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    September 2016

    Peace Lutheran


    A congregation of Lutheran

    Congregations in Mission for Christ 203 N. Jackrabbit Lane

    Belgrade, MT 59714 406-388-1358

    The Words Inside

    Current Events 1 RightNow Media 2 Pastor Jeff 3 Pastor Bob 4 Sept. Ministry Teams 5 Calendar 6 Thank You’s 7 Anniversaries Oct. Ministry Teams Birthdays Blessings of Peace 8 Help Wanted Youth News 9 Upcoming Events 10 Altar Guild 11 Council Minutes Finance Reports 12 Scripture Readings 13

    ______________________ Pastor Bob Coughlin [email protected] Pastor Jeff Redlin [email protected] Mike Hansen Council President Karlene Swenson Church Office [email protected]


    September marks the beginning of our 2016-17 Sunday School program.

    We are offering some great opportunities for children and adults. Thanks to

    the dedicated teachers and helpers who have committed to invest in the

    Christian education of our congregation. All classes will begin at 10:30.


    after worship. This is a chance for teachers to meet and get ready for the coming year

    of Sunday School. This meeting will take place in the Youth Room.


    Classes will be organized ~ Pre-K and Kindergarten; 1-3 grades; 4-6 grades.

    The curriculum for these classes the “Sunday Schoolhouse” from Sola Publishing.

    Each class will meet in the sanctuary at 10:30 for Music before classes begin in their

    assigned Sunday School rooms.


    Study and to discuss relevant topics in the youth room each Sunday at 10:30.

    ADULT FORUM will begin September 18 in the Fellowship Hall following

    coffee & fellowship. We begin with a 7 session Bible study on Lutheran Themes called

    “We Still Believe!” The curriculum is also from Sola Publishing.


    GRADE FIRST COMMUNION CLASSES These 4 week classes are on Tuesdays at 3:45pm beginning on October 11. If you have

    a candidate for Communion instruction (even if they are not in third grade), please

    notify the church office.

    PEACEMAKERS Peacemakers begins on Thursday, September 22 after school in the Fellowship Hall

    for 4th-7

    th graders. Snacks are at 3:45pm, followed by Bible lesson time and then game

    time. Parents and guardians are to pick up their children at 5pm. This ministry is for

    PLC members and non-members alike as a community outreach.[email protected]mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]

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    1st -3


    Faith Inkubators, our confirmation program will begin Sunday, September 18th with ice cream at 6:00 p.m. Kids in 8th

    through 12th grade are invited to join us as we kick off a new season of learning and fun! Parents of confirmation

    students are invited to this first meeting for an introduction of this year’s program.


    Crossways begins Tuesday, September 20 at 1:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. We are continuing the

    CROSSWAYS Bible Study. This study gives a broad overview of the Bible's story-line and we will be

    continuing with Units 58-60 covering Hebrews and Revelation. Come join us!

    BIBLE BOOK GET TOGETHER will begin in mid to late September at a date TBD. See page 10 for

    further information.

    Our church’s library is now digital and gigantic! Over 14,000 videos for kids,

    youth and adults on topics that will educate, entertain, and help you grow. You

    can instantly stream videos to your computer, phone and tablet of over 150

    leading Christian publishers and ministries. For a limited time members of PLC

    will be able to explore this valuable resource and discover ways it can serve

    you, your family and the whole church. Join for free: (1) Receive your invitation

    email to register for Rightnow Media. Please let us know if it hasn’t shown up

    yet. (2) Click the Get Started button in the email. (3) Create your profile. Then


    We want to know if this is a resource church members will use. Our trial period

    is until October 21, so please register and check out the site:

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    Dear Family at PLC “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that

    through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have

    hope.” Rom. 15:4 (Italics mine)

    Where did the summer go? It’s a question many of us ask ourselves this time of year. In a few weeks most

    backcountry campgrounds will close for the season and before you know it snow will once again be a

    prominent feature on the peaks surrounding our beautiful valley. Leaves are already turning color in the high

    country and the water temperature of our rivers will soon cool down. It’s a good thing for it’s been a hot


    Fall is beyond a doubt my favorite time of year. If you’re a sports fan (are you ready for some football?)

    there’s plenty to keep you entertained; if you’re a hunter now is when you put some legs to your planning; if

    you’re a fisherman the fish are on the bite again; if you’re a hiker the forest service trials are still open, and if

    you’re a student or teacher, school is back in session. In short, there is a LOT going on!

