SharePoint - The hybrid story and beyond

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Office 365, SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-premises The hybrid story and beyond Mikael Svenson
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Transcript of SharePoint - The hybrid story and beyond

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Office 365, SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-premisesThe hybrid story and beyondMikael Svenson


Oslo, Norway

mikaelsvensonPrincipal Consultant @PuzzlepartSharePoint 2003Office 365CodeplexOfficePnPAuthor, Blogger, CommunityWho am I


Thank you to the exhibitors!Make sure to visit the booths


What Is Hybrid?hybrid -hbrd/- a thing made by combining two different elements

(C) 2008 puzzlepart as4

History 2015 puzzlepart asToday

or me and SharePoint(C) 2008 puzzlepart as5

SharePoint On-premises + SPO/Office 365LOB + Office 3651 & 2

What Is Hybrid? 2015 puzzlepart as

LOB being: fileshare, ERP, custom databaseor me and SharePoint

(C) 2008 puzzlepart as6

TodaySharePoint 2013


Hybrid Today 2015 puzzlepart as

All three topologies

Here I show two-way bidirectional trustAlso possible withOne way outbound (can see SPO locally)One way inbound (can see local result in SPO)(C) 2008 puzzlepart as8

Consume on-premises search in SPOConsume SPO search on-premisesRead/Write to on-premises BCS in SPObut not for crawl/searchRead/Write to on-premises SAP from SPOvia Duet EnterpriseRedirect Sites and OneDrive suite bar links

Hybrid Today 2015 puzzlepart as

(C) 2008 puzzlepart as9

In SharePoint Server 2013, you can redirect users to OneDrive for Business in Office 365 when they clickOneDriveorSitesin the navigation barDont need to redirect everyone

OneDrive for Business Hybrid 2015 puzzlepart as

Redirect based on audiences

(C) 2008 puzzlepart as10

Consume search results cross farmsConsume LOB from on-premises to Office 365Redirect navigation bar links to Office 365

Summary 2015 puzzlepart as


PROMix and match workloads where they are best suitedGuaranteed high availability and disaster recovery on the cloud part

CONIdentity and profile managementTwo environments

Hybrid Pro/Con 2015 puzzlepart as

Two environments to maintainSupportTechnical maintenanceCost?12

TomorrowSharePoint 2016SharePoint 2013 (August 2015 PU)


Enter the Hybrid Scenario Picker

Hybrid Tomorrow 2015 puzzlepart as

Available in 2016, but also for 2013 if you install August 2015 PU

(C) 2008 puzzlepart as14

The wizard configures a server-to-server (S2S/OAuth) connection between SharePoint Server on-premises and SharePoint Online.

Saves you from executing the steps at

Hybrid Scenario Picker 2015 puzzlepart as

S2S the outbound connection we saw previously(C) 2008 puzzlepart as15

Index on-premises content (SharePoint, LOB) into the cloud index

Cloud Search Service Application 2015 puzzlepart as

SupportSales & MarketingKnowledge Articles

FilesharesSP 2013/2016 Cloud SSAOneDrive Support forum

SPOSearch Farm

SP 2013 content

SP 2010 content


On-premisesOffice 365SPO contentSP 2013 SSA

You can kill all but the crawling server(s) and use the index in SPO insteadCan not do ANY entity extraction which Benjamin talked about for metadata enrichment earlier today16

Enables all search driven work loads in SPOUse eDiscovery and DLP from one place OnlineOffice Graph and Delve

Likely future investmentsHybrid Scenario Picker for cloud Search and Federated SearchCreate sites in the environment best suitable for the workload?

Cloud Search Service Application 2015 puzzlepart as

Wizard to easy the inbound setup17

Consume search results cross farmsConsume LOB from on-premises to Office 365Redirect navigation bar links to Office 365Index on-premises content to SPO

Basically the same as what 2013 (with August 2015 PU) offers

Summary of 2016 Hybrid as we know it 2015 puzzlepart as


On-premises ONLY


PROFull control of farm configurationI know best how many servers I needCan customize everythingCan index and modify all data100% control over uptime and failover

CONCannot take part in cloud workloadseDiscoveryOffice GraphVideoGroupPowerBIUpdated UIBrowser/device supportIT cloud improvements are not available (min role)

Pro/Con Today - 2013 2015 puzzlepart as


PROImproved control with minroleEasier patchingTelemetryCan customize everythingCan index and modify all dataeDiscovery with DLP rulesProject ServerImproved device support

CONMight have to beef up your farm to follow minrole guidelinesCannot take part of cloud workloadsOffice GraphVideoGroupsPowerBI

Pro/Con Tomorrow - 2016 2015 puzzlepart as




Web Front EndServices end user requests, optimized for low latency.SearchReserved for Search services.ApplicationServices the backend jobs or the requests triggered by backend jobs, optimized for high throughput.Distributed CacheSpecial LoadReserved for services to be isolated from other services, I.e. 3rd party, PerformancePoint, etc.Single Server FarmProvisions all services on the server for a single server deployment. This role is provided for evaluation and development purposes.



Cloud ONLY


PRONo servers to maintain, HA, DRCloud only workloadsOffice GraphVideoGroupsPowerBIYammerInvite external users / sharingEasy access for users from all devicesTrained support personnelCONNo control on updatesSome control on features via first releaseNo control on indexingHarder to integrate LOBHarder to customizethe train is rolling

Cloud Pro/Con 2015 puzzlepart as

(C) 2008 puzzlepart as25

The end-gameOn-premises, Cloud, Hybrid


Running both on-premises and Office 365 can incur more license costs

Cloud Search Application (hybrid crawl) might improve the TCO if you can kill some local search servers

All custom solutions cost moneyFarm solution might be cheaper compared to provider hosted apps

Cloud gets new workload firstUncertain which ones are downported, and which ones will work hybrid

Some value propositions 2015 puzzlepart as


HybridGovernmental agencies and large companies with lots of regulations and LOB applications

CloudSMB where infrastructure is more about internet access than hosting

On-premisesFor those happy with things as they are

Pick your end-game! 2015 puzzlepart as

Are you allowed to store data outside your country?Example: Norwegian archivingCreate a plan for what your end game is and aim for it..!! If cloud is your endgame, treat hybrid as a stepping stone.(C) 2008 puzzlepart as28

[email protected]hmikael.blogspot.comTwittermikaelsvenson

Thank you! 2015 puzzlepart as

(C) 2008 puzzlepart as29