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Transcript of Services - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Introduction What is SEO? Search engine optimization is...

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  • Contents

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Introduction .......... 3

    The Arca Solutions SEO Approach .......... 4

    Keyword Research and Analysis .......... 5

    Competitor Analysis .......... 5

    URL Canonicalization and 301 Redirects .......... 6

    Rankings and Reports .......... 7

    Pricing and Packages .......... 8

    Package Feature Outline .......... 8

    Package Task Outline .......... 10

    Common Questions .......... 11

    Next Steps ..........12

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Introduction

    What is SEO? Search engine optimization is a method of getting your website to rank higher in search engines – such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. An effective SEO campaign pairs on-site optimization with off-site tactics, which means that you update your site while building a port- folio of links back to your site from other websites to increase your rankings.

    Why do I need Search Engine Optimiza- tion? Numerous studies have shown that the average Internet user only tends to look through the first couple of pages of search results for a given keyword or phrase before they stop and enter an alternative word or phrase that they think will garner better search results. Therefore, in order to gain any substantial search traffic, it is crucial to make sure that your site appears within the first couple of pages of results for your targeted keywords and phrases in major search engines. Of course, the higher your site ranks in search results, the more likely you are to draw traffic and each step closer to the first result has an exponential benefit toward that end.

    Figure 2: Google Analytics

    Figure 1: Google Analytics


  • The Arca Solutions SEO Approach During the course of our SEO campaigns, Arca So- lutions employs many techniques to maximize your website’s exposure and visibility. Whether your SEO campaign is in the hands of Arca Solutions or another service provider, it’s important to know that your ven- dor implements honest and credible SEO tactics into your site. One tenet we pride ourselves on is the use of industry best practices such as avoiding “black- hat” techniques, which are deceptive tactics that try to “dupe” search engines into thinking your content is more relevant and credible that it is. Such techniques are frowned upon by search engines and can result in a negatively impact rankings, or even a complete ban on your site, if found out.

    By taking an honest approach to your site’s SEO, we ensure that you get the ranking you desire in the largest search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! with- out the threat of getting removed or demoted.

    Some of the techniques we make use of include:

    Website Auditing In order to understand how to achieve increased rank- ings, the current state of the website must be audited. Auditing your existing site provides our team with a concrete understanding of how we can overhaul and improve your website to achieve the maximum amount of optimization.

    The website audit evaluates several factors for optimiza- tion, including: the current meta tag and title structure, sitemaps, analytics, webmaster tools, an analysis of existing content and heading structures, URL structure and canonicalization, age of the website and domain, number of backlinks and quality, number of indexed pages, and the internal linking structure of the website.

    Figure 3: Google Analytics

    Figure 4: Google Analytics


    – SEO Services

  • Keyword Research and Analysis To generate the most search traffic to your website, it is essential to define a list of relevant keywords and phrases that your site should target. Once this list is defined, traffic is largely generated by the way these keywords are used and struc- tured within the site. Factors such as keyword density on individual pages can make a significant impact towards a site’s optimization, so it is important to find the balance in terms of placement of keywords to improve your ranking without keyword overkill where search engines may consider it less relevant. This is also referred to as “keyword stuffing.”

    Competitor Analysis When developing both your strategy and approach to SEO, it always helps to take a look at what your competitors are doing. Valuable information can be gathered from similar, competing sites in order to help target alternative or more niche-fo- cused keywords or phrases your competitors may be targeting.

    Sitemaps, Analytics, and Webmaster Tools Integration Google offers many useful tools for monitoring your site’s search traffic and per- formance, but perhaps none as useful for webmasters as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. These tracking tools are free to use and show detailed analyti- cal statistics regarding the exposure, usage, and other relevant trends and growth patterns for your site. Sitemaps provide search engines information about the layout of your website and help ensure the accuracy of search engines in correctly indexing your site. Our SEO program helps you understand what a sitemap is, how search engines use them and most importantly, how to create them yourself!

    Website Optimization To ensure the highest search rankings available, your website needs to be opti- mized to allow the search engines to correctly parse the information which you want to present to your audience. This can be done by ensuring that the structure of the site, in terms of the source code, is well-formed and correctly emphasizes key elements. The proper use of headings, titles, and other highlighting constructs provide the proper emphasis. Clean code which adheres to international stan-

    – SEO Services


  • dards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and compression wherever applicable will ensure that search engines can correctly parse your site.

    URL Canonicalization and 301 Redirects Search engines frown upon duplicate content where one or more pages in a web- site are available from multiple addresses or contain similar or duplicate blocks of content. In the dynamic environment of the modern web, this is often unavoidable for the sake of design, usability, or functionality. Canonicalization is the act of redi- recting all of the alternate URLs for a document to the preferred URL. This will also entail making natural or “friendly” URLs to maximize keyword exposure in the URL.

    Link Building Link building is an aggressive, ongoing campaign with the goal of getting as many links from other websites linking to your site as possible. Search engines are smart enough to realize that some links are more valuable than others so we focus on getting high-value links from authoritative sources ( sites that have a very good reputation for offering useful information or services) and many lower-value links, which can have a sizeable effect in aggregate, secondarily.

    Just a few of the methods we use to building links include:

    Directory Submission Submissions to the most popular directory sites such as DMOZ and Yahoo! Direc- tory offer easily attainable links from trusted sources.

    Social Bookmarking Submissions to the most popular social bookmarking sites and article submission boards such as Digg and Reddit can generate large quantities of traffic.

    Social Media Establishing a strong presence on major social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube helps generate interest and hype about your site, and consequently, back links and traffic.

    – SEO Services


  • Copy Writing and Article Creation There are many things that are done to increase web presence, but the bottom line is that the best way to get reliable results from search engines is to have relevant, unique, and useful content. This can come in the form of news articles, how-to guides, countdown lists, blog entries or any other format – but the key is to keep gen- erating new content which people will find useful and refer back to. We generate these types of articles and blog entries in a way that maximizes keyword place- ment while still offering relevant content to peak user’s interest.

    Rankings and Reports Track your progress with comprehensive statistics and analysis of several metrics related to your standings in traffic, search engine rankings, and more with monthly ranking reports.

    Figure 5: Raven Tools

    Figure 6: Raven Tools

    – SEO Services


  • Pricing and Packages


    Site Audit

    We will audit the website for inefficiencies, structural issues and keyword densities.

    Site Optimization*

    The markup structure in your site will be optimized including code optimization such as proper use of heading tags, title tags, alt attributes; file size optimiza- tion; filename optimization; W3C validation.

    Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Sitemaps

    Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics will be installed on your web- site to allow you to track site metrics. A Google Sitemap will be generated for your site and submitted to Google.

    URL Optimization*

    The URLs for your pages will be optimized to ensure search-engine friendly URLs as well as relevant keyword usage.

    Meta Tag Integration

    Relevant meta tags will