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  • Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016 2


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    Volume 69, Number 9Honorary Member

    Her MajestyQueen Margrethe II of Denmark

    Officers of the Supreme LodgeNational President: Sindy Mikkelsen, Lodge #1262938 Sweet Grass Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95407(707) [email protected]

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    National Trustee, Membership Chairman & Tivoli Lodge Liason: Karin S. Wasler #68814 S Sherbourne Dr #7, Los Angeles, CA 90035(310) [email protected]

    National Past President & Current Historian: Lizette Burtis, Lodge #241462 Trombetta Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95407(707) [email protected]



    Sindy Mikkelsen, National President

    It is with tremendous pleasure that I announce that your Sisterhood National Board has reached an agreement with the Board of Directors of the Danish American Museum in Elk Horn, Iowa on creating a new home for our historical data and artifacts. I mentioned this before, but I never thought I would see the day, as I felt this was “our stuff” and we needed to preserve it ourselves. Then our Board, under the leadership of Lizette Burtis, visited the museum. The museum has attained a museum status that even ranks higher than the Smithsonian. This is a state-of-the-art museum with the highest level of preservation. I began to feel rather badly. In an effort to hold “our stuff” we were putting all of our history at risk. Lizette had done an amazing job over the years preserving some of the most at risk items and beginning to catalog our membership records, but the task is too big for one person. It’s time.... The National Board will have our Fall meeting at the museum, and we have one of our members and her husband driving the U-Haul from California to Iowa with an October 21st arrival. The museum will then begin assessing our historical items for preservation. Our Board and Historian will have full access to viewing the items and conducting research for our members and families that make inquiries. It will take awhile to get all of the data electronically preserved, but as it progresses we can start viewing items few have seen. This is a partnership, as referrals to us will be given to those that make inquiries at the museum about the Sisterhood. And we need to now encourage our members to support the museum too, perhaps your lodge can appoint a historian and get a membership to the museum and you too can then see everything from our history and do genealogical research. There are a lot of details and benefits to the Sisterhood in our agreement, but one great one is that the museum will co-host the 2019 National Convention, which will of course include a tour of the museum. Lots more info to come on that. And lastly, we will be looking for a new historian. This person will be expected to conduct research from the museums website for inquiries made to the Sisterhood, write monthly articles for submission to the DSS News on interesting items in the collection, and be our liaison between the Sisterhood and the Museum. If you are interested in the position, please send me a resume and tell us why you would be a good historian for the Sisterhood.

    Exciting times and much more coming!

    Sindy Mikkelsen, National President

  • 3 Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016

    Dear Sisters,

    As the beginning of fall is at our doorsteps, I’ve been thinking back on this summer and thinking ahead on the months to come. Many of you are just returning from the Danish Sisterhood Danish Islands trip–Welcome Back! And many of you have likely had a summer trip or two that you’re still reminiscing about (I know that I have!). And some of you may have just stayed around your own towns and enjoyed the joys of living locally. No matter which of these pertains to you, I think we all know that feeling of going somewhere new and being able to go out exploring. I believe the Danes have an innate need to explore, what with the Vikings as our ancestors. But I also feel that the Danes know about how staying home and enjoying the simple things in life is perhaps even more rewarding. The cover photo of this issue is of Kronborg Castle, taken in 2007 when my dad and I went to the castle for a short visit with one of our cousins. I was full of awe and loved castles in general back then. I still love castles, but I can now appreciate their historical significance. Those that inhabited these places lived and ruled in Denmark during times that were so much different than our own time. They lived during the same times that our ancestors lived in Denmark, and I can only imagine what life was like back then. I hope you can also enjoy the segment I added to this issue about Kronborg Castle and a few other castles and palaces in Denmark. I am currently at home writing this and enjoying the sun streaming through my windows, trees blowing outside, and a nice cup of tea beside me. I recently returned from many weekend trips away to various places around the Midwest which I’m also reminiscing about. Doing much exploring and now enjoying some nice stay-at-home time, I can appreciate both and look forward to more of both in the future. Lastly, I’d like to ask those that took part in the Sisterhood Denmark trip to tell us more about your explorations in Denmark. I would like to include a monthly article about a place, a piece of history, a part of Danish culture, an important Danish figure, or something of the like in upcoming issues of the DSN. For this, I need your help and your stories! Please send some photos and a story or memory to go along. It can be as little as two paragraphs or as long as two pages! And if you didn’t go on the trip, but have stories and photos about Denmark or Danish customs, please send those as well. All are welcome here.

