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  • The NZRDA Member Superannuation Plan

    This presentation should be viewed in conjunction with the NZRDA Member Superannuation Plan Investment Statement and Q & A and in no way should be considered a substitute for the NZRDA Member Superannuation Plans Investment Statement.

  • Parties to the PlanTrustee: Lighthouse Superannuation Nominees Ltd, a subsidiary of TOWERInstigator: NZRDAParticipating Employers: All DHBs who have signed to Participate in the PlanMembers: Employees of the Participating DHBs employed as Dental or Medical Officers Administration Manager: TOWERInvestment Managers: ANZ Asset Management/ BNZ Asset Management/ Bankers Trust/ ING & TOWER Asset Management

  • Features & BenefitsWhat are the contribution levels?Member: 2% of your salary for the first year of the Plan, increasing to 4% for the second year and 6% for the third and subsequent yearsDHB: 2% of members salary for the first year of the Plan, increasing to 4% for the second year and 6% for the third and subsequent years

    Note: members may also make lump sum investments or contribute at a higher percentage of salary from that shown above

  • When can the funds be withdrawn?Anytime after normal retirement age or early retirement age with Employer consentUpon resignation, redundancy, death or forced leaving of service due to ill healthMembers may withdraw their own contributions once every 5 years subject to a minimum withdrawal of $1,000Funds may also be withdrawn should a member resign from one DHB to take a position with another

    Features & Benefits

  • Investment OptionsWhat options do I have?There are 14 different options that you may choose from-9 Managed Funds and 5 Single Sector FundsThey vary in volatility from a conservative Cash Fund to a more aggressive NZ or International Shares FundThere are 5 different Fund Managers ranging from ANZ Asset Management (1), BNZ Asset Management (3), BT (2), ING (1) & TOWER (7)You May elect up to 4 different funds. A minimum of 25% in any one fund applies to contribution cashflowsRefer to the Investment Statement for details

  • Conservative Fund Example%Please note this graph is for illustrative purposes only

  • Balanced Fund ExampleNZ Equities10%Global Fixed Interest20%Property 10%Cash10%NZ Fixed Interest20%Please note this graph is for illustrative purposes onlyInternational Equities 30%

  • Growth Fund ExamplePlease note this graph is for illustrative purposes only

  • The Best Performing Asset ClassesAnnual percentage returns by asset class**Based on the following indices: 1. NZSE 40 Gross Index; 2. NZSE Property Gross Index; 3. CSFB Government Bond Index; 4. CSFB 90 Day Bank Bill Index; 5. MSCI World Accumulation Index hedged in NZ$; 6. SSB World Government Bond Index (hedged).


  • Time in the market (not market timing)Source: S&P 500 Accumulation Index*Period studied: June 1992-June 2002

  • Joining the PlanComplete the Application for Membership form and post it to NZRDAOnce registered with TOWER deductions will commence from your salary and TOWER will confirm your membership in writingAt the same time you will be advised of your web access number to supersite so that you can monitor your membership accounts and investment returns

  • DHBs joining @ 1 July 2003 Waitemata, Auckland, Counties Manukau, Waikato, BOP, Lakes, Tairawhiti, Taranaki, Whanganui, Hutt Valley, Capital & Coast, Nelson Marlborough, Canterbury & Otago

    DHBs joining 30 June 2004 Northland, Hawkes Bay, MidCentral, Wairarapa, South Canterbury, West Coast & Southland

  • Important Points To NoteThis information is given in good faith and has been derived from sources believed to be accurate. However neither NZRDA nor any of their employees gives any warranty of reliability or accuracy nor accepts any responsibility arising in any other way for errors or omissions.

    Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

    The RDA, Participating Employers or the TOWER Group do not guarantee repayment of capital or future performance of any fund within the NZRDA Member Superannuation Plan.

    This material has been prepared specifically for illustrative purposes only and is not a securities recommendation, it does not contain securities advice. In preparing this presentation, we have not taken any individual investor's personal circumstances into account. This presentation should not be relied upon as the basis for an investment decision. Investors considering investing in the Plan should obtain a copy of the current Investment Statement and consult their Financial Adviser.