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2. Jaanu Meri Jaan 3. This is what she claims: Yaar mai to tension leti hi nahi hun.. 4. Reality 1 Yaar 1 week bad Submission hai Aaj to nightout hai 5. Reality 2 In the midst of Rishikesh.. Yaaraisi waterfall mai roj subah nahaungi to kam se kam 8 baje ki class mai dhang se sunungi. 6. The Fetish: watchout in the exchange term Ogles for 5 minutes then says: Yaar chal inse baat karte hai 7. Tum Sab mujhe Bigaad rahe ho!!! and Yes we agree 8. Tum dono mujhe gaaliyan mat sikhao but here we disagree 9. PP Saaale chal Runaway Bride dekhte hain. 10. No, I am more interested in watching Princess Diaries Day 1: Runaway bride Day 2: Princess Diaries Day 3: 27 dresses 11. And thus presenting most eligible bachelor of the batch Pushpendar singh 12. Back To Shivani -Fun fact 1:Last year, barred by FII PGP2 team to think in public 13. Shifting the focus Flowers in hand Dressed up to occasion I believein Mouthful of happiness Introducing the business guru of the campus 14. Fun fact 2:Almost stole a life jacket in Go Karna felt it was an extended part of her Back To Shivani - 15. Wishing her All the best ! For the night ahead