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Sitcom Soldiers

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  • 1. Sitcom Soldiers


  • Who are Sitcom Soldiers?
  • Sitcom Soldiers is a group of inspired thinkers and creative strategists
  • Who do they work with?
  • Sitcom soldiers work with many of my favourite artists, and they capture the beauty of the music perfectly with visuals. Sitcom soldiers work with Young Guns, The Futures, Deaf Havana and The Blackout (to name a few) All of these artists follow different areas of the rock/alternative genre.


  • So, what do I like about them?
  • Sitcom Soldiers have always managed to completely represent the rock/alternative genre of music that they specialise in.
  • The artists they work with are energetic, fun and talented, and this is clearly represented equally throughout their music videos.
  • Sitcom Soldiers use similar techniques throughout their videos.
  • Their use of an autumnal forest setting has inspired me to consider a similar setting. They also always create a wonderful, engaging narrative for viewers to follow along with the music.

Young Guns Sons Of Apathy The Futures The Boy Who Cried WolfProceed Visual Field 4.

  • The filming techniques used in Sitcom Soldiers work engage the audience and create a sense of being involved with the artists.
  • Sitcom Soldiers have used elements of both narrative and live performance. A good example of this is The Blackouts This is why we cant have nice things
  • The majority of this video is live performance: Shots of the band performing, fans lining up, backstage videos of the band and the artists engaging with their fans. This type of video really helps to represent the personality of the band, making them seem loyal to their fans and more focused on the performance they give, than their image.

5. How about editing? Sitcom Soldiers have a very consistent editing style.They very often desaturate colours to take away the obvious vibrancy which would detract from the rock/alternative/indie conventions. They have also used similar splashes of colour and lighting in their music videos, and I really like what they do!Francesqa Ghosts Use of colour/lighting splashes Young Guns Winter Kiss Use of colour/lighting splashes