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  • Simona Lazar copywriter
  • hello! My name is Simona and I currently write copy for a living. You are now looking at my Curriculum Vitae Portfolio. I hope you will be genuinely delighted. Lets move on.
  • facts Born and raised: Educated: I speak, write, read: Contact information: 16.06.1988 2007 2010 English & German 0721609718 In Arad, a city very Academy of Economic Studies fluently far away from here. Bucharest Bachelor Str. Borsa, nr.37, in Business Economics French & Spanish sector1, Bucharest German language semi-fluently 2004 - 2007 National College Moise Nicoara Arad
  • professional path & achievements Present: Before making a use of my creative side I worked as a: Copywriter Mercury360 Recruiting Consultant Communications Sunset Blvd Agency, Bucharest Junior Copywriter Mercury360 Journalism Intern Communications Observatorul de Arad Trainee Copywriter Model and Hostess Mercury360 Prima Models Agency, Arad Communications
  • clients Dr. Oetker Peroni Western Union Raffaello Paula Tetra Pak SCA Nivea Milkshake Coca Cola Libresse Heidi Coca Cola Tena Albalact Cioco Latte Burn Vellant Publishing House Ministry of Health, Crem Pudding Ministry of Transport Dcor Cappy Nestea
  • allow me to brag a little Diplomas I own: Toefl IBT, grade 102 Trainings: Miscellaneous: English Translator Certificate SAT Exams SIT Training I was a contestant in the 2007 SAT 1 and SAT 2 Young Lions Media John Griffiths Competition, Advanced Cambridge 3rd place at a national Strategic Tools Training Cannes Advertising Festival Certificate, grade A blogging competition 2010 best personal blog Doru Panaitescu Goethe Institute On-line Training German Certificate, level B2 On-pack promotions Training Intermediary DELE Spanish Certificate, grade 88 (out of 100)
  • work
  • Vellant Publishing House Challenge Create an inovative communication campaign for Vellant Publishing House, increase awareness about their exquisite books and introduce them to their young and complex target. Solution We spread all 186 pages of a never before published book to facebook friends, key opinion leaders and even the author himself, and asked them to get inspired by the page. We then published the book and revealed the name of the author. Results: We significantly increased all of our clients value indicators. The campaign was featured in creativity online, creativereview, advertising age, advertlover, adoho- likand many more. I was invited to host a Cultural Marketing Workshop for students and talk about the campaign. short movie about the click here campaign
  • other work that Im proud of Western Union Challenge Come up with an attractive concept to communicate the mechanism of the promotion and the discount our client was offering. Solution Concept1 We used the famous 3 in 1 idea, to attract attention, appeal to the target and also treat a serious promotion with a bit of humour. Concept2 The idea revolved around a popular Romanian saying, in order to be sure our target was reached, while also being very visually appealing. Results: We won the pitch. Headline Intelligent housewives choose Western Union 3 in 1! Headline Resourceful youngsters choose Western Union 3 in 1!
  • Innovative POSM 3 in 1 Coffee Flyer
  • Western Union The Gift Headline A gift given in time is two times worthy.
  • happy, Client Dr. Oetker Summary In two years time, Ive had the chance You will see many executions for different bright & Brands: to work on tens of Dr. Oetker projects, brands. Some of them made it on air, Paula, Dcor, Crem Pudding, multiple brands, from ATL to BTL, complex others got a little lost. concepts or just simple executions. colorful I enjoy working for Dr. Oetker because they are always colorful, bright and positive stuff and they mostly allow us to play and get creative. Headline Summers coming, oh what joy, Headline Have a taste of all the colorful Paula fruity spots! Headline Paula's gift for you today is a furry friend to stay! Paulas taking me to the seaside!
  • Client Challenge: Solution: Paula To sustain one of many Paula promotions, Because our target was mostly up to 10 we also had to do an on-line contest of years old, we designed a game for them, our choice. Consumers had to enter the where they could decorate their own party, site with a unique code and complete a invite friends and play some music. The challenge. best decoration won a real life birthday party, with Paula & friends as guests.
  • Topping & Milkshake Headline Everything tastes better with Topping. Headline What do deserts want?
  • Dcor Headline Dr. Oetker will color the messages to your loved ones. Headline With Dr. Oetker, even your dreams will be sweet.
  • Crem Pudding & Milkshake Headline What do you think of Crem Pudding? Its Mmmmmmm! Headline Milkshake. Amusingly Easy.
  • the Client Peroni Challenge: Solution: italian job I worked on various campaigns for Peroni, from ATL to BTL and anything in between. The main focus was to shift the To acchieve this, we divided the communication plan into 3 different platforms: Sport, Draught and Aperitivo. consumer's perception and portray Peroni We had a photoshooting for each campaign as more of a men's beer, while still keeping and sustained the platforms with various a touch of Italian style. promotional on & off premise activities. Headline Live you life with passion and style. Headline Live you life with passion and style.
  • the work goes on Tetra Pak1 Challenge Propose a full 360 campaign that would change consumers perception about UHT milk. Make UHT the alternative to loose, farm milk. Solution We proposed several clean, clear, but creative ideas that ultimately had the same key mes- sa