Shape Poems. Love Concrete Poem Love Affection to another Between a couple Hugs and kisses...

download Shape Poems. Love Concrete Poem Love Affection to another Between a couple Hugs and kisses NON-EXAMPLE

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Transcript of Shape Poems. Love Concrete Poem Love Affection to another Between a couple Hugs and kisses...

Shape Poems

Shape PoemsLove

Concrete PoemLoveAffection to anotherBetween a coupleHugs and kisses

NON-EXAMPLEMommy!Mommy I love you! Every time I see you, I always givea hug. I wish you were not sick because it is not fun! But I love you very much! I promise that I will take care of you all the time! I love you!You are the best mom in the world, and I know that I love you more than CJ does because he ismean! As I have said before, you are coolAnd you are nice and really fun to hangout with. Never forgettingall of the fun we had!

Concrete PoemEXAMPLEHorse Show Jumping Horse show jumping which is exciting- coming to the first jump- not knowing what to do- long, short, deep, or ordinary you have choose one and not them all. Taking it with confidence you take to the first obstacle, landing back to the ground your expressions are filled with joy. Taking to the rest of the coarse you know that your unstoppable- coming to the last fence your nerves start to kick in- flying in the air- not knowing what to expect, to land back on the earth with glee YOU WON

NON-EXAMPLERainbow CrowdRainbow, rainbow, rainbow I said to the child who was seeing it for the first time, and she pointed at the rainbow and spoke the word 'rainbow' for the first time. EXAMPLEBaseballBaseball. Many fans cheering you on. Come on! says a teammate, hit it into the outfield. The taste of sweet dogs and coke. The ball finally come flying and I see the pitcher catch the ball. My heart sinks into me. It was the last guy up to bat. maybe next time. Homerun.

Concrete PoemNON-EXAMPLEIcecreamIcecreamMakes me sreamCan be in many colorsCan be in many shapesHard to choose the flavorSo many to chooseSweet or sourCone or cupChocolateSprinklesCaramelCherry ConcreteEXAMPLE

PizzaPizza is the best everCheesy and saucyToppings neverLimited, I lovePizza soMuch!NON-EXAMPLERolling in from far away a lulling sound that never ceasesIt's depths are untouchablecontrolled by anunruly moonAbused by the waves ever crashingOne billion little particles piled highshifting with the soothing breezeand oozing between your toesClimbing to the skyCollectingrays fromthe brilliantorange sunHeating the earth beneath meAn orb of fire Turning 1 Cake isShape PoemOverwelmingDeliciousTENDER ANDMoistHeavenly light taste Yummy Cookie CakeChocolate CheesecakeUsed as a giftFull of flavorEasy to cookHappy Birthday!Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday toHappyYouLoving and caringStrawberryBlueberryCoconutVanillaCookies

Diamante Poems

SeasonsWintercold, wetfreezing, snowing, shiveringbitter, chilly, burnt, aridScorching, sweating, sizzlinghot, drySummer DiamanteThe BeachBeachMoist, warmchilling, swimming, tanningSunny, bathing suits, dry, lonesome,walking, dwelling, sweatingdehydrated, sandyDesertDiamante

GirlsGirlsCute, youngPlaying, jumping, laughing Nice, excited, mature, olderCooking, resting, workingWrinkly, quietWomen

DiamanteEmotionsSadmournful, gloomydepressing, regretting, grievingdesolate, rejected, glad, luckyEnjoying, fun-loving, entertainingpleased, fortunateHappy



FlowersSwaying in the windIn many colors and shapesBeautiful flowers

HaikuLibrarySoundless libraryWaiting to check out a book Sympathetic waitHaiku

DogsBarking little dogsDigging in the nasty dirtCute as they can be


RainRaindrops falling downDripping in a slow pattern Spilling beautifullyHaikuTanka5-7-5-7-7

Hide and SeekWhere have you gone now?Searching and searching for youTime is passing byLooking up, down, and aboveDont worry, I will find you


FamilyI love familyEven though they can annoy meI may hate them onceI will always love themFamily helps you get through

TankaVegetable SoupThe boiling potStirring, bubbles, very hotGreat vegetable soupCarrots, celery, and peasCan I have so much more please

TankaCinquainPuppies!So cuteLoving and sweetAdorable puppiesSo small and cute but yet lovingHug them!CinquainHappyHappyLaugh and cry hardPut a smile on your faceDont get mad get glad and evenBe bliss



Dont run I smell your fearDont hide, because I knowEvery dark corner and shadowTimes up.


