Session 6 - Adventure and expedition cruising Dave Snow

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Transcript of Session 6 - Adventure and expedition cruising Dave Snow

  • 1. Adventure and Expedition Cruising... Whats Your Edge?The Small Ship Market

2. Our edge is the wonders of Newfoundland and Labrador . 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Our Challenges

  • the world economy,
  • limited supply of expedition ships
  • Arctic and Antarctic commitments send ships to Newfoundland/Labrador during our shoulder season
  • We are an old land but a new cruise product in many minds we still need to be marketing kudos to CINA and CANAL

9. Community expectations need to be realistic

  • will not solve unemployment
  • cruise lines will not pave your roads
  • some cruises to Newfoundland and Labrador are economy cruises
  • Expedition ships can bring several person days of work and days of strong sales in your shops

10. Our provincial edge is that we can deliver a wonderful vacation

  • Communities need to understand the military type timing and scheduling that sometimes goes hand in hand with the friendly cruiser approach most visits are too short and dont give the passengers the chance to visit all the shops
  • Need to accept that a visit makes the best advantage of the weather and time budget


  • Our Wildland edge is communications with our guides, coordinators, and vessels. With trained guides, and a realistic sense of expectations and timing, and the occasional helping hand from the weather this province delivers outstanding experiences.
  • Occasionally passengers return to tour on their own or even tour with us.Some select cruises with different ports.