Shapleys - Equine Grooming and Show Preparation

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Shapleys legendary M-T-G plus the Shapley's entire prestigious grooming range. Australian Distributor Mane Tail Feather supplies wholesale nationally.

Transcript of Shapleys - Equine Grooming and Show Preparation

  • Mane Tail Feather

    206 Kin Kin Road, Canina QLD 4570


    Excellent for QLD itch, rain scald

    and rapid hair regrowth

    Since 1938, Original M-T-G has been an effective, time

    proven remedy for dermatitis problems. Highly

    recommended by veterinarians for a variety of skin

    conditions, Original M-T-G is a single source solution for

    fungus, rain scald, scratches, mud fever, greasy heel, girth

    itch, dandruff, itchy skin, QLD itch and tail rubbing. An

    oil-based product that balances a drying and healing action

    with moisturizers.

    Original M-T-G offers quick relief and visible hair growth

    in 3-5 days and is ideal for use on skin where winter

    blankets have rubbed hair off. This amazing product does

    not require washing or water for application, making it

    ideal for cold weather use.

    Original M-T-G is also excellent as a leave-in

    conditioner/detangler for promoting mane and tail growth.

    Use on damaged, chewed-off tails for rapid hair growth,

    and on long tails to enhance fullness, condition, and retain

    length. With just one application it will detangle,

    condition and dissolve dandruff, soothing irritated skin. As

    a mane and tail lengthener, the combination of ingredients

    in Original M-T-G provides the optimal environment for

    maximum growth. When used regularly, users report mane

    and tail growth of up to 3 inches per month!! Original M-

    T-G is a must for every horse owner. Safe and effective

    on Dogs, too!

    Find at your local

    saddlery or equine

    feed store

    Wholesale inquire welcome

    Shapleys The trusted name in

    equine grooming since


    Australian Distributor


    Shapleys Original M-T-G

    Mtf proudly sponsors Mo Annamhs Samba and

    Lord Callum of the Owlish Fortress. Pure bred Gypsy Cob colt and stallion at stud

  • Easy-Out No Rinse Shampoo, effortlessly

    removes stains and odors while enhancing color.

    Easy-Outs unique formula, with a special odor

    eliminator, removes the toughest stains and odors

    caused by manure, urine, sweat, mud and grass. Its

    optical brighteners enhance the natural colors of

    the coat, mane and tail with no discoloring, leaving

    a gleaming clean.

    Hi Shine Shampoo is a powerful clarifying shampoo with a rich foamy lather that lifts dirt and rinses easily

    with no residue. Hi Shine leaves coat, mane and tail

    squeaky clean, manageable and sleek with a great

    shine. Whether applied straight or diluted Hi Shine is

    gentle enough to be used safely on a regular basis. Hi

    Shine is formulated to cut through the oils in Original


    Natural Elegance Conditioner Dry, coarse and brittle

    hair becomes soft and silky with just one application.

    Only a small amount of this highly concentrated

    conditioner is necessary to see knots slip right through

    the tail.

    Magic Sheen Hair Polish is a specially formulated

    silicone blend that produces maximum shine and a

    lustrous, healthy coat. Our unique formula can be

    used on wet or dry hair to easily detangle and

    condition mane and tail. Magic Sheen will give your

    horses coat the feel of satin and reduce grooming time

    by coating the hair shaft and repelling dirt and stains.

    Also available: Hi Gloss aerosol spray

    Mane Mousse

    Show Touch Up aerosol spray

    In Black, White, Sorrel,

    Chestnut, Med Brown, Dark

    Brown, Palomino and Gray

    Shapleys Super Tail Bag Protects and keeps tail clean, promoting growth and preventing sun bleaching. Quick and easy Velcro closure holds bag in place while allowing bag to release if hooked or snagged. Red 24 bag is made of lightweight, durable ripstop nylon.

    No. 2 Heavy Oil is an intensive oil treatment designed

    to add oils back to skin, coat, mane and tail.

    Professional groomers recommend No. 2 Heavy Oil for

    use after body clipping to condition skin, restore coat

    color, and remove sharp hair shards. No. 2 Heavy Oil

    leaves coat smooth and full of shine and may be used

    in hot or cold.

    No.1 Light Oil adds a light shine to the coat, enhances

    the face, and adds conditioning oils to skin. No. 1 Light

    Oil is helpful while pulling a mane when applied to the

    base, or while shedding out coats by allowing hair

    follicles to slip out without irritating the skin. When

    detangling manes and tails use No. 1 Light Oil to

    loosen knots.

    EquiTone Colour Shampoo Voted a top pick for color enhancement by the Horse

    Journal, EquiTone is essential for rejuvenating sun-

    damaged hair and adding dimension and highlights to dull, dried out coats, manes and tails. A premium color enhancing shampoo that colors, cleans and conditions

    in one easy step saving time and money. EquiTone enriches and intensifies a healthy natural color and brilliant shine. Available in Red, Black, Gold and

    Whitening all in 473ml bottles.