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Sisterhood of Avalon

Sisterhood of AvalonWeek 3 Avalon

So, we start this update off with Freya getting an A+! Yeah, ygo girl!

Also, we finally got ourselves a gold fishing badge. Thank god, this took like forever to do. Like, seriously. We were on silver for like an entire week.

Laila: You didnt even let me fish for most of the last rotation.


So I added some custom townies from a few sources (Deedee sims, Frottana and Nicholaplaysthesims hay), and this one is a My Sims character, Sir Vincent!

Off for a jog.

No idea why but Im not going to argue.

That blue is kind of ugly, though.

Also Komeis butt is still great. I thought you all should know.

Also, we decided to go check out the club lot so we can start getting that built up.

As I am very familiar in the ways of venue lots, I can never deny the power of a poker table.

And heres Alice Knight from Nicholas BACC. I totally did a bunch of makeovers too because I am nothing if not fashionable.

And Teresa Lucas from the same BACC! She looks great.

And she only stayed for 2 hours and barely gave us any money, wtf Teresa.

And this is Zynlos DeeDee from uh a cool sim that DeeDee made.

God hes cute, Im so glad I started to add custom sims to my game. I should definitely add some more.

But hes cute.

Just a reminder.

So we got up to rank 2 and definitely did some upgrading here. As you can see, we added food here. Im tempted to add one of those diner standing restaurants the next time we come back.

Or we would if she didnt get a chance card that made us lose all our money.


Laila: Good now you have to keep playing us.

Well too bad for you, I cant until next week. Ill enjoy seeing you suffer through each of the rounds.

Oh right, if you dont remember, she has a LTW to be the top of the Oceanography career.

She gave Komei so much crap for breaking the computer. Buuuut apparently he likes it? I guess? Who knows with these people. Sims are weird.

And hope springs eternal here. I would hope that before the week ends, he gets abducted.

And we got it! One night later!

This pose is great. And he came back!

Not pregnant.

I learned later this was my multi-PT hack.

Also I decided to try to do more family meals. However with the Oceanography career, I decided that at least two people at the table counted for a family meal.

Also, I earned a pregnancy, so I had him pregnant with Lailas child. Because I earned it.

Hes gotten even more flirty with Laila, if that was event possible. As he was already quite the flirt.

Also this handsome devil keeps walking by our house, and let me tell you, I aint the least bit mad about that.

Goddang son.

I should have just let him die for his stupidity because let me tell you, this is definitely stupid.

The food is right there, Komei! Right there!

But I definitely didnt. Im too nice for that.

And I didnt get any after pictures because I was too frantically worried he was going to be completely toast.

But he wasnt.

Hes still an idiot though LOOK AT THAT FOOD RIGHT THERE.

And in the midst of all of that, Freya is chatting up Travis from the Princess household!

Maaaaybe theyll get married?

And now its time for Freya to grow up!

And here she is, all teenagered up!

Shes a pleasure/grilled cheese sim, and her LTW didnt pop up before we were done this round.

And she only got a simple make over for this round as we dont have a clothing store yet.

Soon though. Soon.

But she looks even better like that.

And with this last update of the house, the round is over.

Im definitely going to need to condense this soon. This is massive and that middle room is unwieldy. Just way too big for it to be really useful.

Anyways, see you next week!