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Transcript of Slavic Touch from the Heart of Europe ANNA MARIA...

  • ANNA MARIA JOPEKSlavic Touch from the Heart of Europe

  • 'Please do not file my music under jazz', Anna Maria Jopek says, though. Nor under pop, folk... whatever. I embrace a lot of influences. Jazz is by far the most important in its freedom, its harmony and its sense of time but I was brought up with the old Polish folk songs. So I'm kind of rooted here in all these Slavic landscapes and sounds.

    Just thirty seconds of Annas tune belong to the most beautiful music Ive heard in months

    Anna is original, unique, different. Shes brace, shes modest, shes open. Shes a great musician. What shes been doing all her life is just trying to play the best notes. Trying to sound good. In that particular sense, shes a lot like me and thats why I decided to work with her. Because she just cares for the music.

    - Pat Metheny (said at the press conference when their album Upojenie went gold on

    the day of its release).

  • AMJ & Bobby McFerrin

    Anna Maria Jopek collaborated with giants of music such as:

    Pat Metheny, Brandford Marsalis,Oscar Castro Neves, Bobby McFerrin, Youssou NDour, Nigel Kennedy, Chris Botti,Makoto Ozone, Richard Bona, Mino Cinelu, Christian McBride, Gil Goldstein,Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Tord Gustavsen,Tomasz StakoManu Katche, Ivan Lins, Sara Tavares, Camane, Tito Paris, Paulo de Carvalho, Dhafer Youssef.

    AMJ & Pat Metheny

    AMJ & Tito Paris

    AMJ & Makoto Ozone

    AMJ & Richard Bona

    AMJ & Oscar Castro-Neves

    AMJ & Youssou N'd


    AMJ & Chris Botti

    AMJ & Christian Mc


    AMJ & Brandford Marsalis

  • AMJ performed in the greatest international

    venues like:

    Cornegie Hall, Hollywood Bowl, Blue Note Tokyo, Royal festival Hall,

    Queen Elizabeth Hall,The Israel Opera in Tel Aviv

    Tokyo Opera City

    Apart from that, she was a guest of many festivals in Austria, Spain, France,

    Germany, Italy, UK, Sweden, Turkey or Czech

    Republic, Ukraine, and Russia.

  • Anna Maria Jopek released 18 albums in Poland and 4 of them had worldwide premiere.

    Pat Metheny & Anna Maria JopekUpojenie, 2008

    Anna Maria JopekBarefoot, 2002

    Anna Maria JopekSecret, 2005

    Anna Maria JopekID, 2007

    Pat Metheny - one of the most important and at the same time most loved artists of modern music agreed to do the whole album with Anna Maria Jopek and her friends.

    ID is an album recorded with world-famous artists such as Mino Cinelu, Manu Katche, Christian McBride, Richard Bona, Tord Gustavsen, OscarCastro-Neves, Branford, Marsalis, Dhafer Youssef.

    Anna Maria Jopek sings English versions of the best-known songs from her previous Polish albums. She also made her own versions of songs by Sting and No Doubt.

    Barefoot - as one of the critics put it: the best produced album in the history of Polish music.

  • Anna Maria Jopeks latest releases:

    Anna Maria JopekPolanna, 2011

    The search for the essence of Polish soul in music, in the arrangements of Gil Goldstein - multiple Grammy Award winner - and Krzysztof Herdzin. The band, created especially for the purpose of this project, consists of Cuban piano master Gonzalo Rubalcaba, the great lady of Polish folk music, Maria Pomianowska and the classic cellist Rafa Kwiatkowski. Guests appearance by Stanisaw Soyka. The albums take a fresh look at both important and beautiful moments in the history of our music. From Wacaw of Szamotuy, through old folk music, Stanisaw Moniuszko, Mieczysaw Karowicz, to Karol Szymanowski and the Skaldowie band. Among the compositions, we can also expect a premiere set. The album was recorded in the Radio Gdansk studio and brought together in the New Yorks MRS studio by Grammy Award winner Joe Ferla with the touch by Steve Rodby.

