September October 2010

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Transcript of September October 2010

September / October 2010 Cheshvan 5771

Tishrei /

Building Torat Yisraels Future

Heres a picture thats worth a thousand words! As we embark on the New Year of 5771, we look forward to constructing the newly redesigned Torat Yisrael synagogue building in East Greenwich. Those of you who remember the previous drawings of our new building will notice major changes in the design. The roof structure was redesigned to create a more efficient, simpler construction. The interior of the building remains unchanged and includes a school wing designed with the latest principles of educational setting configuration, an efficient administrative wing, gracious and inspiring public use spaces in the social hall, sanctuary, chapel and library. The lobby of our new building will be a focus of activity providing informal meeting space, a TY caf with fresh coffee and tea, a donation and recycling center and more.

Greetings from Susan SmollerShalom Fellow Congregants, What a terrific summer we have experienced! The hot days, the rainy days and all those in between allowed us all to spend time with friends and family. We are a short way from Rosh Hashanah and at this time I will thank those who work tirelessly to support and help lead our congregation throughout the year. I take this opportunity and will not be repeating these thanks in my Kol Nidre speech. We have great rabbinical leadership in Rabbi Levin, who is entering her seventh year with us and has shown her devotion and caring, has taught us individually and collectively over the years and is committed to the future of our congregation within this community. We are delighted to enjoy services led by our very own Hazzan Devin Goldenberg, our Cantor.


Hazzan Goldenberg brings much experience, a beautiful melodious voice and a scholarly approach to our services. He has demonstrated his inspiring chants and been able to include us in his harmonious leadership from the pulpit and in the classroom. This year we will be honored to hear Hazzan Goldenberg lead us in some new melodies that he has composed for these holidays. I cannot wait! We enjoy the school leadership of Ronni Guttin, our education director and under her guidance our children thrive at the religious school and are taught by exceptional teachers. Our librarian, Laura Steele, ensures we have interesting and educational materials and that our students have appropriate literature. We enjoy her monthly book reviews and thank her for her creativity. I thank Nicole Jellinek for her commitment as our social worker. Many of us have used the resources she provides and been able to receive aid from her and guidance on life matters. I thank Nicole publicly for her years of dedication. We are extremely fortunate and blessed to have Harold Labush as our Torah Reader. Harolds weekly Torah readings are accurate and beautiful and allow us all to share in hearing the words of the Torah from an experienced and educated Torah Reader. Yasher Koach. We are pleased to have Evelyn Nussenfeld, Stephanie Reinsant and Sheryl Ponder working in the Temple office. They make the conduct of synagogue business pleasant and efficient and go out of their way to help us all. The facilities are well maintained by Paul Pouler. A big Todah Rabah to all! Thank you to Anita Olinsky, for the long hours she donates to assist in the office and to support Torat Yisrael activities. The members of our Board of Trustees work hard and diligently to ensure the spiritual and financial future of our congregation. Thanks to all, especially the Vice Presidents and committee chairs who also donate much to keeping us active and involved. I thank the Sisterhood for undertaking to cook and prepare for the congregational Break the Fast after the conclusion Yom Kippur services. I want

to thank the generous sponsors of the Break the Fast and encourage you to support the Break the Fast or sponsor an event or Shabbat at Torat Yisrael. Members will find a form on the Members Page of the Torat Yisrael website on which you can designate the event you would like to sponsor. Andy Sholes has led us as Chair of the Building Committee and the site clearance is materially complete. We are finalizing the building design with the architects and hope to put the construction to bid within the next few months. This is a momentous step ahead and one that had been a dream that is finally materializing. Thanks to the entire building committee! Our capital campaign committee, led by Marc Davis has been working hard to schedule appointments to sit and to discuss opportunities for us to invest in the future of Torat Yisrael and to raise the money needed to make this entire project a reality. We are now asking you, if you have already made a pledge, to begin paying the pledge to allow us flexibility in completing the construction. We continue to make this a building that will belong to all of us and I ask you to be generous and understand the momentous investment we are all making in Judaism, in Rhode Island and in our congregation. This is an opportune time to thank Barry Golden for his many years as Vice President of Finance. Barry prepares regular financial statements, leads the investment committee and is constantly saving money and realizing new opportunities to stay within our budget. Thank you Barry. The dedicated volunteers do all their work with the support of their families and I now want to thank the supporting members of the congregation too. I thank my husband David and my daughter Michelle for their generosity in allowing me to spend the time leading our congregation. I look forward to seeing everyone at shul in the coming weeks and I wish all a Shana Tova! Please contact me at any time with any comments or questions. BShalom, Susan