    Until next time...Lauren C. Nielsen, [email protected]

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    On the CoverTitle: Kronborg CastleRegion: north of CopenhagenPhotographer: James M. Nielsen

    Kronborg Castle is located in Helsingør, Den-mark looking over the Sound and out to the shores of Sweden. It was built beginning in 1574 and is now a World UNESCO Heritage Site.


    Lauren C. Nielsen, Editor

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  • Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016 4

    happened, which brings us to June. A small group met then and enjoyed each others company. For entertainment we took turns talking about our Fathers, which turned out to be very interesting. Installation of officers finally took place in July, 2 months late. and everyone is now anticipating a better 2016-17 year. We also enjoyed an ice cream social that month, and viewed one of the videos produced to celebrate the popular Dane, Victor Borge. August brought our always popular picnic, which this year was held in the very pretty backyard of Vicki and Mike Bousquet. We were favored by beautiful weather and lots of wonderful food. All 18 members and guests present enjoyed visiting late into the evening. In September we’ll celebrate the 111th anniversaary of Lodge #90 by going out to eat. And then we look forward to a great year ahead with good health for everyone. The NE/CO District convention will be held in Omaha, Ne, October 7-8. Loving greetings to our Sisters in the USA and Canada, keep the good articles coming for the Sisterhood News, and a big thank you to our editor, who’s doing a fantastic job on the paper.

    Ingrid Hansen, Denmark’s Daughter’s Lodge #90Lincoln, Nebraska

    All of you have no doubt heard the saying: “The Best Laid Plans.” So many unforeseen happenings disrupted the plans of our lodge this past year. Both of our presidents, outgoing and incoming, had serious health issues, which we hope are mostly behind them by now. Unlike most lodges, we hold election of officers in March, with installation in May, so our year is somewhat askew. Going back to December 2015, a great Christmas party was enjoyed by members and guests. A sing along, reading of a Christmas story, a gift exchange, open faced sandwiches, plus ris a’la mande, among other deserts, helped put us in the mood. In January we learned about “Santa Monica’s”, an organization that cares for women going through rehabilitation after alcohol abuse. Donations of toiletries and other needed items were brought by our members. Even though Valentines celebrations weren’t among holidays enjoyed in Denmark until recently, we participated in some Valentine’s fun in February. Food is always popular when Danes get together, so a baked potato lunch and dessert was planned for March. At that meeting election of officers also took place. A pot luck lunch was to take the place of a pork roast dinner in April but was postponed to May. Due to illness the May meeting never

    Long Overdue Update, Lodge #90, Lincoln, NE

    September 14, 1884 was the day Lodge #3 Dav-enport, Iowa was organized and we will celebrate that 132nd anniversary on September 8, 2016 at the Clinton County Historical Society, Clinton, Iowa. We will be working on creating hand-made ornaments and decorations for our Danish Christmas tree which will be on display at the Museum’s Festival of Trees on December 2,3 and 4, 2016, at 601 S. 1st St., Clinton, Iowa. Sarah Bengtson is coordinating our tree project and we

    thank her. Three of our Lodge #3 members are on the Denmark: 9 Island-10 days/9nights tour and we look forward to hearing all about their experi-ences. We welcomed our newest member, Ron Andresen, at our July meeting and are happy to have him as a Brother.

    Paulette FisherSecretary Lodge #3

    News from Lodge #3, Davenport, IA

  • 5 Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016

    The Annual Danish Youth Camp 2016 was of-fered in June for children of all ages. The Green-ville Danish Cultural Center, organizers of the event, had a theme this year about “Royal Den-mark”. The camp ran for three days with a vari-ety of Danish activities. Two Danish born guests came to speak at the camp about King Christian X and Queen Margrethe II. Campers designed crowns to accompany their visits. Another inter-esting visitor was from the Viking King, Cnut the Great! Throughout the three day camp 30 camp-ers learned Danish songs, folk dance lessons, art with Danish themes, Danish Language was spo-ken throughout each day. Delicious Danish lunch-es were served with help from the sisterhood. Greenville’s 52nd Annual Danish Festival chose two “Greenville sisters” Ruth Reed and Marvel Linnan, from the Dorthea Lodge, to be Grand Marshals for the Grand Dansk Parade. The sisters are both highly involved in activities that keep them close to their Danish roots. They joined the sisterhood in 1989 and also belong to Greenville’s Danish Cultural Center. Marvel and Ruth’s parents were both Danish as were their grandparents. The sisters share wearing their mother’s traditional Danish Dress to events during the festival. People in Greenville describe them as “Truly Danes”