ChickenChickenGoes with gravyAlso with thanksgivingIt is also good by its-selfyummycinquainNo talkingDont talkI can hear youVery loudly screaming I can hear you yelling at meTeacher

CinquainNaaniGoodbyeRunning past the worldPeople walk awayEveryone not noticingThat everything is gone

Watermelons Are..Watermelons are shy Covering their red with a green coatHiding sweetness with a dark jacket


SweetsSweets are deliciousBut not so very nutritiousI want to eat them all the Time but I cantnaaniAlarm clocksAlarm clocks I hateThey scream and beep and yellThey are what wakes me upBut thank goodness for snoozeNaani

LonelinessI miss this great personThe most amazing thingRunning away with the windsLike the changing tides

NaaniLimericksFriesThere was a girl who loved to eat friesShe was obese from her head to thighsShe ate all the day And could never payHer mom saw her and began to cry

Limerick Friendships Can Be Weird!I have amazing friends, I doI know they would never eat my shoeI know they are there We make some good pairsAnd a few of them even say moo


FishI like to eat lots and lots of fishI put it all in a giant dishIt tastes really goodAnd I knew it wouldThen it gave me a really big wishlimerickA FishOnce upon a time there lived a DaceIt owned a beautiful flower vaseA neighbor broke itBy throwing a fitDace said, Im going to punch his face!Limerick

Terza RimaAcquainted with the NightI have been one acquainted with the night.I have walked out in rain--and back in rain.I have outwalked the furthest city light

I have looked down the saddest city lane.I have passed by the watchman on his beatAnd dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.


So DeliciousSo deliciousPie is in that categorySo deliciousSugar was made mainly for meCake is very mandatoryIce-cream is celebratorySo deliciousRondeletHappinessAre you happyWhen you are home alone at nightAre you happyWhen you are alone anytimeDo you feel things arent rightWhen you are home alone in lightAre you happy Rondelet

My ChocolateMy chocolateThat keeps me forever aliveMy chocolateSo smooth and so creamy to tasteSo necessary to surviveWhen dead it helps me to reviveMy chocolate

So Much Depends Upon

So much depends Upon

The fearless, heroic Firefighter

Running across burning Ruins

During the tremendousfire So much depends upon EXAMPLESo Much Depends Upon

Soldiers So much dependsUpon

A strong, brave Soldier

Fighting in turbulentareas

For a safe Home So Much Depends Upon Poem Example

A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Directions:A picture is worth a thousand words! Choose one of the photographs shown in class. Write a poem based on the images seen in the photo. It must be a minimum of two stanzas with four lines in each stanza. Remember to use descriptive language. Every noun must have at least one adjective. Rhyme Scheme: A-A-B-B-C-C-D-D

Mans Best FriendA dog is a mans very best friendIt ensures them that their love will never endThe timid, scared man hopeless and blindHis old companion that is so very kind

They touch noses a give a single promiseThat their loyalty will never demolishThey give a hug and hold foreverLet go and say goodbye, they will never

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words EXAMPLE

Is It Mind Reading?I look into the beasts eyes Mesmerizing me into fear, it triesIm not afraid I think to myself, oh waitWere mind reading, I get a message to translate

It doesnt make sense what its sayingWhat is this, these are unusual traits hes displayingMy mind is blank. I dont see a thingNow I get it, its a puppy, no messages this animal will bringA picture is worth a thousand words poem EXAMPLE

The Lost VeteranThe world is changing all around Im not respected in a crowdI once knew a place where I was a hero I am now in a place where I am a zero

Things are becoming stranger and strangerI fear that my age is becoming endangered My peers have fallen and I am aloneI am now in a world that is unknown.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Poem EXAMPLEI Am

All About Me!MaryamWho is energetic, intelligent, talkative, and honestWho is a sibling of EliasWho is a lover of tennis, animals, and readingWho feels annoyance with her brother, love to her parents, and sorrow without a petWho needs popsicles, computers, and booksWho gives her best in sports, her dedication to tennis, and gives her cat loveWho fears silence, sadness, losing a gameWho would like to see the world, her future, and world peaceWho is a straight A student, from Bosto