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The 3rd issue of the HSMSE Key Club newsletter in 2011

Transcript of September-October Newsletter

Official Newsletter of the HSMSE Key Club

Volume 1 Issue 2

Its My Park Day: Western John Muir Volunteer

Anik Golder

Ecofest Tina Lee


In this issue!


BBBS of NYC for the Kids2

Strut Your Mutt2

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.3

Its My Park Day: Western John Muir Volunteer.3


Alzheimers Walk5

Ushering atSky-Rink..5

Upcoming Events6

240 Convent Ave. NY, NY 10031, (212) 281-6490

Just recently we participated in an event called Ecofest. Our Key Club was given tasks that involved working at the front desk (registration), guiding guests, speakers, and other volunteers to their booth or section in the event, as well as help set up and clean the tents, chairs, etc. From solar powered flashlights to hybrid cars, this event served as a convention that provided more information on eco-friendly products. This year they held a performance on 'eco-friendly ice,' where skaters 'ice skated' on this plastic-like material. They also invited musical bands to come and perform songs that portrayed a natural essence. Amazing Ken returned, putting on an excellent magic show for the little ones, along with arts and craft and game booths where younger guests had the opportunity to participate in activities. Overall, Ecofest was a great experience for all ages and definitely a fun-filled event.


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is a walk Key Club volunteered in. The American Cancer society organized this event is to raise up money to help breast cancer patients, raise awareness, and ultimately save lives. Over 2 million people in America, both females and males have breast cancer so we want to support them in their fight and hopefully we can prevent it by finding cures to end breast cancer. Some members of the walk were survivors so we celebrate them in this event. Key Club took part of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer by cheering the walkers on along 102nd and 110th street in east Central Park. With upbeat, energetic cheers and high-fives, we motivated them to finish the 5 miles. Some helped giving water out and pick up trash.

Contact Information: phone, email, address, etc.


On Saturday, September 24th, a handful of HSMSE's Key-Clubbers took part in Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYCs 7th annual Race for the Kids, as part of Nickelodeons World Wilde Day of Play. The event was extremely large as well as successful. The various Key-Clubbers were assigned to different sections such as manning the water stand, or taking part in crowd control. Both of these positions took place after the race during the picnic section. After coming through the finish line, runners took part in an afternoon of fun and games accompanied by guest appearances and lots of activities for the entire family. There was a clown, a rock climbing wall, face painters, a stage with live performances and a DJ, a chalk wall filled with lots of wonderful art, basketball, and even more. After tending to their duties, some if the Key-Clubbers even got the chance to participate in these activities. At the end of the day, the race was a fun and exciting event that did not feel like volunteering at all. HSMSE was very glad to be able to attend, and will surely be signing up in future years.

Super Duper Ice Cream Scooper aka SDICS, is an in meeting project that our key club holds for its new members, Members create ice cream bowls in a competition to win their very own ice cream scooper.

Alzheimers Walk in Riverside Park

Andy Diaz

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

Tahrima Jalil

BBBS of NYC for the Kids

Janet Nelson

The event was about removing invasive species of plants and planting new ones. We planted native trees. The first thing we did to removing invasive plant is we took loppers and shovelsandgot rid ofraspberry vines, and with our bare hands we got rid of mug weed and some other plant whose name i forgot. After doing that we cleared tree branches and other scraps of plants and cleared the ground with a rake. Upon completing theclearing we planted tree and gave them our leftoverleaves that we threw to the side when clearing.

On October 22nd, five Key-Clubbers partook in a one of a kind volunteering opportunity at Chelsea Piers. The task was very basic, to usher at the Sky-Rink at Pier 61. Before the start of the show, Key-Clubbers had to help the audience to their seats. During the show, our job was to make sure that no one was walking in between the isles, but instead waited for the period between the end of a number and the start of a new one to move around. This way, the audience members could enjoy their show without any disturbance. At the end of the show, Key-Clubbers waited for everyone to leave and made sure that it happened in a quick and orderly fashion. The best part about this particular volunteer event was that all of the ushers had the opportunity to watch the ice show for free, and it was certainly a great show.

Ushering at Sky-Rink, Pier 61

Janet Nelson

Super Duper Ice Cream Scooper

Strut Your Mutt

Sincere Liang

On September 25, 2011, Strut your Mutt was at Pier 84. Strut your Mutt is a walk and charity that focuses on giving homes to homeless pets. It was like a festival celebrating dogs. Many companies gave out free treats and food to the mutts. Many rescue organization were walking such as Yorkie 911. The walk started at around 9:00 am and consisted of walkers and their dogs. The walk was from pier 84 at 42nd street and went to 23rd street and then back around making a total of about two miles.

Key clubbers in this event were assigned individually to a station. A vast majority were found in the Cosi Breakfast tent. Members here distributed free food that included things from croissant to bagels, to other volunteers, walkers and staff members. Other members were found in water distribution and registration. The walk itself was a success bringing in the largest amount of support in its running. After the walk, members cleaned up their assigned areas. The event lasted about five and a half hours.


President:Tina Lee

Vice President:Sara Louie

Treasurer: Julie Zhou

Secretary:Jessica Chang

Webmaster:Barry Lee

K-Family Relations:Steven Eng

Project coordinators:Dagny Miller and Janet Nelson

Editor:Jeff Lee

Upcoming October Events

Hemophilia Party

Sturt Your Mutt

Sincere Liang