    But with that, perhaps as you read the list of Christian Education opportunities listed at the beginning of this

    newsletter you thought, “Man, there is a LOT going on at my church too!” But even better, perhaps you

    thought, “I (and my family) need to participate in this!” For my part, I hope you thought both of them! At

    PLC we are once again blessed with a stellar group of dedicated Sunday School teachers, Youth leaders, and

    Bible study leaders. And we have engaging and edifying Christian materials that they will teach from.

    General Robert E. Lee said “The education of a man is never completed until he dies.” To that I would add

    that the same should be said of Christian education. It is true that in the life of a congregation, worship,

    fellowship and service are held as of great importance. But can the same be said for teaching and for

    learning? Mary of Bethany indeed had the “better part” as Jesus termed it when she sat at Jesus feet as he


    This fall let all of us in the Peace Lutheran Church family dedicate or re-dedicate ourselves to “the better

    part”- to learning more about our God of love, grace and mercy. In so doing we learn more about ourselves,

    too! As individuals and as families let us participate in the many Christian Education classes listed in this

    newsletter and also in special classes or seminars that may occur during the Sunday School year.

    If you are a parent, encourage your children to regularly come to Sunday School classes, Peacemakers,

    Confirmation, and Youth group and be persistent about it when you need to be! For all adults, if you haven’t

    been attending the Adult Forum class held during the Sunday School hour I encourage you to do so. The

    fellowship is awesome, the lessons are edifying and we always strive to have plenty of time for discussion

    and questions. If your schedule permits you to come, the same can be said of the Crossways study group also.

    Let us grow in the Lord together!

    Love in Christ,

    Pastor Jeff

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    Dear Peace Family,

    Early in August, I was privileged to take a group of High School Students on an Urban Mission Trip to

    Denver, CO. The kids did a very fine job presenting the trip during and after Sunday Worship when they

    returned. I thought I would use my monthly letter to give you my take.

    What impressed me from the very beginning was that the students expressed their desire to do another

    summer mission and took responsibility to research their options. We partnered with the Center for Student

    Missions, a ministry that coordinates mission opportunities in cities across the United States. I think the kids

    were aware that an “urban mission” would stretch them. They weren’t disappointed.

    From the first evening, when we were taken on a prayer tour of the city, we started to become more aware of

    the needs and problems of a large urban area (with a population larger than our state!). After a great meal of

    Indian tacos, we ended the night with a beautiful evening view of the entire city. We talked about the culture

    of the city and how we might relate to it, discussed our expectations and fears, and prayed together. It was a

    good start to our week!

    Each day we engaged in at least two different ministries that work in the city year ‘round. We harvested

    beans and picked weeds at the Denver Urban Gardens, loaded school supplies in backpacks for kids, met and

    shared meals with some of the area’s homeless people, day laborers, and low-income elderly; and served

    meals to folks living in motels, on the street, and with rescue missions. Our week concluded with helping

    with a kid’s activity program put on by ‘Hope for Our City’ a ministry to children of refugee families.

    This trip gave us moments of ‘hands-on’ experience as well as educational. Our host from CSM made sure

    that we had understanding of, and empathy for the people we were among, the needs they have, and the

    nature of the ministry organization with which we partnered.

    Each morning we started the day by making breakfast, bagging up our lunches and spending some time in

    passages of Scripture that related to our experience. We discussed spiritual gifts, gifts of the Spirit and

    overcoming fear with faith. We were all pushed out of our “comfort zones” and relied on Biblical truth and

    prayer. Each evening we gathered to debrief the day and spent time praying together.

    The youth and I felt supported by our family at PLC. The van made the long trip much more comfortable.

    Thank you for investing in our young people. They made us all proud!!

    Special thanks to Val Ross, who did most of the ‘set-up’ for the trip, and Jaimie Lee, who accompanied us as

    an adult chaperone. This was a team effort.


