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  • 1. Shortlist of Photos By Amirul Islam

2. The reason these became an option for my digipack and possibly the advertisement is mainly because I really like the slight out focus foreground and background which really gives the image some good compositions also as the artist is breaking the fourth wall, It will be more of a direct approach to the audience. This photo was mainly inspired by the Janet Devlin album cover which is much great than my attempt. 3. The reason I chose these potential pictures is mainly because the way the artist looks away from the camera looks really dramatic and has that indie feel. I also admire these shots mainly because of the compositions, the background which is out of focus draws all the attention onto the artist which emphasizes their whole persona. This shot was mainly inspired by Gabrielle Aplins album which has pretty similar components. 4. I thought this image would be fairly strong for the inside of the diigpack, as there is the potential to have the image continue through the two inside panels. I also really like the scenery of the locations as it has the same feel from the introduction of our music video. The CD would essentially be at the right of the photo with the illusion that the artist is looking at the CD from the direction in which the artist is looking at.