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  1. 1. 70 Inch LCD TV Launch Event March 23, 2011
  2. 2. The Objective Create a buzzworthy event to bring the ad campaign and 70 viewing experience to life
  3. 3. Creative Concept
  4. 4. BIG IS TOO SMALL A WORD Words are heroic Mash-up of two superlative big words Gives Sharp a new language to own big Consumer is the star Reflects the male target Look of joy and amazement on his face TV looks BIG Enlarges the consumers face TV head makes the consumer one with his screen Screen size is depicted to-scale Clean, simple, silver/white void background
  5. 5. Venue Style Chic. White. Industrial. A loft space that echoes the ad campaigns white background Once we know the event dates, well select the perfect space to comfortably accommodate guests and support and enhance the creative.
  6. 6. The Experience Dynamic Word Wallpaper The gray words painted on the wall are those typically used to describe big things: Enormous, Large, Jumbo... ordinary superlative language. The larger, more prominent words in Sharp red (and the campaign font) are those in the ads: Spectacularge, Jumbowhelming, Humunculus, etc. These words could be projected onto the wall, so they can change throughout the evening. The Sharp logo and campaign tagline are also integrated within the wallpaper design.
  7. 7. The Experience Defining Graphics As guests enter the space, onscreen in the stage area will be a series of animated dictionary graphics defining the new words on the wall. The definitions could fade in and out like a screensaver effect. Or we could take it up a notch and create animations that mash-up the two root words that form each big word. For example, the words Jumbo and Gigantic fly in from opposite sides of the frame. They combine to form Jumbogantic, then the definition appears.
  8. 8. The Experience TV Viewing Rooms Creating different viewing rooms gives us the opportunity to showcase different types of content. As guests arrive, theyll see different high definition, man-content playing on the TVs in the three viewing room areas: Mancave: explosive gaming content Home Theater: action-packed NBCUniversal movies Living Room: an NBC Sports broadcast Mancave
  9. 9. The Experience Big TV Head Photo Booth Guests pose for photos in front of a white backdrop, inserting themselves inside the ad campaign Photos are printed using Sharps Aquos HN-PP150 Digital Photo Printer We can leave the big word in quotes at the top of the printout blank, so guests can have fun coming up with their own For each person who participates, Sharp donates $100 to the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Charity of Sharps choosing
  10. 10. As the crowd mingles, sampling hors d'oeuvres and sipping drinks, John Herrington quietly takes his place on the stage, standing behind the 70 TV. At the start of the presentation, his face appears enlarged onscreen, the ad campaign literally brought to life. The Presentation
  11. 11. This person (obviously) is not John Herrington this is for placement only.
  12. 12. He greets the audience and welcomes them to the launch of Sharps newest, biggest, 70 LCD TV. During the opening remarks, when all eyes are focused on Mr. Herrington, three actors that look like target consumers (or as a simpler option, three inanimate man cutouts) take their place behind the screens in each viewing room. Their faces are enlarged on the 70 screens they now have for heads, just like in the ads. The Presentation
  13. 13. Mr. Herrington moves out from behind the TV on stage to address the crowd. Beautiful HD footage onscreen showcases the TVs superior picture quality. Mr. Herrington touts all the research Sharp does to understand its consumer and develop products people want and need. His comments are supported by clips of the ad agencys film profiling the target consumer. As Mr. Herrington makes reference to the new campaign, he gestures to the screens in the other corners of the room. The audience turns to see the three guys with 70 TVs for heads, all three in spotlight. Mr. Herrington speaks to the benefits of a 70 inch TV as it pertains to each room. Gesturing toward the home theater, he describes the movie theater-like experience the 70 delivers. For the living room, he talks about how its a given that with the 70 LCD TV, you host a killer superbowl party every year. And pointing to the mancave, he describes how much fun it is for the whole family to play video games on the big screen. The Presentation
  14. 14. Celebrity Talent Kevin James He embodies the target consumer a wealthy everyman He looks like the guys in the ads He seems like he would own this TV the guys who would buy this TV will relate to him His stand-up is hilarious As a TV and movie star, he can speak to different viewing experiences Hes on King of Queens a syndicated show thats on TV 4 times a day He starred in Hitch, Grown Ups, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry an also speak to watching movies on the screen
  15. 15. Celebrity Talent Dwayne The Rock Johnson BIG guy embodies the message A mans man superhero-like character who the target consumer admires Tough guy action movie star, but also stars in comedies and kids movies family-friendly From USAs WWE Raw (an NBCU network) Star of Universals upcoming movie Fast Five, co-starring Vin Diesel and coming out at the end of April good timing to promote the movie Could cross-promote by showing a sneak preview of Fast Five on the 70 TV Very positive image would reflect well on the Sharp brand