Single Camera Techniques, Media Studies

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Transcript of Single Camera Techniques, Media Studies

  • CLOSE UP The shot I have used is from being human the hit BBC3 show. Close ups are used to show a persons facial expression , the most common place to have a close up is on the face but in horror movies they have been known to use shots of hands or legs to show the gruesome detail that is on screen. An example of a horror movie that uses close ups is Saw because they want to show the graphic detail and gruesome torture.
  • TWO SHOT A two shot is a medium shot of two people who are comfortable with each other. This shot is often used to establish relationships between two people in a television program, but they are also used in interviews or when two people or hosting a show. An example of a two shot being used in the film industry is the film kingdom of heaven where Balian de Lbelin start to talk to one of the guards of Jerusalem.
  • LONG SHOT Long shots can be used for many different reasons, In the picture that I (in the top corner) have chosen the long shot has been used to show that the place the girl is running towards is scary because of the light and the size of the building which implies that its spooky. The building is also very old looking which also brings the thought into your hear that its haunted which draws into the spooky theme.
  • EXTREME LONG SHOT/ ESTABLISHING SHOT This is a shot which is used to establish were you are or to show the scale of the damage. Movies use extreme long shots to show where the scene is or what has just happened. This shot makes everything look huge. An example of an extreme long shot is when Gandalf rides to Minas Tirith to show the enormous size of it.
  • HIGH ANGLE A high angle is used to show that the person we are watching is smaller than you and that you are dominant over them. For example if you were watching an office scene and a male gets called into seeing his boss they will give the boss a low angle (next slide) and the male a high angle to make him look small. An example of this would be Sin City when Jhon Hartigan shot Junior and he is on the ground so he looks weak and defenceless and it looks like he is down and out when he isn't.
  • LOW ANGLE Like I said in the last slide a low angle basically does the same but opposite. An example of this is that the boss of a big company would be given a low angle shot to make him look bigger than the other person. An example of a low angle being used is Gladiator where it makes Machismos look more intimidating on the audience after he had killed all the gladiators.
  • TILTED ANGLE A tilted angle is used to make the viewer to feel queasy, or disorientated and can also cause the feeling of fear or impending doom. An example of this being used in a film is Paranormal Activity where it is used to make the viewer feel confused and disorientated.
  • CRANE SHOT A crane shot is a shot taken from a crane or jib. They use this to look at the actors from above or to use it at the end of a program as a sort of zoom out. An example of an crane shot being used is in Russell Howards right hear right now tour when they recorded him walking on the stage they use a crane shot to make it more interesting because just having him walk onto shot using a medium shot isn't very interesting.
  • POINT OF VIEW SHOT This is a shot from the persons point of view, it is not used very often but a program that uses this shot constantly is the program Peep Show. They use this to make you feel like you are in the show and it gives you a different perspective of the show, this interacts with the audience.
  • SINGLE CAMERA SET UP This means that they use one camera to film the whole series or the whole film, they use this in documentaries and films because you can have more detailed shots like high angles and crane shots, you can also change the lighting with each take. They use these because its easier to control the shot, so the director can control what is happening in that specific shot, this means that the director can put more of an artistic vibe into each and every shot. They use single camera set up in programs like :- Outnumbered Peep show Scrubs Skyfall
  • SINGLE CAMERA SET UP CONTINUED.. In scrubs they use single camera set up because they can just keep going back and doing the scene again if they want a different angle, plus they use them because scrubs is a comedy which doesnt want to be taken seriously and that is why they use single camera set ups. They use lighting to try and mimic other movies and films they need to change the lighting to resemble the movie, they would also change the lighting for the surreal parts of the comedy so that we know that its surreal and we know its not real. The director uses single camera set up to too give the shots a more artistic vibe.
  • MULTI CAMERA SET UP Multi camera set up is when you have more than one camera in the scene, they will have 3 or 4 cameras on each scene this may be because they are recording it live and don't want to have to record it again. They have different angles on each camera, this is because they have more choice from which camera you would like to use but the down side of this is that you can have high angles or anything that because they would get the camera taking the high angle in the other camera shots. They use multi camera set up for live audience shows like audience comedies, soaps and chat shows. They use this because it makes editing easier because all of the shots are in order, but the downside of this is that you cant change the lighting with each shot and you cannot be very artistic with the shots. Another reason why they would use multi camera set ups on a soaps show is because they have 5 episodes a week and it would be hard to record 5 episodes a week with single camera set up and you wouldn't need the effects. They use multi camera set up in shows like :- Friends Big bang theory X-Factor Eastenders Jeremy Kyle
  • MULTI CAMERA SET UP CONTINUED.. In Big Bang Theory they use multi camera set up because they are recording the program live in front of a TV audience, this means that they cannot have more complicated shots like crane shots and low angles because the cameras would get in the shot of the other cameras, the director would also have more than one camera on the actors in case they didn't like one angle they could just choose from one of the other cameras in order to continue, they would also use multi camera set up because they would be running to a very small time scale, this means that they would have to have one episode done in one day in order to keep up with the one episode aired a day. You cant change the lighting in Big Bang Theory because if you change the lighting so it looks good in one camera it might make the other camera shots look bad and you are limiting your choice of shot if you don't like that shot in editing you would then be limited between which camera shots you can use.