She enjoys dancing. The old woman enjoys walking. He enjoys eating food. He enjoys running in the...

download She enjoys dancing. The old woman enjoys walking. He enjoys eating food. He enjoys running in the morning

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Transcript of She enjoys dancing. The old woman enjoys walking. He enjoys eating food. He enjoys running in the...

  • She enjoys dancing.The old woman enjoys walking.He enjoys eating food.He enjoys running in the morning.

  • 1 23 45 6 7 89 10some breadsome applessome orange (juice)two baskets of eggs a bottle of milkthree cups of teaa box of cakestwo bags of ricea box of booksfive glasses of water

  • New words:ham,chip,beef,fork,plate,each,loaf,packet,carton,Coke,either,right ,thirsty,fingerHow many..?How much..?no//noneThe simple continuous tenseThe simple present tenseThe simple past tensechipsloaves

  • pizzachipsforkplate2 cartons of milkhamLoaves of breadA tin of Coke

  • Look and listen carefully,then find some rules.How many students are there in this picture?There are 3students.

    How much milk do you drink every day?I drink two cartons.

    How many teachers can you see in the picture?I can see none.I can see no teachers.

    How much Coke is there in the picture?There is none.// There is no Coke.

  • 1.How many apples can you see on the table?How many desks and chairs are there in the classroom?How many 2. How much water does the young tree need?How much juice is there in the bottle?How much

    3. There is no milk in the fridge.Jim has no friend at school.--Are there any students in the classroom?--No, there are none.None of us are doctors.No none noneof

  • ***how manyhow much1.___________bottles of juice are there on the table?___________ Juice is there in the bottle?___________ water do we need?___________sheep does your uncle own?__________ news can you get there?How manyHow muchHow muchHow manyHow much***no// none__________one can come into the room.___________of us are from the city.I have ___________money with me today. There is ___________water or air on the moon.No Nonenono

  • look at these:There is much orange in the bottle.(S)There are many oranges in the basket.(S)_______oranges are there on the table?_______orange is there in the glass?How manyHow much How muchEG1How much is the shirt?How much do you pay for the pen?

  • 1.She needs twelve eggs.How many eggs does she need? 2.I want 3 packets of ham.How much ham do you want?3.I want 3 packets of ham.How many packets of ham do you want?4.My sister often has a cup of milk for breakfast.How much milk does your sister often have for breakfast? 5.My sister often has a cup of milk for breakfast.How many cups of milk does your sister often have for breakfast?

  • What do they often drink?They often drink Coke.What does she do on Sunday?She often goes shopping.What do they sometimes eat?They eat icecreams.What are they doing?They are drinking Coke?Whats she doing?She is shopping?What are they eating?They are eating icecreams.What did they drink?They drank Coke.What did she do?She went shopping.What did they eat?They ate icecreams.

  • Exercises: .1The Class 1 students usually____ (have)lunch at 12 oclock.2He often _____ (have)dinner at home3.Dont _____ (swim)in the river. Its dangerous.4. _____he _____(do)morning exercises every day?5.Look! The girls _____ _____(have) cold drinks over there.6.Its 11:30 a.m now, _____they _____(watch) TV?7.He _____(do) his homework yesterday.8. On Sundays, I _____(go) shopping ,but last Sunday I _____(go) to see a film.9 The boys father _____ (take) him to the park last Sunday.10.Lets _____(buy) some beautiful clips for her.havehasswimDoes do are having are watchingdidgowenttookbuy

  • Correct mistakes:1. What is he doing? He playing football. A B C D

    2. Id like have some milk. A B C D3. In Childrens Day, many Young Pioneers go to the zoo. A B C D

    4. She go to the teacher for help. A B C D

    5. How many bread would you like? A B C D

    6. Do you ride a bike? Yes, I can. A B C D

    7. Is he reading or write ? A B C D

    8. What about go to the shop?

    is playing to haveOn goesHow muchCan writinggoing

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    He helps his friend with his English on Sunday.

    Its four now, The boys are playing football.

    Lucy is wearing a red coat.

    Xiao Wang is good at playing football.

    My favourite sport is swimming.

    Whats your father doing? Hes watching TV.What about your mother? Shes cooking.

  • Homework:1.preview the new the exercises for this class.