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  1. 1. LINNAEUS
  2. 2. Linnaeus, is a crazy and insensitive section that has many special children that gives bad impressions to teachers. Has many talented but lazy students, much disappointment for us. It sure is a troublesome ride, but it truly was a fantastic one. I wonder, has things ever been so sudden that you cant think before it already happened? Im pretty sure some of us bet right before everything began, that youll never have friends in this year same with the previous one we had. Linnaeus, at first, Id like to thank you for everything youve done and the memories that you made me experience. Back then, never actually saw any good in our section, in fact, I thought its going to be a complete failure. But, what can I say? I felt the same way with my previous section, and Ive never felt so happy. All I could feel right now isgratefulness.
  3. 3. Christmas PArty
  4. 4. Field trip!
  5. 5. Field Demo
  6. 6. Sophia Genne Doctolero If Ill be honest, I actually thought you were annoying, although please dont take it too far as offensive, nagging is actually a wake-up call for lots of us. I actually enjoyed your speeches, they seem to be entirely lifted off of your chest. Of course, I get irritated sometimes when a couple of things are uncalled for, but I couldnt think of anyone being far more suited in the job you are entrusted with. I am apparently scared of you, literally, I dont know if its out of respect our just plainly me having the imaginary dark aura surrounding you. I also got scared, when you were about to leave as president and you were even offered to be transferred to another section. I was curious why I even felt that way, we werent that close, and Im certain at times you found me unnervingly annoying. But sometimes, I just do what I want, and I sure did not regret it even if I came out as selfish. Remember our first open forum or maybe it was the second, when we a class photo planned to be our rebirth? I really thought we were going to change, but it quite took a long time to for us to be even partially united. And always keep in mind Genne, youre solely the reason why we have been the better Linnaeus. Ike Kaichou!!!
  7. 7. Eisen Francisco Take vitamins and put on off lotion and keep your immune System working!!!! The student that always volunteers for work which is pretty daring, Its hard already hard to maintain the classroom by the presidents side but you still ask for more work. Which I find quite selfless but it really takes a toll on you. Take care of yourself, even if youre a guy you have a fragile body. Youre voice is nice but when you dont louden it, I cant understand anything. And I didnt know you have that low voice which I should find enticing, Its best though if you have a few join with your singing because bass should never be alone. Remember the time you did the Nae nae in Geometry? You were quite idiotic to show that to sir Joel, hes quite fond with performances. Well it did make me laugh at that sleepy time so thanks. Thank you for the times you took responsibility on your own shoulders but you should trust and depend on others more.
  8. 8. Kathy Janda Youre so cute and so tall. Kathy youre one of the sweetest classmates Ive ever encountered. And youre so humble that I fell in love with you. Hahaha, just kidding. Kathy, thanks for the hard work you put in our section, its pretty inspiring, and were sorry we couldnt provide any markers for the board for you to use. I wonder, if Im going to go beyond your height next year, and most of all, I wonder if I could ever catch up with all of you. The times we practiced together was humoring, when you and Kathlene get together its as expected when best friends be put in one place, well, I do think youre best friends considering the time you seem to spend together. And I appreciate your compliments to everyone, they do really make us cheer up. Thank you. Remember the time when we were practicing for the field demo? Thats technically the reason how I knew you. Mmm, I admit we Linnaeus did look amazing in our red and black costumes. I am meaning to ask you, how do you manage to not make a mistake during the performance? I certainly do want to repay you for the things youve done for the section Im truly grateful. Kathy, always keep that smile on your face and humbleness with you, you have brought and will bring light to many.
