Shah Abbas

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Transcript of Shah Abbas

Bellringer, September 18, 2014

Shah Abbas

Todays Clear TargetsI can explain why Constantinople was conquered.I can show how Mehmed II the Conqueror transformed Constantinople into Istanbul.

Cultural BlendingWhat is it?Example?

Cultural Blendinga sharing of cultures to create a unique civilization

What causes culture blending?MigrationTradeConquest Religious Freedom or Conversion

Safavid Empire

Shah Abbas the GreatSafavid Ruler

Shah Abbas Abbas the Great (1571-1629)Blend of Persian, Ottoman, and Arab worldsGolden Age time of wealth 1588Saw several problems and found unique solutions.

ProblemSolutionSurrounded by aggressive Empires.No Religious Diversity Few Natural Resources to trade.Countries not trading with you.Inefficient government

Punished corruptionCreate new center of trade.Create good relationships with rich counties.Sign a peace treaty with enemies.Allow religious tolerance

Ottomans & SeljuksThe Safavid Empire was between two aggressive empires.Shah Abbas signed a truce with the Ottomans, and attacked the Seljuks together. Then he attacked his ally and forced them out.

Inefficient GovernmentThe father of Shah Abbas was a poor leader. Shah Abbas overthrow his father and took over.Shah Abbas inherited a chaotic country with many divisions.Those loyal to Shah Abbas were given rewards and corrupt officials were fired.

Few Natural ResourcesShah Abbas created good relationships with China and Europe.People from China & Europe brought their goods and ideas to the Safavids.

The City of IsfahanShah Abbas moved his capital to Isfahan.The city became the center of the international silk trade.

Changes under Shah Abbas Art Work:Abbas allowed hundreds of Chinese artists to create paintings, glass windows, pottery, that decorate the churches in Isfahan.

Changes under Shah AbbasCarpets:Countries wanted carpets made in the Safavid EmpireWith so many countries wanting carpets, this helped the Safavid Empire become friends with different countries.

Safavid Carpets

Safavid Empire Art

Abbas and culture blending

RecapWhat do you believe what Shah Abbass best solution?Draw a star next to this part of your notes.