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    Active Living with Smarts

  • Reaching Millions of Consumers WeeklyShopper Marketing SolutionsFSI Strategies, 4 billion flyers distributed annually114 Community Newspapers 3 Daily Newspapers (Hamilton/Kitchener/ Guelph), Wagjag.comCommunity Websites ( Shows Food, Travel, BridalMagazines and Specialty Publications MagazinesHomefinder.caGottaRent.comLocalWork.caToronto StarThestar.comMetro Metronews.caWorkopolis.comEye Return Marketing*




  • 85% Bought the same thing they were expecting to buy

    Shoppers are making decisions before entering the store

    It matters because, 85% of the time, shoppers bought the product or brand that they had anticipated buying before visiting the store.As marketers, your key point of persuasion is happening before getting into the store.This is consistent with what we have heard in talking to retailers, fluctuations in traffic dont always coincide with sales fluctuationsWith webrooming on the rise the act of research online what to buy before entring the store is a behaviour that is not only happening online but happening with flyers as well.

    The other reason what the varying media habits throughout the path to purchase matters for retailers is because, consumers are also determining which store they are going to visit.

    Flyer Readership = Shopping


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  • Source: 2013 BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study

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  • 97% of consumers read flyersQ3. How often do you read flyers?

    an incredible social phenomena for a pull medium.

  • Targeting Customers





  • Targeting Capabilities


  • Psychodemographic Targeting

    66 segmentsFind specific lifestyle groups, ethnic backgrounds and age groupsOptimize your flyer, sample, post it note, door hang card distribution


  • Brand Flyer Milestones 60th Anniversary

  • 10.5 x 10.5 4 pages60lb glossy stockTargeted/ High VisibilityRecipes/CouponsSpecial OffersIncludes, Targeting, Print, Distribution and ShippingGeo-targetedLocal or National High quality resolutionBrand FlyerBrand ReinforcementPP

  • Brand FlyerProduct LaunchPage 1 & 4 of Super Squeezies Flyer

  • Brand Flyer/ Glossy 8 x 11French & English National*

  • Brand Flyer/ Glossy 8 x 11Retailer Specific Flyer*

  • Brand Flyer/ Glossy 8 x 11Brand Positioning Targeted/ High VisibilityClear brand positioningIncludes, Print, Distribution and Shipping within Metroland FootprintHigh quality resolution*

  • Effective Campaigns Repeat!*

  • Brand Door Hang Card with couponTargeted/ High VisibilityRecipes/CouponsSpecial OffersHigh quality resolutionCampaigns include printing, shipping, distribution, and verification


  • Brand Door Hang Card with Sample

  • Brand Door Hang Card with Sample

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  • Front Page Post It NoteStrong Call to ActionTargeted/ High VisibilityRecipes/CouponsSpecial OffersIncludes, Print, Distribution and Shipping within Metroland FootprintVarious Sizes 3 x 3 (min)6x 8(max)*

  • Explore New Audiences Sunrise Soya Positioning in South Asian Focus

  • Newspaper Content StrategyAdvertorial Campaigns, Coupon Campaigns120+ Community & Daily NewspapersPrint & Content Strategy, Special SectionsLaunch products, drive to trial, CouponingMilestone achievementsCompany History, MilestonesTrusted & cherished recipesEngage with readersDrive to your website, social mediaStart & continue your conversation


  • Experiential MarketingCreate a Brand Buzz!TTC or Go Train LocationsSpecialty locations



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  • Community Newspaper Sites

    Bramptonguardian.comCambridgetimes.caCottagecountrynow.caDurhamregion.comInsidehalton.comInsideToronto.comMississauga.commyKawartha.comNiagarathisweek.comOrangeville.comYourottawaregion.comSimcoe.comSouthwesternontario.comYorkregion.comNorthumberlandnews.comCaledonenterprise.comFlamboroughreview.comGuelphtribune.caHamiltonnews.comKitchenerpost.caLondoncommunitynews.comNewhamburgindependent.caNorthbaynipissing.comOurkingston.caOurwindsor.caTheifp.caWaterloochronicle.caDaily Newspaper Sites

    Guelphmercury.comTherecord.comThespec.comVertical Sites

    Autocatch.comFlyerland.caGottarent.caHomefinder.caLifenews.caLocalwork.caMobile Sites

    Myholidayhomerental.comSave.caShop.caTravelalerts.caWagJag.comYourclassifieds.caDigital Consumer Network


  • Our Digital AudienceWe reach a large, engaged audience across Canada through the most relevant news, lifestyle and e-commerce products.

