Sita and Taani

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Transcript of Sita and Taani


  • Have heaps of babies Stuff uz lmao

    16 kids only Love u Hulk and Wornderwoman

  • Love you. You g. #maamagang

    Halluejah Love you

  • Ofaatu Congratz gyz yeeeiii

    Hello Congratz

  • Much love Congratz

    Love you Mr and Mrs Maama =} VJ loves you xx

  • Love you guys Congratz on your beautiful day

    Congratz Sita and Taani Love you guys and God bless

  • Ofa atu Taani mo Sita Sup love you guys

    Ofa atu Mr and Mrs Maama from Mr and mrs Pepe Congratulations

  • #brell #wedding Congratz guyz from us

    Yo best time everrrr Love yall fam

  • Best of luck for the future.... Congrats guys beautiful day God bless

    Love you Heyo congrat m8

  • ephesians 3_20 Love you guys

    Bless you Thanks guys, as you can tell pepas havin a good time lol