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Pre- Launch Issue 2013

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Editor’s Letter

By Shanna Stroud

Shanna Stroud is proudly to announce the launch for “Shanna’s Plugins Magazine “for the year 2014.

We will be targeting independent entrepreneurs to be featured in the magazine. Featuring music artist,

writers, film producers, models and more. Shanna strive to push individuals toward their goals. No one

can stop your mission but you.

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Plug into the Calendar

"Letter To All Independent Entrepreneurs"

First give an Honor to God who is the Head of my life & to this

amazing world he has given us to see & make a better place.

I started writing songs at 9 years old because I was inspired by my

grandfathers gospel music group, the "N. E. Simpson Singers" & It

was when i use to see them perform it automatically put the

glaze in my eye for entertainment. It showed in everything that I

was apart of & was around. I eat, sleep, & breathe this industry &

my gifts. Everything in life has it's own process & it most definitely

levels to everything. You have to put everything you have into

your gift and your grind will make room for you. It will always be a

lot of distractions out there that will try to hinder you from the

prize you have your eyes on set on. I am soon a "Mainstream

Entertainer" that's earning my right place in this Industry. I spoke

about it being levels so that goes for everybody but nothing will

stop my gift because that's God given and that's where I am


Keep Pushing No Matter What!

Keep Praising God For Everything!

Zach "ZBANKZ" Dupree

Delicious Southern Made Desserts started out as a

blog about food, family and fun created by Conrad

Patterson, a Culinary Arts student. After winning the

Louisiana State Fair's Karo Syrup Perfect Pecan pie

contest, his family members and close friends

thought it would be a good idea for him to sell pies

made from the winning recipe. Soon after, his

Facebook page about desserts, 'The 318 Sweet Shop'

started generating a large following and people

began to ask him various questions about baking.

That led to his next venture....a cookbook! The

"Delicious Southern Made Desserts vol. 1" cookbook

will be online soon!!

Online Contacts:


YOUTUBE Channel: The 318 Sweet Shop

FACEBOOK: The 318 Sweet Shop

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UK Artist “REECE”

REECE has been writing and making

music from the age of 13, He put up his

1st video on Youtube for cover track

'Heaven' in 2009 which now has got 900k

views. The Video went on to spend 20

weeks in the Urban Charts on Channel

AKA, the first to ever do so.

REECE Aka Reece Robertson has

supported many artists such as Ndubz,

Ed Sheeran, Jessie J and many more and

also at Wireless Festival in both 2010 and

2011. Currently REECE has now hit 4

million views on Youtube thanks to all

War Dog has been rapping since 15 years of age. He is the CEO of his

own company PGE. War Dog considers himself as a leader when it

comes to support others in every positive way to grind hard. He also

has a Pentagon Tasty Model movement which support models on the

grind. The models are featured in his calendar which comes out every

year. He just released “The Mafia Mixtape Team” 2013. He has up and

coming projects he is currently working on. His “Game Changing Tour”

and a movie “ Live Ride or Die starting March 2014. His goal is to work

with the youth as well to interact to teach them right things in life to be


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


[email protected]

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Leon Bonjour (CEO/OWNER) started Bonjour-Records in 2010. They are based out of SoCal an has a total of 8 Artists. Bonjour-Records Distribution is committed to providing priority global distribution through over 750 retailers and mobile partners in over 100 world regions. We have the resources and network infrastructure needed to seamlessly distribute music, video and mobile products. BONJOUR-RECORDS contacts now consists of 843,000 industry contacts including 65,000 DJs worldwide–radio DJs, music directors, program directors, club, satellite, mixtape, internet DJs. Also included in our contacts are music magazines, top 100 music websites, top 200 music blogs, record pools, public relation firms, a-list booking agents. Our veteran team has familiarity and hands on experience that covers songwriting, production, A&R, booking, tour management, marketing, distribution, media and licensing. What makes Bonjour-Records Distribution unique is their unmatched ability to provide the largest global digital distribution in conjunction with a complete world-wide online marketing campaign to maximize artists hype and exposure. Bonjour-Records Distribution acts as an upstream label for many major labels in search of the next big artist. You retain 100% ownership of your master recordings, publishing, and songwriting credits.

