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MivaCon 2014 Breakout Session: Shipping Best Practices Presented by Jacob "Coby" Erez

Transcript of Shipping Best Practices by Jacob "Coby" Erez

  • 1. Shipping Best Practices Jacob "Coby" Erez, 4Psite

2. Shipping - Best Practices Jacob Coby Erez Chief Technology Officer 4Psite, LLC 3. Shipping The Real Deal Shipping options when placing the order Actual product shipping Packaging Branding Shipping notification Post shipping and returns 4. Shipping - Best Practices Micro/macro observation Fulfillment options Shipping as profit/loss center Shipping cost reduction Quality of shipping Reduce employee mistakes Revenue assurance and potential fraud Shipping, CRM and inventory Handling returns Employee performance 5. Fulfillment options Self shipping Drop shipping 3rd party fulfillment centers Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) 6. How to better manage your 3rd party fulfillment? (Split) Orders Shipping info Inventory Invoices Drop/Shippers Fulfillment center Two-way transmission orders, inventory, shipping, invoices Avoid transmission of fraudulent orders Use real time integration with major fulfillment centers like Amazon Use the pulled shipping information to close the fulfillment loop 7. Carrier Landscape Single carrier USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Hybrid solutions Wholesalers and consolidators Regional carriers 8. Shipping as a profit/loss center Shipping cost analysis Cost vs. revenue by order, carrier, shipper Track freight out cost by store/channel 9. Direct cost saving factors Address validation Residential or Commercials Combine orders Real time rates Negotiated rates, commercial plus, Cubic Alternative insurance providers Handling voided labels 10. Quality of shipping Master pull sheet Product images on the pick-ticket Scan before you ship Scale integration Integration with your CRM system, e.g. - instructions to shippers from customer service pop up on the shipping screen Consider using integrated labels 11. Reduce employee mistakes Barcodes on products and packing slips Rule based shipping Triggered by weight, destination, SKUs, value, etc Auto select carrier, shipping class, insurance, package type, etc Auto add weight Use 3rd party shipping accounts 12. Rule based shipping - samples Domestic, weight under 13 oz USPS, Parcel, First class Domestic, weight > 1lb and weight < 2.4 lb Express1, Priority, Flat rate envelop Domestic, list of states, 4 < weight < 20 UPS, Priority 1 lb or greater Domestic, order total > $100 FedEx, Signature confirmation, Insurance 13. Revenue assurance and potential fraud Auto capture funds upon shipping Identify and block potentially fraudulent orders from shipping Track activities to reduce theft Log cancelled shipments Scan labels to identify double shipments 14. Shipping, CRM and Inventory Shipping instructions Self service portal Changes on available inventory Pull shipping information when not shipped in-house 15. Strive for inventory accuracy throughout all channels Returns Order received (multi-channel) Order modifications Order Cancelation (fraud/payment) Order shipped Inventory databasePO received Manual adjustments Drop/shipper Inventory feed Fulfillment center Inventory feed Special cases: options to SKU conversion & kits/bundles Real Time Inventory Feed 16. Handling returns Accept return requests via the self service portal Create and email return shipping labels 17. Employee Performance Shipper performance shipments per day/shipper, returns by shipper Single/batch shipping Ability to quickly add more stations Consistency, ease of training 18. Homework Check your shipping rates and alternatives Place an incognito order on your web site Improve real time inventory accuracy Close the order-to-ship-to-get paid loop Due date >>> NOW ! 19. Questions ? Thank you ! Coby Erez 858.433.0403