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Interview by Eoin Connolly of SportsPro On behalf of Construction IQJohn Beattie, Stadium & Facilities Director, Arsenal Football Club Plc joins Eoin Connolly of SportsPro to discuss site safety at the Club, ESSMA and UEFA.Arsenal Football Club

SportsPro: How would you describe your role at the Emirates Stadium?

J Beattie: It isn't very much different in many other facilities managers job most of the time. What is very different is the safety side, and that obviously takes an awful lot of different planning, and its all about preplanning. The main thing of preplanning is to have all your policies in place, contingency plans for when it does go wrong, because it does, if not majorly, but even minor points. You have to train all your staff and recruit all your staff, and no doubt its more about serious training and things like that.

So you go on through this process, and you have to have all your management processes in place so that when it comes to on the day, the normal procedures are running like clockwork, and I will then stand back and wait for something out of the ordinary to happen. SportsPro: So how is the stadium management team structured?To download this transcript in full or watch the video please click here:Slideshare Stadium and Venue Design and Development Russia & CIS Conference 2011 will take place in Berlin from 24th 26th October 2011. For further information please visit, email or call +44 (0) 207 368 9300.