    LIVE:Uciekaj, uciekaj licie

  • Anna Maria Jopek & Makoto OzoneHaiku, 2011

    It is an attempt to find a common denominator of the Polish and Japanese music. The project was accomplished together with Makoto Ozone, the most outstanding Japanese jazz pianist. We will also have a chance to hear Tomohiro Fakuhara as a guest star - the artist of Kabuka theatre who will play bamboo flutes. The album was recorded and mixed by Tadeusz Mieczkowski in Warsaw Sound and More studio. Anna Maria Jopek has visited Japan eight times so far performing in the most important places in the country. In December 2011 and January 2012 AMJ had series of concerts (in Tokyo including famous Blue Note Tokyo, Osaka and Matsuyama) with her own band and also with Makoto Ozone.

    LIVE: Dolina & Oberek

    Anna Maria Jopeks latest releases:

  • Anna Maria JopekSobremesa, 2011

    SOBREMESA: a kind of "dessert" after the sophistication of the main course. It presents the stories of Lisbon, the city where Anna Maria Jopek has found her second home. It is a collection of Anna Maria Jopek's beloved songs from the world of Portuguese and lusophone culture. Among the guests, we have an opportunity to hear the greatest artists such as "the prince of Fado" - Caman, charismatic voices from Cape Verde Island - Sara Tavares and Tito Paris, the legendary Portuguese singer - Paulo de Carvalho, Angolan multi-instrumentalist and vocalist - Yami, or the Brazilian composer and singer - Ivan Lins. The album contains three premiere compositions (among others, the already popular duet with Tito Paris "Tylko tak mogo by") and Polish lyrics for lusophone music created especially for this project. Anna Maria Jopek performs mainly in Portuguese, sometimes even in the Creole language and Kimbundu. The album was recorded in Lisbon with the multicultural band created for this occasion. The album was mixed by Scott Petito (sound engineer of Michael Franks albums) in NRS Studio, Woodstock, NY. In November 2011, during the Sobremesa Tour in Poland Anna Maria Jopek performed 14 concerts for nearly 10,000 people.

    Tylko, tak mogo by dos Remedios

    Anna Maria Jopeks latest releases:

  • International press about Anna Maria Jopek:

    12 brilliant albums in just 10 years are surely an awe-inspiring record for even a most accomplished musician. about ID album

    As beautiful as she is talented, one could easily imagine her choosing a dual career as a model or actress, but Anna singularly focuses on what she feels is most important, the music. JAZZREVIEW.COM

    Her music (...) is a unique combination of Jazz and World Music (Jazz-World Fusion), incorporating a vast scope of musical influences like Polish folklore, Brazilian Bossa Nova, African chanting and of course the European Classical tradition. It doesnt take a genius to realize by now that I loved the concert every possible way. The Jerusalem Post

    Despite her intense interaction with the audience in Indonesian, it was her music that brought everyone to a standing ovation, a just appreciation for a breathtaking performance. The Jakarta Post

    When most people think of Polish music. .. they think of Chopin. But I have just done an album, Polanna, where we tried to find the essence of Polish soul in music. In one sentence, Polish music is a curious mix of wrath and melancholy. AMJ in The Irish Times

    Haiku - My best album 2012 Jazz Life Japan magazine


    ANNA MARIA JOPEK & YAMI - Sobremesa - this unique musical project is not only the legendary Fado music, sometimes called 'blues from the edge of Europe', but also a unique cultural melting pot of musical tradition from which AMJ and African artist Yami have grown. A joint concert of Anna Maria Jopek and Angolan musician, Yami will be the opportunity for the audience to hear the music of one of the world's most poetic cities - Lisbon.

    ANNA MARIA JOPEK & BAND - Polanna - in this version, the artist reveals her new insight on beautiful and important moments in the history of Polish music. She reaches back to the sources of traditional, classical, jazz and popular music. Annas Band consists of outstanding instrumentalists, stars of the Polish jazz scene. During the concert, the musicians create captivating improvisations. The spectacle is accompanied by tension and concentration but at the same time, it brings the feeling of lightness and playing with musical forms

    Anna Maria Jopek is a versatile and demanding artist. She works with her own band but also sings duos with world-known artists and performs with musicians from around the world. This makes organization of her every concert a different creative challenge for our company. These concerts have different faces:

    ANNA MARIA JOPEK & MAKOTO OZONE - Haiku - a joint concert of Anna Maria Jopek and Japan's greatest jazz pianist, Makoto Ozone. Another extraordinary musical adventure. The artists find common aesthetics for Zen philosophy of Far East and Slavic expression.