  9. 9. Kristel Ann Catiis Senpaiii~ Ive known you since 7th grade and you are so fun to be with especially the times in group discussions, meetings, and group projects. Your main characteristic that I could never forget is the goofiness. I mean, it brightens up the days of the lonely and your greetings and poses mostly has the peace sign tagging along. I wonder if youre going to be a treasurer again next year, and from what I saw its pretty stressful. Oh yeah GOMENASAI!!! Hindi ako nakakapagbayad tapos kadalasan nakakalimutan ko pa yung pera ko! GOMENASAI, SENPAI~!!! I love being around you, its comforting because I know someones there possibly weirder than me sorry. But, I never meant weird as an insult, I think of it as a compliment because someones gonna change the way things are in the most unique way possible. Youre probably going to be one of them in the future I wish. Remember the scene, I survived!? That is usually the reason why I suddenly laugh after I look after a serious situation. Its like after a rough road you still got the power of being optimistic. I love you senpaii~, stay smart, weird, and positive!!!!
  10. 10. Nikka Nirza Eh! Photographer! Honestly, I havent seen your photos before but it seems like people are praising you for your photos. All I could say is keep up the good work. Its a pleasure to actually meet you, you are very funny in your own way, and quite creative might I add. You are very carefree and bold when you have an emotion. Although, please be careful with that characteristic, it cannot always guarantee good results. I dont know that much about you, we rarely talk and most of the time the talk was usually about school. Youre cool but sometimes impulsive but it doesnt entirely that bad, sometimes being impulsive can get us through a certain circumstance. I appreciate your hard work for the class, your loud voice can catch attention. You seem very confident and I wish I am not wronged. Remember the time we were riding a jeepney to go home from practice, we even got on the same vehicle as Genne, we were sharing some stories of our own with each other. You were such a good listener. Nikka, inspire lots of people with your photos, they need it.
  11. 11. Julianna Betina Pacquiao You weird nut, how did we even become friends. You creepy knuckle head who doesnt care for what the world thinks of her. I do hope you become my shadow, a shadow for a very bright light that I hope Ill be so youll always be by my back and you will remain equal with me or better, stronger than me. A friend that knows everything about me, that is so awkward. But after all, both of us are weird, occasionally overthrowing each other because of weirdness. Youre annoying with a sadistic and masochist side that will be easily misunderstood by many people. I could see you as a twin sister and a rival in our next lives. You sadist! Take care of Mama Nae and the animals you idiot. You should know you mean a lot more than I would ever confess. Remember back when we were in 7th grade? Nicoline, you, and I will remain by the side of our classroom by the tree, where we tied a precious and pure white ribbon, I do hope, by the time we are already adults with our own occupation, we would come by this tree to reminisce. Remain your odd self for the world to experience, for the world to realize that difference is what brings us change that will make things better. Idiot.
  12. 12. Jasmine Aisha Reyes Hey, insecure, condescending person. Okay, one of the great artists in our section that is praised by many people, but would rather choose an insult. Youre more idiotic than Julianna. Ive known you since 7th grade, and I never noticed you until I saw you at the side of the lane being surrounded by students because of your drawing of a character with a wings. It probably feels good if we were one of those winged creatures, ability of going free from the worlds stare and go up in the horizon where your silhouette will be admired. I dont know how else to say it but never let others affect you and dont look down on yourself for you will look down upon others, it will result of being alone, in short monophobia, and you seem to have that even if you deny it. And stop being close-minded, others have so much to show you, yet you dont notice because youre scared. Remember the time when you and I were alone talking about numerous amounts of things, its good that youre somehow opening up to me but every time, I notice how lonely you are and how much you underestimate yourself. The editorial cartooning is an opportunity, put your talent in drawing into good use and put some wild imagination in it. And open your mind for new things. Gambatte~!
  13. 13. Patrick Raul Romillo I honestly dont wanna write about you here but I felt like I never thanked you properly. An incompetent Aniki I once had, a weird one too. Yeah, I still hate you. But childish it is of me to even elongate a one sided and one denial fight like ours. And our debates, you dont know how many times you violated your previous statements by your new ones. And dont even get started with the bible or religion talk with me, and what annoys me the worst is you questioning whats the meaning of a word. ARE YOU UNDERESTIMATING MY VOCABULARY OR SOMETHING!? I actually forgave you a long time ago, I just wanted to see how far a liar and manipulator like you would go. I wouldnt say you have confidence, I would just say you hide it with a false faade and possibly exaggeration. You have a funny