Shanah Tovah from Rabbi Amy LevinThis summer, I began my seventh year as your rabbi. In Judaism, 7 is a meaning-packed number. The seventh day is the day God rested from the work of creation. Seven is the interval of the Sabbatical Year in the Torah when the Land rested from agricultural production. We wrap the tefillin strap around our arm seven times in preparation for morning prayer. There is much to do here at Torat Yisrael, and I dont think we are at the point of stopping and resting in our seventh year together. But this might be a good time to stop and look back at our communal life


together these seven years: weve laughed with comedians at Galkin programs, been elevated by musicians at our concerts, weve cried together as weve buried people close to us . . . indeed, you were infinitely loving and supportive of me when my father passed away three years ago. Weve kvelled at dozens of bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, confirmations, graduations, and baby-namings. Weve embarked on a period of transition, discussing our hopes, our concerns, our vision. Weve hugged. Weve shared, and gotten beyond, hard feelings. God willing, well keep doing all these things as we share the year 5771 together . . . I pray it will be a year of good health, peace of mind, inspiration and engagement in Judaism for all of us.

Kesher Corner: Nicole Jellinek, LICSWNicole is Torat Yisraels social worker funded by the Kesher Program, a joint project of the Jewish Federation of Rhode Island, the Bernhardt Foundation, Jewish Family Service, and the synagogue. She can be reached at (401)338-8301 or [email protected]

Under the Day

To come back like autumn to the moss on the stones after many seasons to recur as a face backlit on the surface of a dark pool one day after the year has turned from the summer it saw while the first yellow leaves stare from their forgetting and the branches grow spareThe fall has crept back up on us! By the time you are reading this, children are back in school and Rosh Hashanah is literally around the corner. The fall is a time of transition, of new beginnings, of change. My most significant change is that I will be leaving Temple Torat Yisrael as the Kesher social worker. I have been with you for two years and have been deeply touched by the experience; though I havent met all of you, I have met and spoken with many. I have been privileged to share your lives, your struggles and your sorrows. I will stay on at JFS in Providence as the staff administrator for the Kesher program, so will remain in the loop. I leave you in good and trusted hands! Andrea Epstein

is to waken backward down through the still water knowing without touching all that was ever there and has been forgotten and recognize without name or understanding without believing or holding or direction in the way that we see at each moment the air (from The Pupil by W.S. Merwin; Knopf, 2001)LICSW will begin as the new Kesher social worker in late August. Andrea has a background in both clinical and community based services and is excited to be joining the Torat Yisrael community. She is expanding her role as clinician in the Providence JFS Counseling Center to join the Kesher program. She will be looking to meet with congregants as an introduction to the TY community, as she takes over planning for relevant workshops and programs. Please be in touch if you would like to meet with her, to say hello and welcome her to the community, or with any questions or concerns. Andrea can be reached at [email protected] or at 331-1244.

The Cohen School NewsDear Cohen School Families: The school year is about to begin and I am very excited about beginning our second year in East Greenwich at The Village Lower School. Each year, around this time, I think about how appropriate it is that we celebrate the Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year in September. September is a time for new beginningschildren and adults start new school years, at Synagogues around the world, families worship together after the summer filled with vacations, camp, and visiting relatives, the Torah is complet