Siberia-WinterLake Baikal in Siberia: World’s Oldest and Deepest Lake Volga River-longest river in...

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Transcript of Siberia-WinterLake Baikal in Siberia: World’s Oldest and Deepest Lake Volga River-longest river in...

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2Landforms&LandscapesSiberia-WinterLake Baikal in Siberia: Worlds Oldest and Deepest Lake

Volga River-longest river in EuropeSteppes-Southern Russia

3Climate Winters

Black Sea Coast-CoolSiberia-Frigid

SummersSteppes-WarmBarents Sea: Arctic Coast-Cooler Conditions

4Natural HazardsKliuchevskoi Volcano- Summer/autumn forest fires in SiberiaThe Kamchatcka Peninsulas most active volcano

5Demographics& Economic conditionsDemographics &Economy-2009RUSSIAUSAPopulation139,390,205310,232,863Population Growth Rate-0.465%0.97%GDP (real growth rate)-7.9%-2.6%GDP per capita15,10046,000Unemployment rate8.4%9.3%Public Debt6.3% of GDP52.9% of GDPMajor IndustriesSteel production, construction, agricultural machinerySteel, telecommunications, mining6Culture Dimensions-Language/DialectsA page from Azbuka, the first Russian language textbook. Printed by Ivan Fyodorov in 1574. The page features the Cyrillic alphabet

7Language/Dialect-Russian PhrasesTIMEWhat time is it?: Katoryy chas?When?: Kagda?Today: sivodnyaYesterday: vchiraTomorrow: zaftraIn the morning: utraIn the evening: vechir

FOODBreakfast: zaftrakLunch: abetDinner: uzhinCaf: kafe

BASICSGood Morning: dobraye utraGood afternoon: dobryy denGood evening: dobryy vecherGoodbye (inf.): pakaHow are you?: Kak dila?Pleased to meet you: ochen priyatnaYes: daNo: netThankyou: spasibaPardon me: prastiteI don't understand: ya ni panimayuI need.: mne nuzhnaWhere is.?: gde.?What's your name?: kak vas zavut?My name is.: minya zavut


Russian 79.8%, Tatar 3.8%, Ukrainian 2%, Bashkir 1.2%, Chuvash 1.1%, other or unspecified 12.1%9ReligionCathedral of Christ the Saviour

Kazan Cathedral

10Sports/Social LifeFootball (Soccer)Skiing Marathon-Family/FriendsFestival of theNorth

11Russian SocietyThe Russian FamilyDependent upon all its members. value collectivism or places emphasis on the group as opposed to individualismMost live in small apartments, often with 2 or 3 generations sharing little spaceMost are small, often with only one child -most women must also work outside of the house in addition to working in the household

Russian PrideRussians are very proud of their countryPatriotic songs and poems extol the virtues of their homeland.They take great pride in their cultural heritage and expect the rest of the world to admire it.



13Americans vs. RussiansReading the AmericansEasy to read/body language is a giveawayWhen bored-fidgetWhen impatience-drum our fingers on the tableWhen ready to leave-look at watchesEmphasize a strongly held belief-bang on table or stand upDirect eye contact-honesty and sincerity

Reading the RussiansFirm Handshaking , bear hugs, backslapping-they like youGrim, stone face-not good, your not getting through to themWinks, nods, smiles-good signs, you are getting through to themAvoid eye contact-signs of untruthfulness/lying


Extremely Formal

Scheduling Appointments

Be punctual

Vacations during July and August

Business Dress

Dark colored suit and white shirt

Light blue, grey, or brown suits

Women should dress conservatively

Shoes are status symbol

Very flashy

Business Culture-Usually all activities performed in russia are in a extremely formal manner

-Obtaining an appointment can be very challenging as a foreigner in Russia-Persistence and patience are essential-Schedule your appointments/meetings well in advance-Once you have your appointment, be sure to confirm it several times because schedules are constantly changing

-Try to be punctual/on time to your scheduled appointments/meeting, but also be flexible at the same time-Do no be surprised if your Russian counterpart is late- It is not unusual for your counterpart to be 1 or 2 hours late to the meeting-The more important the meeting is for your Russian counterpart, the more punctual they are

-Avoid scheduling any business meetings or trips to Russia in July or August-Most take their vacations during these two monthsDRESS-For special occasions, Russians dress in dark colored suits with a white shirt -For conducting everyday business, a light blue, grey or brown suit is the norm-Women should dress conservatively, usually wearing a skirt or suit-One of the biggest status symbols in Russia are shoes, so do not be surprised if the first thing your Russian counterpart takes notice to is what type of shoe you are wearing-Russians tend to be very flashy in their dress, and they spend more money from their family budget on clothing than any other nation in the world15Conversation