Facebook @bcali101

[email protected]

HWP MEDIA is a sanctuary for audio and visual arts. You can

call us budding philanthropists of local art and culture. If we

think its worth promoting then we're probably going to

promote it. The Breakfast Club takes place monthly @ The

HUB located 515 Crump. Departing from the late night,

club-driven party scene and into the light of day; TBC

focuses on presenting excellent talent in a great venue at a

low cost to be enjoyed by the entire family. DJ T.Flo mixes

the best in Neo and True School Hip.Hop, Soul, and R&B

while deliberately incorporating Memphis artists. TBC also

features an artists' marketplace for the month's performers

to provide info and/or merchandise to connect with the

audience and build their support base.

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Tho’d Studio Ent (T$E) is Arkansas’ #1 Independent Record label currently with several artist on their roster: Yung2, Joker B, D-Dirt E, Marcelles, DolaMike, Stee-Feezy, Petey WeedStraw, Black Sand, T-Scrill and PoYo. Tho'd Studio Ent is an all in-house company from production, mixing, graphics, web design, video, marketing and promotion. I know you have seen this story before "Small town boy makes it big" but everybody's story on the road to success differs. Detrich Elliott and some friends at college began the label Tho'd Studio Ent in the year 2000. Detrich Elliott was born and raisedin the small town of Mt Holly AR. A town so small that it does not have a population sign. Since kindergarten he always had a yearning to be a famous rap star being influenced by artist such as Run DMC, Fat Boys, LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee. He often wrote poems/raps and played with cheap keyboards as a child. In Junior High he and 3 other friends created a rap group called LowLife Posse being influenced then by other groups out then such as Bone-thugs and Harmony, Do or Die, Dayton Family, Geto Boyz and NWA. By the time he was in high school they were creating songs in the backroom of his group mates house on a karaoke tape player. They would often purchase singles from the store and use the instrumentals on the B-Side to rap over. After D-Dirt graduated high school he moved to Little Rock to attend college at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. His first year there he mostly kept to himself but enrolled in some classes that would allow him access to the on campus studio. There he would spend countless hours after class and on the weekends. After D-Dirt built a catalog of tracks he decided to get into a real studio and record some songs with the other members of his group from back home. He drove 2hours to Eldorado to pick them up then 2 hours back to Little Rock for the recording session with anticipations of recording 3 songs during a session they had booked for 2 hours for $100. At the end of the 2 hours they walked away with one song. At that moment D-Dirt knew that it cost money to be a rapper. Yet this did not discourage him. He came from a long line of cheap people and hustlers. He knew how to cut corners and cut out the middle man. This is where D-Dirt received his "why pay someone and you can do it yourself" attitude." The next semester UALR's production studio upgraded and was able to record vocal audio instead of just beat production. D-Dirt would invite other students and friends to the studio during after hours and have freestlye sessions on top of beats D-Dirt had produced. These sessions would soon breed and develope the present day Tho'd Studio. Dolamike and D-Dirt was from a town in south Arkansas called Mt. Holly near Eldorado. They were already a rap group in high school before D-Dirt left moved to Little Rock for college. Other members C-Luv was from Eldorado also. Stee-Feezy from jonesboro in NorthEast AR, PoYo from Monticello in South East Arkansas and Los from Hope South West Arkansas. All colliding in Little Rock - central Arkansas. The official name Tho'd Studio Ent came from group member Stee-Feezy. One day he and D-Dirt were in the studio and Stee-Feezy said "we be in here everyday tho'd" (meaning under the influence/high or something one would think is neat). He wrote it on the white board and the name kind of just stuck. At that time there were other labels out and making alot of buzz that D-Dirt modeled the strutctue of Tho'd Studio after such as Swisha House, Screwed up Click, Wreck Shop and Belt Way8 all out of Houston, TX. This format or structure was an independent label with multiple artist dropping mixtapes on other people beats sometimes mixed in with other popular songs which D-Dirt and Dolamike would later began to do. D-Dirt's main goal behind this was to open the door for Arkansas artist because he knew without a solid foundation established they could not draw any national attention to the state. He need a way to program the streets to like local music without them even knowing it. Most people didnt know local artist existed anyway. This motive also inspired D-Dirt to pursue getting a radio show on KABF 88.3 FM in 2004. He partnered up with a fellow rapper from a Little Rock rap group called Suited n Booted named Hog Leg. Hog Leg had a degree from Grambling college in broadcasting. Together they were able to talk the station program director into giving them a show. They called it “Tha Real Underground Show” with D-Dirt E as the DJ and OG Hog Leg and Grand Markee (D-Dirt's comedic frat brother) as the host. The purpose of the show was to highlight local and underground music. TSE is back in the game with a leg up on the competition which is having is a solid fan base and more knowledge of the music industry. They have a complete understanding that its 90% business and 10% music but 100% grind.

