Siliguri Gangtok Guwahati Kolkata Patna Auditions will be held Season 2

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Transcript of Siliguri Gangtok Guwahati Kolkata Patna Auditions will be held Season 2

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Auditions will be held Season 2

1 Event Details:Stylisheaa 2015 (Season: 2) which will be promoted all over North East India, Auditions will be held at Siliguri, Kolkata, Gangtok and also it will be promoted on a reputed satellite TV channel .More over we promote our show details through magazine and after the event our winners will be highlighted through our print media partners. Candidates can participate from all over India.

Details:Event will be launched Through Press conference.Promotion and campaigning till audition.15 male and 15 female Participants will be selected for a training and grooming session.Grand Finale with Top 30 Participants.Top ten participants will take part in a fashion show after the grand finale.Event will be promoted through a reputed Television Channel. Participants and Sponsors will be highlighted through a magazine.

Awards, Fame & Opportunities:Stylisheaa 2015 platform & prestige.Contract worth Rs. 1,00,000/-*Memento and Crown.Participants will get an opportunity to work for a magazine.Mr. & Miss Stylisheaa 2015 will be promoted through out North-East India.Training & Grooming by experts.

Pre-Promotion:Hoarding.Mini Hoarding.Leaflets and Posters.College and Institute Campaigning.Print Media (5).Electronic Media (3).FM. Magazine. Road Show. Mall Activity.Website Promotion. and many more.

Promotional Activities:On Stage Branding will be allotted for our Sponsors.M.C mention. V. J promotion with sponsors standees during campaigning. LED projection and scheme high lighting activity . LED TV will be allotted for commercial Advertisement for all Stylisheaa2015 sequences.Sponsors logo will be presented at Wings, Welcome Gate & form.All the promotional inputs will be Titled with Logo and mentioned Brand.Post promotion through episode, Print media. And specific magazine which will be published by organizer.

Programme schedule:Date: 25th June, 2015 launch (press conference).There after Promotion will be started till auditions.*During July Auditions.*5th August to 9th August Training, Portfolio work shop and elimination.*10th August Grand Finale with Top 30.*11th August Fashion show with finalists.*TV Episodes & Magazine Promotion.

Stylishea 2012

Stylishea 2012

Stylishea 2012

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* Conditions apply (Programme Schedule).