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Transcript of Simplify IT. Accelerate Digital Transformation · PDF file Performance Technologies...

  • Simplify IT. Accelerate Digital Transformation Virtualization & Cloud Computing Forum 2017

    George Cheimonidis, Business Development & Innovation Manager Andreas Tsangaris, VP & Chief Technology Officer Dionisis Hintzidis, Chief Executive Officer

  • Performance Technologies

    Performance Technologies S.A. is an enterprise IT solutions provider with a long, rich history of providing IT infrastructure, software, services, and cloud solutions to a diverse range of enterprise clients, leveraging state-of-the art technology.

    20+ years of continuous growth

    85 Professionals

     35 Engineers in Technical Services

     25 Engineers in Professional Services

    Customers include major companies in Telco, Banking, Utilities and Manufacturing Sectors

    80% of shareholders are founders & key managers of the company

    Listed its shares in ASE/EN.A. market in Sept 2008

     ISO 9000, ISO 27001 Certified

  • From Virtualization to Cloud Computing… to Digital Transformation


    Cloud Computing

    3rd Platform of Computing (IDC)

     Cloud

     Big Data & Analytics

     Mobile

     Social Business

    ….Digital Transformation

     Fully leverage digital technologies

  • IT transformation

    From IT Infrastructure to Private Cloud

     Scalable / Accessible / Elastic / Shared / Metered

     Controlled / Managed / Measured

     Secured / Compliant / Auditable

    From the “on premise” to “on cloud”

     Federation

     Replication

     Security / Privacy

     Manageability

     Cost control / reduction

    Support customer’s transition

     Onsite operational support

     24x7 Mission Critical services

  • Digital Workplace

    From “remote access” to mobile computing

     Mobile Technologies & Solutions

    • Mobile Device Management

    • Collaboration

    • Secure corporate access

     Virtual Desktop & Mobile/Digital Workplace

    • Any Device

    • Any place

    • Any user

    • Any app

    • ->> Common experience

  • Cloud Business Unit

    Cloud Business Unit

     IaaS

     Backup as a Service

     SaaS

     Cooperation with other Cloud/Service Providers

     Managed Services

     Development of skills and competences in all major cloud platforms

  • Software evolution

    From Monolithic applications to N-tier

     Serverless computing

     PaaS (Private / Cloud)

     Containers

    • Docker, Kubernetes, etc

     Configuration Management

    • Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc

     Data Collection & Analysis

    • Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana

    • Hadoop / Spark

  • DevOps

    Continuous Integration

    Continuous Testing

    Continuous Delivery & Deployment

    Continuous Operations

    Continuous Assessment

  • Planning App

    Development App Testing App release

    Release decision

    Rapidly increasing WIP

    Lack of effective customer insight and high latency drives “kitchen sink” requirements

    Waiting time for build and test environments drives “desk-side” builds

    Poor confidence in test data fosters “release aversion” driving more WIP

    Isolated build and integration processes

    Deployed App

    Manual Testing

    increases latency or

    drives limited test coverage

    Manual and error prone app deployments

    Error prone manual hand-offs and processes

    High # defects

    Locally optimized teams, measures and tools drives escalating WIP, lack of end-to-end visibility and trust

    One way flow

    Poor user


    “patch in production”

    leads to snowflake systems

    InfoSec & compliance

    engaged late driving

    vulnerabilities & re-work

    Business demands

    Continuous assessment

    Continuous assessment

    Continuous Operations

    Continuous Delivery &


    Continuous Integration &


    From Traditional Development and Operations to DevOps Achieving Continuous Flow

  • Big Data & Analytics

    How Big Data Transforms the Service Desk

    How Operations Analytics Transforms Traditional Monitoring

    How IOT Transforms Enterprise Asset Management

  • How Big Data Transforms ITSM Three ways Big Data & Analytics can transform your Service Desk

    Intelligent Ticket Classification

    Intelligent Search

    Actionable Analytics

    End User Chat with Virtual Agent

    Intelligent Email with Virtual Agent

    Empower Service Improvement

    Handle Tickets Effectively and Efficiently

    Elevate end-user Self-Service

    Process Owners & Managers

    Service Desk Agents


    Role Benefit Capabilities - Use Cases




  • Challenges of Traditional Monitoring Tools The complexities of your IT environment generate a tremendous amount of data

    of device types

    data per server/day

    types of data

    siloed data sources

    of different operating systems

  • Operations Analytics


    Find the needle in the haystack

  • Smarter Asset Management Your assets are talking. Are you listening?

     Pharmaceuticals:

    – “The air pressure readings on both sides of my filter don’t match up.”

    – Replace only when needed, eliminate the cost and disruptions of unnecessary filter changes.

     Utilities:

    – “The amp and voltage levels from my fan are fluctuating.”

    – Predict a bearing fault, avoid potentially catastrophic downtime.

     Retail:

    – “The refrigeration unit in my cooler in store 10 has been running continually for more than 4 hours.”

    – Detect leakage of cooled air. Repair of door springs could save wasted energy and prevent spoilage.

  • Mobility

    Location-aware Services and Mobile User Engagement

    Mobile Application Testing and Monitoring

  • Location-aware Services and Mobile User Engagement

     Mobile channel gaining precedence over other channels

     Important to elevate user experience with faster, easier, more personalized, yet consistent customer experience

     Combine location data with visitor/customer profile, history and interests

     Leverage the mobile-channel and knowledge of exact location for:

    o Understanding visitors better by gathering actionable information based on real data

    o Engaging younger audiences through mobile applications

    o Improving customer satisfaction by being more relevant

    o Increasing conversion rates

    Redefining visitor/ employee/ customer experience

  • Mobile Application Monitoring and Testing Real User Performance and Behavior Analysis

     Automate functional and performance testing with real mobile devices and emulators, on premise or in the Cloud

     Understand user experience • Availability and Performance

     Trace stability issues for easier reproduction and resolution

     Understand user journeys and optimize application UI

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