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How to make pancakes Institut Els Pallaresos

Transcript of Shrove Tuesday

  • 1. SHROVE TUESDAY(Pancake Tuesday)

2. SHROVE TUESDAYShrove Tuesday is a Christian tradition.In the UK, it is called PANCAKE TUESDAY.Pancake Tuesday marks the first day of LENT,which is the 40 days and 40 nights beforeEASTER.The date of Pancake Tuesday changes every yearbecause it is 40 days before Easter, and Easter is adifferent date each year.This year Pancake Tuesday is Tuesday 12thFebruary. 3. WHY PANCAKES?People traditionally made Pancakes on ShroveTuesday to use up all the eggs, flour, sugar andmilk before they began to FAST for lent.People all over the UK cook pancakes in theirhomes on Pancake Tuesday, and TV showssometimes have Pancake Competitions on TV. 4. PANCAKE COMPETITIONSPeople in England like to have competitions onPancake TuesdayThe two main types of Pancake competitions:> Pancake Flipping Contests> Pancake Races 5. PANCAKE FLIPPINGCONTESTSTo Flip a pancake, is to toss it up in to the air, sothat it turns over in the pan.The aim of the pancake flipping competition isto see how many times the contestants can fliptheir pancake within a certain time. E.g 2minutes 6. PANCAKE RACESIn some parts of England, every Pancake Daypeople hold Pancake Races, where they runthrough the streets with their frying pans andtoss their pancakes.The rules of the competition mean that youhave to wear an APRON and a BANDANA. 7. HOW TO EAT PANCAKES?Traditionally pancakes on Pancake Tuesday areeaten with sugar and lemon.However, now people choose to put differentthings on their pancakes such as Nutella, orhoney.The Pancakes are more similar to Crpes, thanAmerican style pancakes. 8. HOW TO MAKE PANCAKES?Ingredients:120 g plain flour2 eggs300 ml milkcooking oil, for __________Method:1._______ the flour into a bowl and make a hole 9. TO COVER:To cover something is toput a lid on top ofit, to keep theheat inside it. 10. TO FLIP/TOSS: To flip or to toss apancake is to throwthe pancake up in theair, out of the pan, andto catch it again. The pancake needs tobe turned over on to the other side, so that both sides will becooked. 11. TO SIFT:To sift meansto use a sieveto filter flour, to removesany lumps from the flour. 12. TO WHISK:To whisk, means to mix all theingredientstogether with awhisk, so that you end up with a smooth liquid. 13. TO SPREAD:To spread is to smooth the product out, sothat it is even and covers the whole surface.For example:Spreading butter or jam on toastSpreading oil into a pan 14. TO HEAT: To heat somethingup, is to turnsomething cold, into something hot, usually whentalking aboutcooking food. 15. TO POUR: To pour means to transfer a liquid from one container to another. 16. FRYING:To fry something,is a way ofcooking, in aspecial pan calleda Frying Pan.We make pancakes in a frying pan.