Skipso Presentation - Cleantech Bulgaria Launch Event

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Skipso Presentation - Cleantech Bulgaria Launch Event

Transcript of Skipso Presentation - Cleantech Bulgaria Launch Event

  • 1.Carlo Soresina Co-Founder [email_address] Leveraging the Internet to enable Cleantech Innovation enablingSustainable Innovation

2. Imagine.... enablingsustainable innovation 3. Crowdsourcing Innovation enablingsustainable innovation 4. The Cleantech Market Fragmented Market, Geographically Distributed enablingsustainable innovation ILLUSTRATIVE 5. Skipso's Innovation Ecosystem enablingsustainable innovation 6. enablingsustainable innovation 7. Enabling Interaction Open Innovation enablingsustainable innovation Challenge Solvers Innovation Seekers

  • Formulation of the problem on Skipso
  • Problem promoted to a global network of experts
  • Best solutions selected and cash award paid
  • Browse live challenges on Skipso
  • Join project room, set-up team to solve challenge
  • Earn cash and reputation by solving challenges

8. Cleantech Open Innovaton Case Study:The Green Illumination Challenge COMPANY NAME THE CHALLENGE Cash Reward: $10,000 PARTICIPATION

  • 60 registered experts
  • 18 countries
  • 20 submissions

THE WINNER enablingsustainable innovation 9. Case Study:Technology Scouting for Intesa Sanpaolo PARTICIPATION

  • 750 qualified leads
  • 120 registrations
  • 50 submissions
  • 15 countries

THE CHALLENGE The European Cleantech Challenge is an annual business plan competition that aims to identify the top Cleantech startups in Europe SEEKER ORGANIZATION WHAT WE PROVIDED

  • Dedicated website and platform
  • Proactive tech scouting
  • Community management
  • Weekly reporting

enablingsustainable innovation 10. Case Study: MIT Clean Energy Prize enablingsustainable innovation 11. Open Innovation Packages Skipso Idea Challenge Skipso R&D Challenge Skipso RFPChallenge SkipsoHRChallenge Skipso Start-up Challenge Connect with experts and innovators around the world to getgroundbreaking ideasfor your cleantech business or product Tap into a global network of experts that can help you crack the most complextechnical challengesat afraction of the cost Find solutions or expertise by outsourcing totop suppliersorconsultantswithin the Skipso network that will bid for your job Fill criticalCleantech job vacanciesor findtop advisory board professionalsfor your Cleantech start-up Sponsor or createentrepreneurial competitionsto find next-generationcleantech entrepreneursaround the world enablingsustainable innovation 12. Relevance to Cleantech Bulgaria enablingsustainable innovation

  • Create the first realCleantech clusterin the region
  • Position Bulgaria at the forefront ofCleantech innovation
  • Open up a new channel to attractexternal investmentsand business opportunities
  • Create an environment to bring together all theBulgarian stakeholders
  • Create a window toshowcasethe best of Bulgarian cleantech on a global market

13. Skipso has allowed us to identify the best technical partners to develop our product at a fraction of the cost compared to the traditional channel Enrico Conti, GC Illumination,Managing Director Thank you! enablingsustainable innovation