Slix Australia - Perfect Swimwear For Your Water Exercises

9 Choose the Perfect Swimwear For Your Water Exercises


Slix Australia offers a rich collection of sports swimwear for men, women, boys, and girls. Please visit our website to explore our entire line of one-pieces, training bikinis, monokinis, nix jammers, briefs, and training swimwear to find your ideal attire.

Transcript of Slix Australia - Perfect Swimwear For Your Water Exercises the Perfect Swimwear For Your Water Us Founded in 1999, Slix Australia continues to e trul! uni"ue in the world trainin# swimwear mar$et. What started as a %assion to loo$ and feel #reat while trainin# has seen Slix ecome a rand with a lo!al cult followin# of fashionistas and #u!s who want to stand out& 'esi#ned with !our acti(e lifest!le in mind. )he most uni"ue S%orts Swimwear !ou will wear. *ur swimwear feature our Exclusi(e S)A+,-A faric and su%erior construction technolo#!, and when comined with trend.dri(en desi#ns, this trul! sets our swimwear a%art from others in the mar$et. AustraliasProductsTraining BikinisNixs / JammersMonokini One BikinisChoose from the wide collection of training bikinis by Slix Australia. Piece Simear for ! / Jammers for"#lorine $esistant Brief in Touc# it# Us&actor' S#oroom Address(/nit 11011 2artle! 3oadSmeaton 4ran#e -SW 5678AustraliaOnline Store "ustomer Ser)ice(Email9 -o.9 ;71 517 1< 781 785Wesite9*ening +ours(+onda! to Frida! ?9am to 6%m@ AES)Saturda! ?1=am to 5%m@ AES)&ollo Us on Social Media(,facebook,com/slixaustralia/,titter,com/slixaustralia,*interest,com/slixaustralia/,'outube,com/user/slixaustralia,*lus,google,com/-slixaustralia/