    Carol Hansen and Danish Youth Campers

    Nels Hansen as “Cnut the Great”2016

    Ruth Reed (left) Marvel Linnan Grand Marshals 2016 Greenville MI Danish Festival

    The Sept. 2, 2016, meeting of Northstar Lodge #100 took place at Hope Lutheran Church with 8 members present. Pastor Chris joined us for lunch and he returned Grace, before we enjoyed the lovely lunch put on ho-hostesses, Donna Meddaugh and Dawn Grabitz. President Ann called the meeting to order and the usual reports were accepted as given. A motion was passed to donate, as we do every year, $50 to the “Hands Up” program through the Department of Human Services. We also

    passed a motion to donate at Thanksgiving time to our family we help each year. Plans were made to meet at 10 am to car pool to the show some are attending in Franken-muth on Sept. 13th. The October meeting is at the home of Janice Bradley and we will meet at the church to car pool together from there.

    Meeting closed by singing the closing song.

    Loris Coltson, secretary

    News from Lodge #100

  • Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016 6

    Fall, my absolute favorite time of the year. Anxious to leave the muggy, humid days behind; welcoming brisker days and a sea-sonal change with the color orange dominat-ing the landscape. Yes, I am referring to the pumpkins. Little do these majestic vegeta-bles know about their upcoming fate being gutted to the core. I guess it was just a matter of time until Denmark would adapt the American tradition of Halloween, something the Danes have fully embraced in recent years. Tivoli in Copenhagen is putting on a big annual Halloween event with beauti-ful displays to be enjoyed by the guests. I reached out to the Tivoli marketing depart-ment to inquire where the pumpkins were grown and learned they are locally grown by Danish farmers offering a contest for the largest grown pumpkin. I am not a big fair goer, and for that same reason I never get to see who is be-

    ing awarded the blue ribbon for the big-gest pumpkin. Relying on the local news, a pumpkin can reach up to approximately 1600 lbs. This is exponential growth and takes a lot of effort, oversight and particular care to reach this size. Which brings me to reflect on the Sisterhood growth – we want to grow, but explosive growth is not healthy, in my opin-ion. I have seen that from the professional world with companies growing too big too fast, often with a devastating outcome. I am all for “slow and steady” to ob-tain the best results. Call me old fashioned. How about we as 300 members all plant a seed in form of sharing our interest and pas-sion for the Danish Sisterhood with another person? The pumpkin might have a short-lived season, but the seed will always come back.

    Happy Halloween

    Tivoli Virtual Lodge #300 NewsPLANTING A SEED

    by 300 member Susanne Hohlen Monticello, Minnesota

    [email protected]

    NAME Cert # Lodge # Location Birth Date Birth Place Initiated Died Benefit Marilyn Marshall 23270 68 Los Angeles, CA 7/19/30 Los Angeles, CA 4/9/70 6/27/16 1,000.00

    In Memoriam

  • 7 Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016


    Kronborg Castle used to be home to the Sound Dues. Sailors had to pay their Sound Dues to the King in or-der to sail past the castle. If they did not, the castle’s cannon guns, dutiful-ly pointed at the Sound, took care of the rule-breakers.

    Kronborg Castle has been located at Helsingør (Elsinore) since 1420. It looks over the Oresund Sound. Helsingør is only one hour north of Co-penhagen by car.

    Possibly the most well-know fact about Kronborg is it’s second name–Elsinore, or Hamlet’s Castle. William Shakespeare wrote the play Hamlet somewhere between the years of 1599 and 1602. The tragedy is named after Hamlet, the Prince of Den-

    mark, who lived in the castle of Elsinore. No one is certain whether Shakespeare ever visited the castle himself, but nonetheless, it will always have a connection to the Bard and one of his most notable plays! Kronborg Castle burned

    down from a fire in 1629. Most everything within the castle was destroyed, including the copper roof.

    From 1658 to 1660, the Swedish king, Karl Gus-tav, occupied the castle and plundered what was left in it.

