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Transcript of SFM Lesson 1

  • 1. { Source Filmmaker Advanced Techniques Lesson 1 : Using the Graph Editor to Animate By Antonio Cribari

2. Obejctive: Learn the basics of the Graph Editor to animate models placed In the working space Requirements: A working Steam Client connected to the internet with Source Filmmaker Installed. You also should have read through Hectors Lessons on basic use of Source Filmmaker to understand this lesson. 3. Open Source Filmmaker and have a project started with a model you wish to Animate. For this example well use the included TF2 Scout Model Step 1 4. Click the Button in the timeline tab to open the graph editor. Select the Model in the Animation Set Editor tab. All of the movable bones should appear. Step 2 5. To animate in the graph editor, key frames are used. They determine motion over time. Place your play head at the beginning of the timeline and press M to make a new key frame. Key frames can be identified by the blue pointing triangle at the top of the timeline. Step 3 6. We want to create a new key frame, so click about 100 frames over and press M again to make a new key frame. Step 4 7. Ensure the second key frame is selected and move the model in a way you wish to see movement between two frames. Ill move his arm up a little to show how key frames are used to make motion. Step 5 8. On the Timeline tab, press the play button. The motion should simulate between the two key frames you developed. If you see motion between the two key frames, you have successfully completed this lesson. Step 6 9. You should now understand the simplicity yet power of the graph editor in SFM. There isnt much to it! The creativity from here is up to you. Just remember that key frames are used as markers in time for movement. The time between key frames is the time it takes for the motion to occur. Completed Your Mission Animate two models to do an action simultaneously Animate a human figure to wave at the camera Animate a camera to fly through a loaded map (uses same key frame method) Animate two human figures Hi-Fiving