Road Manger from Trill Ent &

Business Market Group Ent .IG

Facebook@ tamarcusmiller

( contact) 318-499-0600 for


Trill Ent. artists and club promoter


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Introducing Arkansas's multi-talented sensation, Roni Poet is a Hip Hop emcee, spoken word poet, visual artist, international radio host, owner of her own production and marketing company "Melanin Productions LLC", model, and theateractress. She also started her own school for "at risk" children in Pre-K-12th Grade called Ascension Arts Akademy. Having already released an album entitled "Where's the Love", which is a 16 track album. The album has 5 song tracks and 11 tracks of poetry. Her favorite song on the album is called "Tupac's Legacy" in which shestates having a dream of her and Tupac as her inspiration. She hasalso said that her music has a Lauryn Hill type of vibe. Along withher album she self-published a poetry memoir titled, To Be Read Aloud! Spoken Word Poetry to Inspire Statistics. Roni Poet graduated in December 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She's studied creative writing, studio art, and nonprofit professional studies. "But I've always had a passion for Hip Hop music and emceeing Roni describe herself as a mixture of influences like Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Eminem, Erykah Badu, Ol' Dirty Bastard, KRS-One, and Killah Priest. Hip Hop helped save my life....from the mouth of a crackbaby".

Book Description Precious: A young troubled teen who becomes tremendously infatuated with sex by secretly viewing her mother's sexcapades and triple x movies. After getting caught reenacting what she sees she runs away from home and seeks refuge in the streets of East Hammond, IN where she becomes vividly exposed to the rugged street life. Cuz: A focused hustler who's recently released from serving a 5 year sentence. Cuz places Precious under his wings but only if she agrees to earn her keep by any means necessary. On their rise to power they encounter Shree, LaToya, Sonya, and Neicey. All five women have the same agenda needed for their journey at hand and agree to live by Cuz's creed. "Never bite the hand that feeds you, unless that hand tries to slap the taste out of your mouth."

She is a new author to the game of books. Although she has been

writing all her life this is her first release. She is a very outgoing young

woman from Hammond, IN via Chicago, IL. She has a bachelor's

degree in accounting from Devry University and has a MBA in business

from Keller Graduate School of Management. She is a mother of a 14

year old son and 5 year old daughter. In her spare time she enjoys

reading, dancing, and any activity involving family and friends. Look

forward to Shaunta'e bringing more your way. This is just the

beginning Like her book pages for updates, contests, and snippets of

new books coming.

