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Want to achieve a creative excellence in your home décor, then Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing is your one stop solution for the Shropshire artwork.

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  • 1. Ironbridge offers you High Quality Shropshire Fine Arts and Framing.1

2. Introduction About us Our Work Our Gallery Contact us2 3. Ironbridge Fine Arts & Framing is a family run business based in the picturesque Shropshire town of Ironbridge. We have private workshops and a public gallery in the heart of the Ironbridge Gorge a World Heritage Site. Our gallery is open to the public and houses one of the largest collections of work from Shropshires most talented artists.3 4. Bespoke Framing Printing Etching Presses Printing Press For Sale Printmaking Methods Printmaking Workshops Workshops Studio to rent Artist Technician Gicle Printing and Scanning4 5. We have an everchanging fine art gallery, including specialist printmaking , large scale drawings, abstract oil paintings, local scenes, watercolors and handmade jewellery and ceramics. 6. Address: Merrythought Village Ironbridge TF8 7NJ Telephone: Gallery : 01952 434033 Mobile: 07875337557 Email : 7. 7