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2. Marketing isnt magic. There is a science to it@DANZARRELLA 3. THE PURPOSE OF MARKETING MAGICAL TERMS:SCIENTIFIC TERMS: increase awareness increase views promote interest promote engagement create desire create goal conversions generate action generate transactions 4. HOORAY! Ive been exposed to this message enough to move from awareness to consideration! NO REAL PERSON EVER 5. How much money did you make? YOUR CLIENT 6. A N A LY T I C S T H AT M E A N S O M E T H I N G pageviews visits visit duration frequency goal completions goal value transactions time lag click through rate cost per conversion ROI 7. THE BOTTOM LINE?CONVERSIONS 8. A CONVERSION ISA N A C T I O N T H AT I S I M P O R TA N T T O THE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS. 9. C O N V E R S I O N R AT E = # OF COMPLETED GOALS/ T O TA L V I S I T O R S 10. CONVERSIONS ARE MORE THAN TRANSACTIONSRetail businesses typically measure a conversion as a transaction. Service businesses typically measure a conversion as a form completion or lead generation. 11. THE PROBLEMVisitors come to your site throughout their buying process and some wont convert. A visitor may use your site as a resource - to find a phone number, look for a job, gather basic data, etc. Their visit is still counted in the total visits that ultimately affects your conversion rate. 12. THE ANSWER1.Segment your data. 2.Measure micro-conversions to track their progress through their buying process. 13. A CONVERSION CAN BE A transaction follow/like pageview to a specific page download of a PDF joining a mailing list adding to a wish list form submission 14. HOW DO YOU TELL THE BOSSYOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE IS WORTH IT? 15. S U P P O R T Y O U R C A M PA I G N1. Research the percentage of leads that turn into transactions. 2. Attach an estimated goal value to each conversion. 3. Report these along with your macro-conversion rate. 16. UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHINGY O U R D ATA M E A N S NOTHING. 17. DOIN SOMETHING. monitor analyze adjust report do it again.just better 18. MEASURE YOURH E A R T B E AT M E T R I C S 19. #1I N C R E A S E A IW A R E N E S S V EWS 20. CROSS-PROMOTION social media icons incorporate the sales team traditional media links cohesive branding 21. FOLLOW OTHERS join groups follow other businesses in your area, industry, relevantinterest, etc. like other pages 22. CPM ADS create effective CPM ads on google - target the right keywords on facebook - target the right audience on twitter - target the most relevant users 23. #2PROMOTE INTEREST ENGAGEMENT 24. U N D E R S TA N D Y O U R AUDIENCE 25. P E O P L E H AT E C R A P P Y C O N T E N T. 26. ENGAGING CONTENT relevancy = engagement monitor what works best for your brand 27. TA I L O R Y O U R C O N T E N T build sociable content advanced post targeting 28. SOCIABLE CONTENT simple sharing interesting title call to action link 29. TWITTER:5 E A S Y W AY S T O P U L L A B U N N Y O U T O F A H AT. R E A D T H E H O W - T O H E R E : ( S H O R T E N E D L I N K T O L A N D I N G PA G E ) # M A G I C 30. FA C E B O O K :WANT TO IMPRESS THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS WITH A L I T T L E M A G I C ? H E R E S 5 E A S Y W AY S T O P U L L A B U N N Y O U T O F A H AT. R E A D T H E H O W - T O H E R E : ( L I N K T O L A N D I N G PA G E ) ( I N T E R E S T I N G P I C T U R E ) 31. P I N T E R E S T:(OPTIMIZED (& ADORABLE) HOW-TO PICTURE) 5 E A S Y W AY S T O P U L L A B U N N Y O U T O F A H AT. P I N T H E H O W - T O H E R E : ( L I N K T O L A N D I N G PA G E ) VIA @USERNAME #MAGIC #RABBIT #MAGICTRICKS 32. W H AT D O Y O U INTERACT WITH MOST? 33. A D VA N C E D P O S T TA R G E T I N G 34. SHOTGUN APPROACH The shotgun approach gives you a greater reach. Posting more targeted content is risky; followers outside of the intended audience could be alienated or annoyed by this irrelevant noise clogging up their news feeds. 35. TA R G E T E D APPROACH You can post more frequently, targeting segmented groups with highly relevant information without turning off the rest of your followers. You reduce your overall reach by only showing that content to a small group of followers. 36. T H E R E S U LT more interest more engagement more shares more likes more followers 37. BE CONSISTENT voice posting branding - profile pictures, brand terms, colors 38. #3C R E AT E G OS I L E DE A R CONVERSIONS 39. SOFT CONVERSIONS soft conversions potentially turn into qualified leads Identify your best prospects 40. MONITORING GOALS track referring sites to see where your conversions arecoming from apply filters to drill down into your traffic measure the goal value 41. A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing, always be closing. BLAKE, GLENNGARY GLENROSS 42. PEOPLE KNOW YOUR SELLING SOMETHING.I T S N O T A S E C R E T. 43. B U T F O R T H E L O V E O F E V E R Y T H I N G T H A T I S H O LYD O N T B E T H I S G U Y. 44. #4G E N E R AT E A C T I O N TRANSACTIONS 45. Assisted conversions share credit across channels tobetter reflect how customers are learning about your company Google Analytics identifies visits individually. If someone came to your site through a socialcampaign and didn't convert but came back later from an organic search and made a purchase, the purchase would be credited to organic. 46. C A R R Y- O U T A D V I C E 1. increase views through cross-promotion, following strategy and CPM ads 2. promote engagement by understanding your audience, tailoring your content and being consistent 3. create goal conversions and monitor them 4. generate transactions through effective calls to action 5. sell the bunny. 47. THANKS.INSERT SHAMELESS PLUG HERE.@alyssa_mowery @karchergroup