[email protected] and [email protected]_Bunnies

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Started from the bottom in a small town (New Iberia,LA) 45

minutes outside of New Orleans. Now on his come up,

Corey Besenero Grade A Musik Recording Artist has his

music turning up! He has build a strong fan base through

out the 3rd coast! Starting from a dedicated hustle with his

music & the streets, Corey B. Released an album TRAPPIN

OR RAPPIN IN JULY OF 2009 under his own imprint GRADE A

MUSIK but was incarcerated 1 month after the release of his

album TRAPPIN OR RAPPIN! Now back TRAPPIN his music

after a 48 month prison bid for drug possessions, Corey B.

buzz is bigger than ever since his September 2013 release

from prison. With his new single " Killem" turning up the

clubs, radio & the streets, Corey B. is set to release his

highly anticipated street album "iTRAP.COM" in February

2014! So keep your ears to the streets & look out for COREY



[email protected] BESENERO

[email protected]


[email protected]




BOOKING INFO: (337)207-7720 or


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College-Station Camron Born As Camberin Crumpton On August 1st,1988

In A Small Town In College Station,Arkansas His Influences Growing Up

Were N.W.A.,Tupac Shakur,Eightball&MJG, Scarface, Ugk, Snoop Dogg, &

Dr. Dre. He Started Rapping At The Age Of 13 Writing Raps & Hiddin

Freestyles In His Room At The Age Of 16 With His First Job Purchased His

Own Production Equipment & Started Producing Other Artists & Working

On His Own Materials. During The Ages Of 17 & 18 He Feel On Hard Times

Getting Into Gang Activities & getting Expelled From School. After A

Fallout Between Friends & Negative Feedback From One Of His Mixtapes

Camron Stopped Rapping & Producing All Together For 4 years Until Now.

His Highly Anticipated "4 year Vacation" A July 4th 2011 Release Tells

About His 4 Years Away From The Rap Game Dealing With His Life

Incarcerated & Dealing Drugs On The Streets. From 2011 To 2012 College-

Station Camron Has Accumulated Over 2500 Scanned Single Downloads.

His most recent mix-tape "Parental Advisory" Is Buzzing In The Streets &

he tells a story of his struggles to get out the hood to fame, this is a must

listen. CSC Has Said Repeatedly That hes Not Leaving The Rap Game Again

Until They Take Him In A Casket. With His Hard-core Lyrics & Old School

Style There's Nobody That Can Deny This Kid Anymore... "Elevation" Drops


Download Mix-tapes @

JebronMusic singer, creator & composer winner of

2013 GMA's #1 male R&B catg. A stand up man, lover

of Life knows how to have fun while doing so..

One that does not follow the

leader, but sets trends effortlessly, he does not limit

himself to the standard. With R&B as his foundation,

he built upon and mastered writing, composing, and

arranging various genres of music. This is noted in his

singles “I Got It” – Hip/Rock/Soul, Beautiful – Soul

R&B, and Celebrate Life – Pop Soul Fusion. He is

always looking for the newest innovative way to keep

evolving with life.

His single “Beautiful” has been featured on MTV,

BET, VH1 and in several independent films.

JeBron has collaborated on singing, songwriting, and

production with such artists as Wingo of Jagged

Edge, V.I.C, and B Angie B. JeBron has two standout

EP’s: “Key 2 Life” and “Time of My Life – Chapter 1”.

Online magazine, Soul Treasures describes

“Beautiful” as a “melodic yet emotional mid tempo


His most recent single “Celebrate Life” was written to

inspire and encourage everyone to look at the

positive no matter what is going on. JeBron says to

“Treat everyday like it is a “Friday or Saturday”.

Thanks in advance to all my fans and you can reach

me anytime at:

Kolli$ion Boize, a ground breaking Hip-Hop group based out of Riverdale, Georgia. They are garnering

momentum and plenty of notice with their gritty sound in and around Atlanta as well as in the Carolinas

and Florida, pushing the envelope mixing a touch of rock along with lyrical artistry into the rap game. This

ground breaking hip hop group infuses a combination of Dirty South Crunk from D’Strukt… with an added

dose of West Coast swag from Hollywood.

To put this notably impressive new group into perspective, Kolli$ion Boize consists of two very different

artists and styles. Get ready to go on a “Kollision Kourse” with some fresh faces in the game!

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Twitter: @state2state_ent


Instagram: bigmoney25

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If you are interested in being in our magazine please go

to for

more details.

Off 165 Bastrop , Louisiana Highway

$2 Tuesday’s & Turn Up Fridays