    60% 35 to 55 years old2

    52%52% female audience2

    60%67% HH income $75K+2


    60% with at least 1 child2

    60%Page views/month1Unique Visitors/month1Visits/month146MM9MM15MM


  • Reach over 4,000,000 unique visitors on across 39 community and daily news websites

    Content postings includeSocial sharing buttons 1 article (300 words) Link to videoKey words Text linksLogo

    POSTED for 12 MONTHS! Digital Content Strategy*


  • Display Advertising Local News SitesTypes of ads available:- Leaderboard- Big box- Double skyscraper- Pushdown- Catfish- Page peel- Video overlay- Wallpaper- Mini banner*

  • Excellent Digital Reach Digital Flyers, Deals, Contest, CouponsNational English & FrenchSticky Site visitors back weekly2.8 million registered users1+ million unique visitors monthly900,000+ subscribersMarried female with familyUnder 45HH over $75K

  • Email MarketingOur email team can assist in developing a variety of custom email campaigns to extend your brands reach and maximize results

    Exposure to a highly engaged and active Canadian audience to over 2.5MM + subscribers (English & French) across TravelAlerts, WagJag and brands

    Opportunity include: Email Exclusivity Newsletter Sponsorship Top Banners Placement Prime Newsletter Inclusion Secondary Newsletter Inclusion

    And more!



    *, WagJag, Travel Alerts National Subscriber Count (De-Duplicated)BC TOTAL: 180, 52,417WagJag: 69,543Travel Alerts: 58,235AB TOTAL: 180, 51,441WagJag: 51,848Travel Alerts: 77,565SK & MB TOTAL: 85, 30,449WagJag: 26,416Travel Alerts: 28,657ON TOTAL: 1,045, 314,525WagJag: 565,748Travel Alerts: 165,582QC TOTAL: 438, EN: 91, FR: 98,623WagJag: N/ATravel Alerts EN: 39,537Travel Alerts FR: 208,727PEI, NB,NS, NFLD TOTAL: 113, 54,051WagJag: 23,358Travel Alerts: 35,7462M+ total active subscribers across all 3 brands*Data pulled November 2015

    * Exclusive Email Opportunities




    Reached 2,229 Fans!

    Post #3Reached 1,516 Fans! Social Media Push

    * Home Page Takeover Strategies (FR)


    Home Page Takeover Strategies (ENG)

  • *Exclusive E-mail

  • *Mixed E-mail OpportunitiesPromotes your flyer, coupon or deal!

  • *INMAR 2015 Redemptions by Category



    Canadian Grocery Shopping StatsThe Canadian Grocery ShopperCanadians are spending more on groceries 31% of Canadians say theyve spent more on in-home food in the past year. The grocery gains are tied into a focus on family, as well as health and eating better.

    78% of people shop for groceries at least once per week, and 29% shop even more frequently. Canadians who shop most frequently are senior citizens (43%) and parents of children aged 12-17 (35%).51% of consumers do all of the grocery shopping. 42% share the responsibility with someone else.29% follow a list and get out ASAP, 71% walk the aisles to ensure not to miss anything they need

    Savvy Canadians73% love the thrill of scoring a deal in the grocery store.62% of Canadian grocery shoppers feel quality is more important than price.59% of those who do all of the grocery shopping are women. 54% check flyers for sales.43% are focused on only buying products on sale. 36% use a grocery list but will watch for sales that may result in increased spending.29% use coupons for groceries.

    Source: 2015 Canadian Lifestyles Report, Mintel Grocery Retailing in Canada, February 2015*


    Canadian Grocery Mobile Shopping StatsMobile Behaviour49% say they are interested in the ability to redeem coupons and/or promotions using smartphone apps.Only 13% of Canadian consumers have used a smartphone app to comparison shop at a grocery store, and only 12% have actually shopped for groceries online. 44% interested in downloading coupons to their phones35% interested in app that links to all their loyalty cards29% interested in app that find and organizes their coupons71% said they would buy something if they received a discount or other promotion on their smartphones for a complementary product while they shopped.69% sai