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  • 1. Claudia PutNeder-Over-Heembeek20 juni 2013
  • 2. Serious Games,Serious BusinessJune 20th 2013Claudia Put, PhD
  • 3. BrandNewHealthB2B digital health coaching
  • 4. Company MissionScalable but tailoredTechnology! but lowthreshold
  • 5. - Short term or no motivation- Attitude change- Habit formation- Relapse controlPreventionCompany Mission
  • 6. Healthy lifestyleCompany Mission
  • 7. Healthy lifestyleCompany Mission
  • 8. - Measurable effects- ROI- Evidence basedB2BCompany Mission
  • 9. Smoking cessationEuropean Commission2,6 million unique visitorsAlmost 400.000 registrations>175.000 downloads37% stops! even when not motivated at startLess risk of relapse
  • 10. Weight reductionLargest health insurance organization in Belgium Over 100.000 registrationsControlled study:Less weightMore balanced eatingMore physical activityControl group: increase of weight and unhealthybehaviourMotivation not necessary to induce changeAwardBest health project 2010National food and healthconference
  • 11. The challenge of DHC:introduce gamification-increase user satisfaction, fun factor, instantrewarding-more & longer use of app-better change of health behaviour at largerscale