applications

    Management o multiple authentication meansper end-user

    Adaptation o the level o authentication or eachtransaction, based on risk assessment

    Comprehensive interace or customer care, reportingand administration

    Secure access for online sensitive services

    A single server to connect a ull rangeo authentication means

  • 7/30/2019 Smart Authentication Datasheet Smart Authentication Server



    Authentication capabilities

    Adaptive authentication depending on customersegmentation and transaction types, balancing

    between security and usability:

    OTP (time-based or event-based) Challenge/ResponseSignature

    Support o multiple open and proprietary authentica-tion methods: OATH, EMV-CAP/DPA, Vasco DigiPass

    End-to-end device lie cycle management

    ProvisioningLock/UnlockEnd o lie Reporting and statistics

    Web administration portal ofering statistics, auditlogs and ully customisable reports

    Sotware architecture

    Scalability and high availability thanks to a exibleand reliable sotware architecture

    Highly secured key management through an HSM* *Hardware Security Module

    Operating modes

    Hosted, in Oberthur Technologies premises, with allthe advantages o a managed service:

    Quick time-to-market Reduced xed costs Certication process ully handled (PCI-DSS)In house, in the nancial institution or mobile operators

    IT inrastructure, beneting o Oberthur Technologies

    deployment expertise

    A turnkey solution

    In order to minimise the resources and to optimise the

    total cost o ownership or the rollout o a complete

    strong authentication solution, Oberthur Technologies

    ofers a one-stop shop.

    A ull range o compatible devices and mobilesolutions:

    Smart Tokens: 1-button and 12-button Smart Card Readers: EMV-CAP/DPA Smart Display Cards: 1-button and 12-button Smart Mobile Solutions: SIM Token, Mobile

    Application, Secure microSD and SMS solutionsStandard integration with Oberthur Technologies

    Smart Access Control Server to secure e-shopping


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    Smart AuthenticationServer


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