    1 23


  • Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016 8

    More Notable Castles & Palaces in Denmark

    Frederiksborg Palace

    Rosenborg Castle

    Amalienborg PalaceEgeskov Castle

    Location: Hillerod, north of CopenhagenYear Built: Early 1600sNoteworthy Fact: Houses The Museum of Na-tional History

    Location: CopenhagenYear Built: Early 17th CenturyNoteworthy Fact: Houses the Crown Jewels

    Location: FunenYear Built: Completed in mid-1500sNoteworthy Fact: Known as “The Living Castle” and houses many unique exhibitions

    Location: CopenhagenYear Built: 1700sNoteworthy Fact: Home of the Danish Royal Family

  • 9 Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016

    More Notable Castles & Palaces in Denmark

    Credits: Photos provided by DenmarkMediaCenter and VisitDenmark with special credit to photographer Bob Krist for Egeskov Castle and Fredensborg Castle as well as Team Odsherred for Dragsholm Slot Photos. Rosenborg and Amalienborg Photos by James M. Nielsen.

    Christiansborg PalaceLocation: the island of Slotsholmen in Copenha-gen.Year Built: Christiansborg was built 3 times due to two different fires that consumed the struc-ture. The third and current palace was built between 1907 and 1928.Noteworthy Fact: Houses the Danish Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Supreme Court of Denmark.

    Dragsholm CastleLocation: Hørve on the northwest coast of Sjael-land Year Built: Dragsholm Slot has had its home here since 1200.Noteworthy Fact: The name Dragsholm means “the islet by the drag.”

    Fredensborg PalaceLocation: In Fredensborg on Sjaelland along the coast of Lake Esrum.Year Built: early 1700sNoteworthy Fact: “Fredensborg means the “Place of Peace” and was built after a peacefull accord was struck between Denmark and Swe-den in the Northern War of 1722.

  • Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016 10

    Dear Danish National Camp Grant Officer,

    My name is Joslynne Christiansson. I am 7 years old and live in Goleta, CA. Thank you for the camp grant to attend Ice Skating lessons. First we learned how to put on our skates, and find the right size. Then we skated around the ice rink using stacked up buckets. By the third time I was there, I was skating by myself from one side to the other and even making the turns. Ice skating is very fun. This is a brand new ice skat-ing and Hockey Rink that just opened. I was told by my Oldermor that she ice skated in Denmark when she was a young girl, but that was outside on a frozen lake. Not inside where I had 9 les-sons. I really had a good time and want to keep taking skating lessons.

    Thank you again,

    Joslynne ChristianssonCrown Princess Ingrid Lodge 165

    National Camp Grant Recipients

  • 11 Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016

    Dear Danish Sisterhood,

    Thank you for my camp grant! I loved going to camp this summer. I at-tended two different camps at the Rudy A. Ciccotti Family Recreation Center. I attended a camp where we played lots of different sports. We even took a zumba class and got a chance to swim in the pool. My favorite camp was “Club Scientific”. Every day for a week we did science experiments. My two favorites were doing an egg drop and making a kaleidoscope. Going to camp was a lot of fun and I am look-ing forward to the camps that I can attend next year. Thank you again!

    Chloe Myers

    Hi. My name is Jakob Glessner and I went to Rota-Kiwan Scout Camp with my Scout Friends and my Dad. The first day of camp I had to swim 4 laps on my stomach, 2 laps back stroke and float on my back for 10 seconds. I was 1 of 3 scouts that was able to pass the top swimming test. The second day of camp we went to a place called Nature and played a game where some were the deer and the rest of us had to be quiet to try to tag the deer (like red light, green light). We also saw a turtle pit. Before each meal they would either low-er or raise the American flag and you had to do a cheer. We yelled Trapper as we were village Trapper to see who was the loudest group that got to eat first. At the end of the meal time we sang a song. Each day we did an obstacle course called the wibit in 16 ft deep water. Thank you for the National Camp Grant. My Mom Tammy and Grandma Jennifer Thom-sen are members of Lodge No 65.

    National Camp Grant Recipients

  • Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016 12

    Denmark: A Coloring & Activity Book by Kristen Sevig. 2005. Skandisk, Inc.

  • 13 Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016

    Denmark’s Coat of Arms features three blue lions wearing crowns and nine red hearts on a golden background.

    Denmark: A Coloring & Activity Book by Kristen Sevig. 2005. Skandisk, Inc.

  • Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016 14

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  • 15 Danish Sisterhood News, September 2016

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