Singapore Stock Exchange Update, Tinku Gupta, Nico Torchetti, SGX

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Transcript of Singapore Stock Exchange Update, Tinku Gupta, Nico Torchetti, SGX

  • 1.Singapore Exchange Update STP of Corporate Announcements and PTS Implementation Tinku Gupta, Senior Vice-President, Head of Market Data & Access Nico Torchetti, Senior Vice-President, Head of Post Trade Services SWIFT Business Forum 9 July 2014 SGX The Asian Gateway

2. SGX The Asian GatewaySGX The Asian Gateway Milestones 1 20162014 20152013 Customer centric product design Engaging Stakeholder Communities: Issuers, Investors, Brokers, Custodians, Vendors, SWIFT etc. STP of Corporate Announcements Re-launch of SGXNet Issuer Announcement Portal & SGXNews Corporate Announcement News Service Ease of access to clearing Provision of APIs, SWITFNet Connectivity New & Enhanced products and services Automation of corporate action processing, Multi-currency & multi asset capabilities 3. SGX The Asian Gateway The New Issuer Announcement Portal 2 We are on a journey to bring a new level of efficiency and transparency to our market participants.... 4. SGX The Asian Gateway The New Corporate Announcement News Service 3 offering Issuers the ability to convey information using a global standard which is instantly delivered to the Investors exactly as it had been entered at the source. 5. SGX The Asian Gateway The Submission & Dissemination Process 4 Education Standardisation Dissemination SGXNet Issuer submits corporate announcements by entering data into a structured forms Chooses one of the 78 pre-defined announcement templates Gets ongoing education and 24x7 support on form filling and queries. SGX Message Broker SGX transforms screen data to standard message formats Creates individual packages depending on the subscriber. Data quality team monitors quality of submission and hand-holds issuers. SGXNews ISO15022 Messages via SWIFTNet ISO20022 via XML Feed Non-ISO announcements via SGX proprietary XML SGX Website 6. SGX The Asian Gateway Custodian Banks & Depository Agents Global Market Standard Bodies SMPG / NMPG Collective Engagements SGX Data Quality Team Issuers 2014 and beyond 5 SGX is reaching out to all Issuers to educate them on how to submit good corporate announcements, based on feedback provided by SMPG, individual DAs and also our Data Quality Team We are on a Continuous Improvement journey SGX Data Quality Team analyses all corporate announcements, & checks for accuracy and quality 2014 Milestone Achieved The New PTS Our next STeP 7. SGX The Asian Gateway SGXNews Issuer to Investor [Video] 6 8. SGX The Asian Gateway SGX Post Trade System Infrastructure 7 Existing Post Trade System (PTS) and the Client Accounting System (CAS) purpose built to support domestic securities brokers. Back Office and Client Accounting system for Members fully integrated in end to end exchange processing. All maintenance of client details, client accounts, fees / commissions and post trade processing etc managed through CAS. Full back office processing platform with wide range of reporting capabilities including contract notes. Start of journey 9. SGX The Asian Gateway System Infrastructure Drives Service Orientation 8 System Infrastructure Operational Process Flow Service Proposition 10. SGX The Asian Gateway SGX New Post Trade System (PTS) Timeline 9 New PTS Phase 2 and beyond New PTS Phase 1 Today July 2014 May 2015 May 2016 Client Accounting System (CAS) Tightly integrated Post Trade System environment Requirement for multiple back-office systems for (most) members Provision of Open API SWIFTNet Connectivity Improved TPC Servicing Improved Account Operator capabilities Replacement of current PTS Adoption of International standards Framework changes New and enhanced products & services Additional settlement runs Automation of corporate action processing Transparency to brokers on account balances Multi-currency & multi asset capabilities T+2 settlement Cross-border linkages Readiness for: 11. SGX The Asian Gateway New Post Trade System Benefits 10 Streamlined Operational Processes and Straight-Through-Processing Capabilities Reduced Operational Risk through Streamlined Processes Lower Operating Costs for Members Full Integration of Front and Back Office Systems for Members Better Data Management and Risk Management Capabilities Greater Control over Operational Processes Enhanced Post Trade Service Proposition for (Retail) Investors System Capability for Online Services 12. SGX The Asian Gateway New Post Trade System Benefits (cont.) 11 Wider Range of Post Trade Services for Members Adoption of International Best Market Practices and Standards ISO20022 Issuer To Investor Initiative Post Trade Settlements (and Corporate Actions) Facilitate Different Back Office Business Models for Members Third Party Clearing / Account Operator Lower Cost of Entry to Singapore Market Including support for Remote Trading 13. SGX The Asian Gateway or the end of the journey. Provide Flexibility for all members and participants of SGX Existing members connected via API Lower cost of entry for potential / future members More vibrant and diverse Market Place Robust Collateral Management Services More liquid Securities Lending Program Regional / Global Post Trade Connectivity Conclusion 12 14. SGX The Asian GatewaySGX The Asian Gateway This presentation is being made available to certain authorized recipients for their general information only. While SGX and its affiliates have taken reasonable care to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in this presentation, they will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind (whether direct, indirect or consequential losses or other economic loss of any kind) suffered due to any omission, error, inaccuracy, incompleteness, or otherwise, any reliance on such information. Neither SGX nor any of its affiliates shall be liable for the content of information provided by or quoted from third parties. Examples provided are for illustrative purposes only. The information in this presentation is subject to change without notice. Any recirculation, transmission or distribution of this presentation or any part thereof by any third party requires the prior written permission of SGX. SGX and its affiliates disclaim all responsibility and liability arising in connection with any unauthorised recirculation, transmission or distribution of this presentation or any part thereof. SGX Ltd, November 2010 Thank You 13