SlideShare First B'day Snaps (Oct4, 07)

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Snaps from SlideShare's first anniversary part at out New Delhi offices...pity Jon & Rashmi were not here as well...

Transcript of SlideShare First B'day Snaps (Oct4, 07)

  • 1. Slideshare is 1 today!

2. Slideshare turns1 today! 3. SlideShares First Birthday cake 4. Welcome to the Party! 5. The Slideshare hackers! 6. The office is all decked up 7. Our two offices are 12 hours & twocontinentsapart 8. Kapil, our Tech leadgets to cut the cake 9. Dino The Dinosaur, our office mascotgets his (or her?)share too! 10. Mayank at his (usually untidy, hence geeky) desk! 11. Dipankar has the last laugh! 12. Posing for the shutterbugs! 13. The room with the view! 14. Lalits got aclowns cap 15. Golak is SEARCHING for something! 16. Gaurav, the latest geek to join our team 17. Saurabh seems to have a few tricks up his sleeves! 18. 19. Anand, Dipankar & Yatender