Eye Contact

Physical touch

Avoid personal questions

Encouraged to discuss Russian politics

Challenges of living in Russia


Address by Business title and Surname during first meeting

Use of first names are considered rude

Patronymic Names

Common Russian names

Business Culture

During conversation with your Russian counterpart it is vital to maintain direct eye contact-Looking away from someone or not keeping eye contact is considered rude-if your Russian counterpart is avoiding eye contact with you, there is a very high chance they are only telling you half the truth

--If your counterpart touches you or another during a meeting it is seen as a sign of confidence--Putin

-Avoid asking any personal questions, as they will not ask you any personal questions.-Russians tend to enjoy discussing politics, challenges of living in Russia-Also, do not assume that every person you meet in Russia, is actually a native Russian, it is however, appropriate to ask ones nationality and how their customs and traditions differ from the Russians

NAMES-When you first meet someone is it only appropriate that you address them by their Business title followed by their first name.-The use of first names are considered to be rude-In place of middle names, Russians use Patronymic names-A patronymic name is ones middle name which is derived from their fathers name-The name will be the fathers first name, followed by, depending if its a boy or girl, either evich, ovich for boys, and either ovna, evna for girls.

-Russians share a lot of common names with one another, and sometimes you need more information to be able to indentify the correct person-To eliminate this problem, a birthdate or the use of either senior/junior are sometimes used to distinguish between names16








20081917- Bolshevick Revolution led by Lenin takes control and establishes Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic1922- U.S.S.R is formed1924- Stalin takes over power of USSR1953- Krushchev becomes first secretary of Communist Party, leads USSR1964- Brezhnev becomes secretary of Communist party, leads USSR1991- USSR disintegrates, Yeltsin is elected first president, and the Russian Federation and forms a new parliament and constitution1999- Vladimir Putin is Elected President2008- Medvedev elected president, and elects Putin as Prime MInister

17Political ClimateType: FederationPresident: Dmitry Medvedev Prime Minister: Vladimir PutinPolitical Parties: United Russia, the Communist party, Liberal Democratic Party, Just Russia, Yabloko, Patriots of Russia, and the New Cause PartyPresidential Term: 6 years

Federation- is a type of sovereign state characterized by a union of partially self governing states or regions united by a central government

Current political party in office is the pro government party of United Russia-United Russia Party, which dominates the political life in Russia since the early 2000

In 2008, presidential terms were switched from a 4 yr term to a 6 yr term, which takes effect in the 2012 elections

Moscow Government Building18

Obama and PutinPresident Obama, Michelle Obama, President Dmitry Medvedev and Svetlana MedvedevaMOSCOW Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev confidently committed to a year-end deal to slash nuclear stockpiles by about a third on Monday, but the U.S. leader failed to crack stubborn Kremlin objections to America's missile defense plans _ a major stumbling block to such an agreement. Signed treaty in april 2010 In Prague- today signed an arms treaty that will slash their respective nuclear arsenals by a third.

19Doing Business in Russia- Corruption issuesCorruption is widespread in RussiaRussia has a body of conflicting, overlapping, and rapidly changing laws, decrees, and regulations.Government control of media outletsComplicated Advertising LawsLaws on NGO (Non-Government Organizations)

-Commercial Law- Russia has a body of conflicting, overlapping, and rapidly changing laws, decrees, and regulations-This has resulted in an unpredictable approach to business.-The Russian Government, through direct ownership or by ownership by large private companies with links to the government to control or influence media outlets by direct control and self-censorship by editors and journalists-Can not make a deliberate attempt to draw attention of consumer by implying something, the advertisement must be readily understandable or its not allowed.-In 2006 laws were passed on Non Governmental Organizations that created a burdensome registration process for all NGOs, with even stricter requirements for foreign funded NGOs and more relaxed registration process for religious organizations.20Contracts

Small Banking System

High tariffs on imports

International Organizations: APEC, G20, G8, BIS, WFTU, WTO (Accession)

-Contracts are complex and are not viewed as important- Russians view contracts as more of a statement of intention

-Russia is comprised of a relatively small banking system, where low levels of trust exist between the general public and banks-Because of 1998 macroeconomic crisis, The russian gov de-valued the rouble and defaulted on its debt-Russia has high tariffs on imports, along with discriminatory charges and fee, descriminatory licensing, registration, and certification regimes-Russia participates in many international organizations, and is currently undergoing the accession process into the WTO(World Trade Organization)21Russian Culture Center

U.S.-Russia Strategic Framework Declaration

-The Russian Culture Center- The purpose of the RCC is to develop and maintain positive relations between the Russian and American people by sponsoring activities in the areas of Education, The Arts, Commerce, Athletics and Science.-The goal of the RCC is "That our two nations will never again polarize". We believe that the best way to achieve that goal is through joint cultural activities - which can only lead to understanding, cooperation and friendship-Built in 1997-Located in Washington DC

In 2008, the United States and Russia signed the US-Russia Strategic Framework Declaration-This document outlines the potential for expanding economic integration between the two countries