SHEN KUNG FU ACADEMY KIDS PROGRAM kung fu. Shen also offers Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and...

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Transcript of SHEN KUNG FU ACADEMY KIDS PROGRAM kung fu. Shen also offers Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and...

  • 1682 Ord Way Oceanside, CA 92056





    神 威 武 館

    • Quality Instruction. Over 25 Years of


    • Authentic Traditional Training in Kung

    Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Self-Defense,

    Meditation, Lion Dance and more.

    • Tiny Tots, Kids, Youth, Adult Senior

    and Womens Classes.

    • We Promote Integrity, Fairness,

    Honesty, Ethical Conduct, Tolerance

    and Respect for Others. Self Defense is

    Respect for the Gift of Life.

    • Family, Military and Senior Discounts.

    • No Contracts.

    • Flexible Schedule. Group, Private and

    Semi-private Sessions.

    • Sense of Family and Community. We

    are residents and members of the Tri-

    city area since 1993.

    Sifu Mario Figueroa started his martial

    arts training in 1975. For the next 30 years he studied with various Grandmasters, training in Kung Fu,

    Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan, and Chinese Dit Da Ke herbal healing.

    Sifu Mario Figueroa has been teaching in San Diego North County since 1995. He has been featured in Inside Kung Fu

    magazine, teaches and consults internationally, is head instructor at Miracosta College’s Kung Fu Club,

    teaches Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung at world-renowned Cal-A-Vie health spa & resort and teaches a variety of

    body/mind wellness courses for Vista Adult Community Education.

    For class information please visit

  • In these days when aggressive behaviour and rampant competitiveness have become the accepted norm, true kung fu teaches the student to maintain self-control, calmness of mind, a humble & respectful attitude towards others, and a healthy, strong body, but in the event of an attack, to act with unwavering resolve, to maintain mental clarity and to overcome fear. These aspects are important for students of all ages, more so for kids and youth. We live in a time of fast food, remote controls and violent video games. The working family is battling hordes of negative influences all directed towards our youth. Our training program is difficult and challenging, and we expect full attention, proper etiquette, and hard work from all of our students. We make our kids program fun, interesting and rewarding yet the strongest motivation comes from within when kids see their own progress and increased ability. We exercise great care in keeping kids safe and free of injury while providing a physically and mentally rigorous program.

    Our students are expected to uphold our teaching both in and out of class and that extends to school behavior, grades, citizenship and responsibilities at home.


    Authentic kung fu is both an art and a science and like 2 sides of a coin, they are different aspects of the same whole. At Shen you will learn kung fu in its original form, as a whole, an art and a science.

    Training consists of Self Defense techniques, Forms, Conditioning Drills designed to challenge your body and to gradually and incrementally improve your strength, your flexibility, your coordination, your reflexes and your speed. As you progress, the techniques and forms become longer and more complex. Traditional weapons, 2 person forms, bag training and dummy training are added, all requiring more and more focus, concentration, memory and retention, thus training and exercising your mental processes as well as your body. Once again, 2 sides of the same coin, which grow in tandem as you, the student, progress as a whole.

    Every individual has different needs and different goals. At Shen, we teach kung fu as a tool to help you overcome self-limitations and to develop your hidden potential. The true purpose of kung fu training is to help you become, not the best, but your own best.

    At Shen, we teach 2 styles of kung fu, the Shaolin 5 Animal style and the Choy Lay Fut style. These styles are complementary and are taught in tandem, so the student knows and understands the aspects and strengths of each style. Each is a complete style in its own right, so students learn 2 complete systems of kung fu. Shen also offers Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation and Self- Defense Classes with separate group classes for kids, adults, women and senior citizens. Corporate programs and private lessons are offered as well.