Singled out: Using Targeted Email to Create Unique Experiences

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Presentation by Josh Humphreys, Customer Success Manager, Pure 360, delivered at the Digital Marketing Show 2014.

Transcript of Singled out: Using Targeted Email to Create Unique Experiences

  • 1. Singled out: Using targeted emailto create unique experiencesJosh HumphreysCustomer Success @Pure360

2. Whats in it for you? @Pure360 3. Relevant emails drive more than 18 times more revenuethan general e-blasts.Jupiter @Pure360 4. Change of @Pure360 5. one size fits all?! @Pure360 6. HoHwo awr ea ryeo uy oguo ignogi ntog stota sntda nodu to furto fmro tmhe t hcero cwrodw?d? @Pure360 7. @Pure360Content Essential demographic segmentation Segment using recipient data Creating persona segments Automating these segments Trigger real time emails 8. Segmentation by @Pure360 9. 29% @Pure360GenderLack of help whenneededTop problem experiencedwhen shoppingFinding a parkingspot closest tothe doorWhich means:Care, experience and joyWhich means:Quick, no hassle 10. @Pure36032% of 18-24 year olds said theyengage with vouchers and offers42% of 55 - 64 year olds said they preferproduct recommendations based onsearch or purchase historyAge 11. @Pure360How can yougather morerelevantdemographicdata? 12. Segment by @Pure360 13. @Pure360 Lifecycle stage Not yet purchased First time buyers Usage High users re-engagement 14. @Pure360 Loyalty Rewards Benefits sought Cost Quality 15. @Pure360Build personas 16. Direct Marketing Association UKCustomer Acquisition Barometer @Pure360Putting personas to use: Targeted products to a recipient basedon their persona Nurture leads in a certain personasegment Create specific blog content Remove guess work of your contentcreation 17. @Pure360Data collection 18. @Pure360Covered so farBuild key demographic segmentsSegment by behaviourCreating personasComing next:AutomationsTriggered emails 19. Automate your @Pure360 20. Companies that use marketing automation have 53%higher conversion rates than non-users, and anannualized revenue growth rate of 3.1% higherAberdeen @Pure360 21. @Pure360Free up your timeChallenge:Educate Parents without furtherstrain on NHS resourceSolution:Automated lifecycle ofinformational emails pre andpost due dateScheme backed by DavidCameron 22. Trigger real time @Pure360 23. Triggered emails achieve an average of 70.5% higheropen rates and 152% higher @Pure360Remember the welcomeprocess.Four times the open rateand five times the CTR oftraditional newsletters.Experian 24. Achieve 11% extra online sales through abandon cart andbrowser @Pure360 25. @Pure360Revenue Tracking 26. @Pure360Whos visiting my site? Track anonymous users Send 4 x more recoveryemails than Magento Simple integration Product recommendation &personalisation 27. @Pure360Challenge:Spotlight onCart abandonment rate of 80-90%Solution:Behavioural TargetingResults:30% drop in abandonment rate12% sales uplift per month on averageFuture plans:More triggersBrowser abandonmentReal time sequential personalised emails 28. @Pure360FormAbandonment 29. @Pure360Key takeaways 30. Think about your segments, and which kind content @Pure360relevant to them.Begin conducting research into your audience andcollecting data to build personas.Set up automated campaigns to create a welcome lifecycleand re-engagement.Focus on triggered emails based on real time data. 31. Come say hi on stand C50!Follow us on @Pure360 or email @Pure360Any Questions?