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Sgraffito Sgraffito is the technique of incising down through a layer of applied contrasting slip or underglaze to the clay body below producing an outline drawing.

Glynnis Lessing

Kathy King

More Sgraffito Examples

Crystal Nolfo~Brown

Whats your design?To begin, you need a theme and inspirationNature or Industry, Rural or Urban, Abstract or Cultural Brainstorm ideas for all three. Do you want to make a statement, tell a story, make a cultural connection?Once you have an idea, start to look for visual imagery to use as referenceDO NOT copy a design exactly, be inspired but make it your own. Complete 6 thumbnails of different possible designs, then choose your best and do a full size final drawingRemember this must be a LINE drawing or designCraftsmanship is important and the key to success!!!

Task: Sgraffito TilePlan out and draw your final design at full size (no smaller than 4x4 and no bigger than 6x6).PREPARATION & PLANNING ARE ESSENTIAL.Roll out a tile to the size you planned using low fire clay at 3/8 thick, then coat with contrasting colored slip.Decide on your color plans What color slip or underglaze? Where you are going to apply the slip?Think about what will be White (the clay), what will be colored (the slip/underglaze). When drawing is complete, copy onto tracing paper.When tile/slip is dry to touch, transfer your design and begin scratching away areas as planned.

Ready to begin?Roll a slab. You must do this before you leave today!!!Work on your planning and design while clay dries you want it dry to the touchIf/when dry enough, apply the contrasting slip or underglaze colorWork on finalizing your design while the slip driesTransfer your design when slip is dry to touchBegin carving your design

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