Sly fox and red hen

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English Story

Transcript of Sly fox and red hen

  • 1. Golden rule Rememberour golden rule?. Example: 1. Thefox wants to eat the hen. 2. The hen is cooking supper. 3. The fox caught the hen.

2. Lets build sentences (level 1) RedHen playing guitar Red hen is playing guitar.YellowChick blowing trumpet Yellow chick is blowing trumpet. 3. Lets build sentences (level 1)They playing music. They are playing music. 4. Lets build sentences (level 2) looking- food Sly Fox is looking for food.sitting- floor The mouse is sitting on the floor. 5. Lets build sentences (level 2) hides lamp. Sly Fox is hides in the lamp. Sly Fox hides in the lamp. hiding lamp Sly Fox is hiding in the lamp. 6. Lets build sentences (level 2) takes food drink Red Hen is takes some food and drink. Red Hen takes some food and drink. taking food drink Red Hen is taking some food and drink. 7. Lets build sentences (level 3) Found(past tense of find) Red Hen found Sly Fox. discoveringRed Hen is discovering Sly Fox. 8. Lets build sentences (level 3) slept(past tense of sleep) Sly Fox slept under a tree. sleepingSly Fox is sleeping under a tree. 9. Lets build sentences (level 3) Trap(s)Red Hen traps in the bag. TrappedRed Hen trapped in the bag. freeingRed Hen is freeing from the bag. 10. Lets build sentences (level 3) Cook(s)Sly fox cook stones. Sly fox cooks stones.cookingSly Fox is cooking stones. 11. Lets build sentences (level 3)splash(s)The water splashes out of the pot. splashed The water splashed out of the pot. splashing The water is splashing out of the pot.