Short story elements

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Elements of a Short Story 7 th Grade Language Arts Graves County Middle School Power Point Presentation created by: Selise Ridolfi

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  • 1. Elements of a Short Story7th Grade Language ArtsGraves County Middle SchoolPower Point Presentation created by: Selise Ridolfi

2. Definition of a Short StoryTells about a single eventor experienceFictional (not true)500 to 15,000 words inlengthIt has a beginning, middle,and endCreates an impression onthe reader 3. Elements of a Short StorySettingCharacterizationPlotConflictClimaxResolutionThemePoint of view 4. Short Story VocabularySetting:Tells thereader where andwhen the storytakes place. 5. Short Story VocabularyCharacterization:Creation of imaginarypeople who appear to bereal to the reader. Thewriter gives informationabout the characters inthe story. 6. Short Story VocabularyPlot: A series ofevents throughwhich the writerreveals what ishappening, towhom, and why. 7. Short Story VocabularyConflict: Is aproblem in thestory that needsto be resolved. 8. Short Story VocabularyClimax: When theaction comes to itshighest point ofconflict. 9. Short Story VocabularyResolution: Thestorys actionafter the climaxuntil the end ofthe story. Theconclusion of thestory. 10. Short Story VocabularyTheme: Thestorys main ideas.The message thewriter intends tocommunicate bytelling the story. 11. Short Story VocabularyPoint of view: Theposition of thenarrator of thestory and what thewriter sees fromthat vantage point. 12. Elements of a Short StorySettingCharacterizationPlotConflictClimaxResolutionThemePoint of view 13. Great writers are able to usethe elements of the short storywith such precision that thereader is caught up in the actionof the story. This is a mark of agood story and our goal as awriter. 14. The Assignment1. In the next lesson you will review the short story elements and learn to follow and map the sequence of events in a story.2. You will learn to distinguish the various points of view from which a story may be told.3. You will learn about all of the previously mentioned short story elements. 15. Step-by-step Instructions Begin Elements of a Short Story web quest, go Follow the directions for each step before going onto the nextstep. Complete the activities worksheets. Complete open response question.