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& Aftershave Preparations By Guruprasad Venkatakrishna Rao & Virendra Ambalal Jain

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  • 1.ByGuruprasad Venkatakrishna Rao& Virendra Ambalal Jain

2. Introduction What is shaving ?Answer- Shaving is the removal of hair, by using a razor or any other kind ofbladed implement, to slice it down to the level of the skin. Why it is being carried out ?Answer Shaving is just an effort of Human Being to improve his Personalappearance. However it is often associated with religious Practice too. e.g. A child Birth hair is being shaved as a practice in religion .More popular example is Tirupathi Balaji Temple.Is it necessary ( Scientifically ) ?Answer No ,it is not Necessary . There are many peoples in the field whohave never thinked of shaving their hairs . Infact A lot of your body hairthough is to help keep you cool, keep dirt out of certain areas, and can alsohelp you to feel things when something moves or touches them. 3. Shaving PreparationHistoryIt all started with Shaving Soap , first in the form of the cake or bar, then in the mug ,stick, or powdered form.These in turn gave way to the cream- type products, both lather and brushless. 4. Shaving PreparationProperties Easy & rapid production of a copious lather. Resistance to rapid drying. Freedom from the possibility of skin irritation(mucosa of eye, nose etc) . Rapid softening of beard & sufficient viscosity to holdthe hair erect to facilitate cutting the individual hair. Lubrication to make the razor glide over the face moreeasily and painlessly. 5. CLASSES OF SHAVINGPREPARATION STICKS &POWDERSSHAVING SOAPSSHAVINGCREAMS 6. SHAVING SOAPS COMBINATION OF COCONUT OIL SOAPS & PALMOIL SOAPS FOR QUICK & STABLE LATHERING. WITHIN EACH THERE IS A COMBINATION OFPOTASSIUM & SODIUM SOAPS TO GET QUICKLATHERING & MAINTAIN THE BODY OF SOAP SUPPERFATTING AGENTS & TALC ARE ALSOEMPLOYED. RECENT INNOVATION LIES IN THE USE OFHEMOSTATIC MATERIALS 7. SHAVING POWDERS POPULAR WITH THE BARBERS. POWDER EASILY DISPENSED INTO SHAVING MUGPRIOR TO ADDITION OF WATER ANDPRODUCTION OF LATHER USING SHAVINGBRUSH. PRODUCT CLAIMED TO MORE SANITARYBECAUSE FRESH QUANTITY OF POWDER WASUSED EVERYTIME. 8. SHAVING STICKS GENERALLY NOT POPULAR AMONG CUSTOMERSBUT IT EXIST FORMULATION LOGIC IS SAME AS THAT OF SOAPBUT THIS ONE IS MORE ENRICHED IN SOAPS. ONCE FORMULATION EXISTED IN 1939 WITH ALKALI PEROXIDE AS AN INGREDIENTS. 9. LATHER SHAVING CREAM HAVE SAME INGREDIENTS AS THAT OF SOAPWITH INCLUSION OF GREATER AMOUNT OFWATER TO GIVE CREAMY CONSISTENCY. PLAYING WITH THE RATIO OF Na / K SOAPS NOTONLY AFFECT LATHER BUT ALSO CONSISTENCYAND STABILITY OF CREAM. SUPPERFATTING AGENTS AND BORAX AREADDED TO MAINTAIN STABILITY. 10. BRUSHLESS SHAVING CREAM NOT MEANT TO PRODUCE FOAM IT IS O/W EMULSION. COMFARTABLE SHAVE IS BECAUSE OF GREATERLUBRICATING ABILITY AND SUBSEQUENTREDUCTION IN RAZOR PULL OR DRAG. LEAVES FACE WITH THIN COATING OF OIL. WETTING AGENTS ARE EMPLOYED TO IMPROVEBEARD SOFTENING. 11. Aqua Stearic acid Palm kernel oil Propylene glycol Potassium hydroxide Parfum Triclocarban Disodium EDTA,menthol, preservative TiO2 12. PEG 7BORAXPRESERVATIVESLAURIC ACIDMYRISTIC ACIDSLSVIT E ACETATECOCODIETHANOL AMIDE 13. ILL EFFECTS OF SHAVING CUTS ABRASIONS IRRITATIONS 14. WHAT IS AN AFTERSHAVE ??? An astringent, typically scented lotion for applying tothe skin after shaving.HOW DOES IT WORKS ???IT RAISES THE PH OF THE SKIN AFTER THE USEOF ALKAINE SOAP.SINCE, IT ALSO CAUSES MILD COAGULATION OFSKIN PROTIENS AND PROTECT THE SKIN BYCLOSING THE PORES WHICH GOT OPENEDDURING SHAVING.TO NUMB DAMAGED SKIN .TO PREVENT INFECTION OF CUTS. 15. PROPERTIES Anti- inflammatory Antiseptic Moisturizer Astringency 16. TYPES OF AFTERSHAVE AFTERSHAVELOTION GEL POWDER BALM 17. AFTERSHAVE LOTION WIDELY USED AFTERSHAVEFORMULATION. AFTER LOTIONS ARE GENERALLYALCOHOL AND ESSENTIAL OIL BASED. MENTHOL IS GENERALLY ADDED.GIVES ADDITIONAL COOLING EFFECTS. GENERALLY AVAILABLE IN GLASSBOTTLES. 18. AFTERSHAVE GEL IT IS ENRICHED WITH ALOEVERA ANDHERBAL EXTRACT IT SOOTHES AND CALM THE SKIN HAS ANTIMICROBIAL AND ANTISEPTICPROPERTIES REDUCES REDNESS AND RAZOR BURNS LEAVES IT SOFT AND REFRESSED FOE HOURS 19. AFTERSHAVE POWDER IT IS JUST NORMALLYTALC POWDER BLENDEDWITH ALOE SOOTHES SKIN AFTERSHAVING REDUCES CHAFING ANDIRRITATION PROVIDES ULTRA SILKY SMOOTH SKIN 20. Aftershave cream Mens who find alcoholic aftershave lotion irritatingand to overcome the exposure to sun,wind orinclement weather this type of formulation came intopicture It relieves tenderness , dryness , roughnessof skin aftershaving . 21. PARK AVENUE AFTERSHAVE Ethyl alcohol 50% Sorbitol 70% soln 2.5% Perfume oil 0.5% Menthol 0.1% Boric acid 2.0% Water44.9% 22. REFERENCES COSMETIC TECHNOLOGY BY BALSAM HARRYS COSMETICOLOGY WWW.GILETTE.COM WWW.SCIENCEDIRECT.COM WWW.GOOGLE.COM SODEOPEC 23. SPECIAL THANKS TOSHREYAS OAK , ANAY KACHARIA&ABHISHEK ROOGI