ShareThis: Helping Brand Advertisers Monitor Online Social Media Behavior For Optimal User...

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Transcript of ShareThis: Helping Brand Advertisers Monitor Online Social Media Behavior For Optimal User...

1. AlchemyAPI TM 2. AlchemyAPI TM Company Prole ShareThis helps websites better understand what content is being shared at any moment Monitors online activity of 180-200 million users every month Fast dataanalysis builds narrow customer profiles : Social Sharing Widgets Follow ShareThis Website Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Blog 3. AlchemyAPI TM Challenges Track shared content, such as news articles Quick, accurate analysis to understand content shared at any moment Analyze and understand the content, along with the ideas and emotional state behind it Deliver brand messages that pinpoint consumer preferences and profiles Accurately Correlating Content Sharing to Consumer Preferences and Proles 4. AlchemyAPI TM Solution Easy-to-use natural language processing tools Keyword Extraction Sentiment Analysis Entity Extraction ConceptTagging Code that monitors content shared by visitors Unstructured data analysis, deep learning and REST NLP APIs combined to help users personalize meaningful user engagement Applying Deep Learning and NLP to Analyze Content Sharing Content Sharing is a basic, elemental human gesture of interest. ShareThis helps site owners and brand advertisers monitor online social media behavior, so that they can profile and target very specific audiences and measure the performance of data assets. Nanda Kishore, CTO, ShareThis 5. AlchemyAPI TM Results Saved money on maintenance and resources with AlchemyAPI REST APIs Greater speed and accuracy in customer profiling and analysis capabilities What is the value to users? Check out their success stories Easy-to-integrate NLP Capabilities Enable Rapid Monetization Ideally, Id like to be able to be inside the browser. Nanda Kishore, CTO, ShareThis Contact AlchemyAPI Website | Sales | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn