Serious Games May stewart/cs583/MicrosoftX...¢  Background ¢â‚¬¢...

download Serious Games May stewart/cs583/MicrosoftX...¢  Background ¢â‚¬¢ Serious Games: Games used for non- entertainment

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Transcript of Serious Games May stewart/cs583/MicrosoftX...¢  Background ¢â‚¬¢...

  • Serious Games: A Serious Market for

    Game Producers

    Dr. Christopher R. Harz May, 2009

  • Serious Games

    • Definition

    • Types of Games

    • How they get produced

    • Related Areas

    • Persistent Worlds

    • Animation for Presentations

    • Where to Learn More

  • Background

    • Serious Games: Games used for non- entertainment purposes

    • BUT must still be fun, motivating

    • Typical Applications

    • Education: Game Based Learning

    • Training for Government and Military

    • Industry Training (Fortune 2000 In-House)

    • Advanced Visualization (GIS, DHS)

  • Show Me The Money

    • Current Hot Areas

    • Military, esp. Army

    • Government (DARPA, NASA, DHS, DoI, etc.)

    • Medical

    • Medical Training (Doctors, Nurses)

    • First Responders (Emergency Care)

    • Industrial (Fortune 1000 Companies)

    • Niche Areas

    • Legal, Science, Politics, Religious

  • Examples of Military Games

    •America’s Army (

    •8 Million Players

    •$8MM Initial, $10MM/Yr.

    •Initially a PR Game

    •Now PR AND Training

    •Most Successful SG

    •Civilian Version (free)

    •Military Version

    •Up to SECRET Level

    •Training of Army Units

    •Used to evaluate new weapons and concepts

  • America’s Army (cont’d) • Funded by US Army (Manpower) • Created at Naval Postgraduate School • Based on Unreal Tournament Engine • Production Team: gamers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) • Used Rapid Prototyping Approach with Real Soldiers • Upgrades keep the learning fun and challenging

  • Other Military

    • Full Spectrum Warrior (Pandemic, Sony, ICT) • Army School and Commercial Versions

    • Avant Guard, for USAF, by Games That Work • Find Ambushes with UAVs

  • Other Military

    • 24Blue by BreakAway Games • US Navy Training Game

    • Starcraft, by Blizzard • COTS Game used by USAF to train Strategy

  • Other Military Games

    • Civil Support Team Trainer (for ANG) by Engineering and Computer Simulation, Inc.

    • Asymmetrical Warfare ($6M) by Forterra (was There) in Persistent World

  • Tactical Iraqui

    • Language/Culture Learning Game by USC ISI (

    • Funded by DARPA ($8M)

  • IC and DHS Games

    • By Visual Purple (

    • DIA Game for Decision Aiding

    • DHS Game for Responding to Crises

  • First Responder Games: Hazmat Hotzone

    • Developed by Carnegie Mellon, now Sim Ops Studios (

  • Hazmat (cont’d) • Initial LAN, eventual Online • Teaches Firefighters Operations in Hazardous Areas (Gas,

    Radiation, etc.)

  • Code3D

    • By SimOps Studios

    • First Responder Training

  • Airport Security Training

  • Medical Games

    • TruSim by Blitz

  • Medical Games (cont’d)

    • Pulse!!, by BreakAway Games of Hunt Valley, MD (

    • Based on Bethesda Army Hospital

  • Medical Games (cont’d)

    • Treatment of PTSD

    • Very high number of patients

    with severe combat related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    • Virtual Iraq, by Dr. A. Rizzo (USC, San Diego Naval


    • Treatment of children with


    • Free Dive, by BreakAway

    Games, for distraction during chemotherapy and other

    medical treatments

  • Games for Social Change

    • Food Force, by Deepend and Playerthree (

    • For United Nations, about hunger

  • Social Change: Pamoja Mtaani

    • Game for Kenya (HIV Rate: 5%)

    • Pamoja Mtaani (Together in the Hood, Swahili)

    • Virtual Heroes, Inc., Warner Bros.

    • Adopt one of 5 Identities, learn to beat HIV threats

  • K-12 and University Games

    • Wolfquest, for Biology Classes

    and Zoos

    • By EduWeb

    • PowerPolitics III, for History Classes

    • By Kellogg Creek Software (

  • Legal Games • Objection! and Expert Witness! • Transmedia Games ( • For attorneys to practice court cases • In wide usage; can get academic credits • Other Legal Apps: Forensic Animation for presentations to Juries in Court

  • Political Games

    • Take Back Illinois, for Republican Party

    • By Persuasive Games (

  • Political Games

    • Polar Palin

    • By Enterprise

    • Oiligarchy

    • Game about

    global warming

  • Religious Games • Interactive Parables, to teach Bible Stories • By GraceWorks Interactive ( • Sales in Christian Stores, via Internet

  • Industrial Training Games • Stone City, for in-house staff training of Stone Cold Creamery • By Persuasive Games (

  • Industrial Training (cont’d) • Anti-Fraud (Visual Purple) • DirecTV Customer Support

  • Business Games

    • Refresh Marketing, by Muzzy Lane

    • Open for Business, by SIMS2

    • Games range from entry level to executive decision making

  • Games for Health and Fitness

    • Dance Dance Revolution

    • By Konami ( or

  • Health and Fitness (cont’d)

    • DDR uses gamepad for interaction instead of keyboard or joystick

    • Others in this genre include meditation, yoga, dance & martial arts, aerobics, sports training

    • Wii very strong in this segment

    • PS3 uses EyeToy

  • Pervasive Worlds

    • Second Life, by Linden Lab (

    • >8M members

    • Build and Sell Models, Animations, Games

  • Second Life (cont’d)

    • Many job opportunities

    • Create & Sell Virtual 3D Objects

    • Clothing/Fashion, furniture

    • Avatar Customization

  • Second Life (cont’d)

    • Architecture/Buildings

    • Animations/Movements

    • Business Meetings

    • IBM holds global meetings here

  • Second Life (cont’d)

    • Stores (Some do $100K++/yr)

    • Commercial Promotions

    • Politics

    • Concerts, Book Signings

  • Second Life (cont’d)

    • Virtual Travel

    • Presentations

    • Gov. Warner (shown)

    • Virtual Classrooms

  • Advanced Visualization

    • Simulations and mini-games for exploration of complex data

    • Used for GIS, Oil Exploration, Medical Training, Science

  • Advanced Visualization (cont’d)

    • Animations in normal and stereo 3D

    • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is Booming Area

    • Used for Industry, First Responders, Public

  • Presentation Animation

    • Illustrations, Concept Art, and Advergames for Sales/Expos

    • For PowerPoint and other Presentations

    • No need to create from scratch--Can use & modify royalty-free libraries of models and animations such as Turbosquid ( or Flat Pyramid ( )

  • Example: Animated Sequence for Military Concept

  • Sample Objects to Buy/Sell

    • >100K Turbosquid objects

    • Use for presentations (royalty free)

  • Technical Challenges • Rapid Prototype Development

    • Requires Agile Software Development, new types of modular construction with early and cyclical user feedback

    • Userware for Local Groups • Enable local customization

    • Faster/Better Feedback from Learning Group/Users • It’s expensive for entire game team to visit users to learn what needs to be

    trained (e.g., go to FDNY to meet with firefighters) • How can this be speeded up? • Updating game: after product complete, form user group for ongoing interaction

    and updates

    • Optimized Mix of sensory input • All videogames are a compromise • What tradeoffs are feasible? • Expensive: visuals (high res, high # of models, fast updates) • Cheaper: Auditory (surround sound), haptic, selective resolution (high res visuals

    on some items such as helmets and faces, low res on terrain)

    • Short-Long Learning and ET • Try “chunking” instead of long linear process to learn the game • Embedded Training: Game exists within system to be learned (military vehicle,

    consumer electronics, etc.)

  • Tech Challenges (cont’d)

    • Mobile has huge potential (esp. iPhone) • Displays and controls

    • How do you make game immersive on mobile display?

    • How do you time-shift play for MMOGs, as mobile can often be interrupted?

    • Creative use of platforms • Camera as part of game

    • Music learning game using air on mic (flute)