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Transcript of Service Desk Solut

    • Technology, People and Processes
  • Where is your organization currently?
    • Reactive / Passive
    • Loosely managed
    • Many unused call types, no consistency in call typing
    • Lack of documentation standards, lack of coaching
    • Agents have free rein in providing service
    • Lack of quality assurance
    • Lack of performance metrics
    • Some scripting for common call types
    • Informal/non-structured coaching
    • Lack of performance goals/metrics
    • Lack of stewardship over ticketing system
    • Actively managed
    • Performance goals and initial performance metrics
    • Quality assurance with minimal standardization / calibration
    • Robust and reliable performance metrics
    • Concise standards for staff
    • Standardized guidelines for call handling and typing
    • Performance is measured and managed closely
    • Formal quality methodology
    • Formal quality methodology used to drive performance with incremental/surgical gains
    • Visionary leadership/management which positions the operation for future needs and anticipates demand
    • Clear understanding of investments and prioritization of requests/needs for services
  • Approaching a Service Desk Project
  • Solutions Overview
  • Service Desk Implementation
      • Alignment to your strategic objectives and organizational processes; whether you want ITIL, TQM, Six Sigma or HDI best practices we can tailor the installation to your needs
      • Comprehensive project management our PMP-certified project managers adhere to PMI standards, we have an impressive record of delivering over 98% of our projects on-time and on-budget. We own the project, cradle-to-grave
  • Service Desk Implementation ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS PARTNER
      • As a Tier 1 enterprise solutions partner, Custom enjoys access to the vast resources of CA. As a local private company, we provide a responsiveness, flexibility and ownership mentality that is not the norm across our competitors
      • Deep bench strength allows us to engage resources with experience across a wide range of help desk and call center operations
      • 200 technical resources
      • Vast array of competencies and technology expertise
      • Project leads with experience managing service operations first-hand
      • 98% of projects delivered on-time and on-budget
      • 99% of projects delivered without change orders
  • Service Desk Analysis
    • Increase End-User Satisfaction
    • Increase Efficiency and Resolution Percentages
    • Increase Call Volume Capacity
    • Increase % of incident resolutions per reporting cycle
  • Service Desk Analysis
    • Value Proposition Custom will produce an independent and objective benchmark of current performance against industry standards. As an experienced and unbiased consultant, Custom can avoid the common pitfalls associated with conducting an assessment in-house; political and organizational alliances and dynamics, cultural myopia, organizational doctrine, over-commitment to sunk costs/technologies or processes. The Custom team will draw upon experience gained across a wide cross section of industries and service operations to produce a comprehensive portrait of current operations and develop a holistic plan and approach to achieve excellence in your service operation
      • Deliverables
        • Gap analysis detailing technology, process and personnel deficiencies
        • Recommendations tailored to your organization and industry
        • Strategic and tactical plans help you to define your vision and provide executable plans to attain specific time-bound goals
      • Benefits
        • Objective experts document detailed findings organizational/political dynamics do not taint the process
        • The end result provides a tool from which all ongoing and future efforts can be organized and prioritized
        • A full portrait of your operation is developed; strengths, weaknesses and opportunities are articulated and compared to industry standards
  • Service Desk Outsourcing Availability of Resources Technical Competence Variability of Costs Controlled Budgets and Rising Workload Increasing Complexity Need to Increase Client Satisfaction
    • Is it easy to hire qualified people?
    • How much do you spend to train and develop?
    • How long do you retain these resources?
    • Is your service desk keeping up with the evolution of IT in the enterprise?
    • How much do you spend yearly to train and develop technical skills?
    • Do you have enough skilled resources?
    • What percentage of your resolutions were proactive fixes as opposed to reactive?
    • Did you have to reprioritize to meet reactive demands?
    • 98% of service desks reported an increase in complexity; 71% reported an increase in ticket volume
    • 44% of those same service desks reported a decrease in operating budget
    • Has your organization implemented Vista or any of the 2007 Microsoft products?
    • Are there plans for the addition of other toolsets that will add complexity?
    • How happy are your users (have you completed a recent satisfaction survey)?
    • What steps could be taken to increase that satisfaction level?
  • Service Desk Outsourcing
    • The Solution
      • Located at your site, our professionals undergo extensive and ongoing training to ensure your customers receive the pinnacle of customer service. We provide guaranteed coverage by trained staff allowing you to focus on your core business and strategic objectives
    • The ROI
      • When you consider unscheduled absences, training and turnover, Customs solution (in most cases) represents a lower total cost of ownership when compared to staffing internally
    $ 109,840.27 $ 81,423.26