    Pr. Bob

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    September 4th

    Sunday after Pentecost

    Country Gospel

    Pr. Jeff Redlin


    Lorrie Hansen


    Sam Monson


    Bruce & Virginia Sorensen

    Lorrie Hansen

    Karlene Swenson

    September 11th


    Sunday after Pentecost

    Evangelical Lutheran Worship


    Pr. Bob Coughlin


    Jinx Sorensen



    Lavern Brusven

    Larry & Diane Oddy

    September 18th


    Sunday after Pentecost

    Rhythm & Blues

    Pr. Jeff Redlin


    Jackie Currey


    Sam Monson


    Paul & Gayle Clifford

    Karlene Swenson

    September 25th


    Sunday after Pentecost

    Evangelical Lutheran Worship

    Pr. Bob Coughlin


    Nancy Murdoch



    Mike & Lorrie Hansen

    Council for September

    Mike Hansen

    Bruce Sorensen

    Jerry Swenson

    Altar Guild for September

    Marilyn Megaard

    Misty Redlin

    Audrey Vitarius

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    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

    1 7:00 p.m. Mission & Outreach Committee

    2 Pr. Jeff’s day off

    3 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 7th Day Adventist

    4 16th Sunday after Pentecost 9:00 a.m. Worship – Country Gospel 10:00 a.m. Coffee and Fellowship Pr. Bob preaching at Soldier’s Chapel in Big Sky


    Church Office Closed

    7:00 p.m. Boy Scouts

    6 7:00 p.m. Worship Committee Meeting 7:00 p.m. 7th Day Prayer

    7 6:30 a.m. Men’s Breakfast 10:00 a.m. Staff Meeting Peace Re-Piecers Ladybug Preschool Orientation

    8 7:00 p.m. Council

    9 Pr. Jeff’s day off


    9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 7th Day Adventist


    11 17th Sunday after Pentecost 9:00 a.m. Worship – Evangelical Lutheran Worship #0 10:00 a.m. Coffee and Fellowship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School Teacher Orientation

    12 Pr. Bob’s day off

    Ladybug Preschool Begins 7:00 p.m. Boy Scouts

    13 4:00 p.m. Worship Committee Mtg. 7:00 p.m. 7th Day Prayer

    14 6:30 a.m. Men’s Breakfast 10:00 a.m. Staff Meeting Peace Re-Piecers


    16 Pr. Jeff’s day off

    17 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    7th Day Adventist

    18 18th Sunday after Pentecost 9:00 a.m. Worship – Rhythm & Blues 10:30 a.m. Coffee & Fellowship 10:30 a.m. First Day of Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Parent Meeting 10:30 a.m. Adult Forum Begins 6:00 p.m. Confirmation

    19 Pr. Bob’s day off 7:00 p.m. Boy Scouts


    20 1:30 p.m. Crossways Bible Study Begins 7:00 p.m. 7th Day Prayer

    21 6:30 a.m. Men’s Breakfast 10:00 a.m. Staff Meeting Peace Re-Piecers

    12Noon – WGAMA Meeting

    22 3:45 p.m. Peacemakers Begins

    23 Pr. Jeff’s day off

    24 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    7th Day Adventist

    25 19th Sunday after Pentecost 9:00 a.m. Worship–Evangelical Lutheran Worship #3 10:00 a.m. Coffee and Fellowship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Adult Forum 4:30 p.m. Community Café

    26 Pr. Bob’s day off

    7:00 p.m. Boy Scouts

    27 1:30 p.m. Crossways 7:00 p.m 7th Day Prayer

    28 6:30 a.m. Men’s Breakfast 10:00 a.m. Staff Meeting Peace Re-Piecers


    3:45 p.m. Peacemakers

    30 Pr. Jeff’s day off

  • 7

    If you would like to show your thanks for

    something in the next newsletter, please

    fill out an “I give thanks to” sheet and

    place it in the Give Thanks boxes that are

    located on the counter in the back of the

    Sanctuary and on a table in the Fellowship Hall.

    Birthdays for September If your birthday is not listed or has the wrong date, please contact the church office so that it can be corrected on the church records: [email protected]

    1 Bradley Smith 2 Tara Lanzendorf

    Jim Moss, Jr. 7 Phyllis Lewis 9 Doug Johnson

    Kelly Swanson (Smith) 10 Claire Grassel

    Joni Sando 11 Katie Geiger

    Steven Smith 12 Derek Swenson 13 Deborah Finkbeiner

    Dylan Swenson 14 Karen Akukwe (Moss) 15 Nathan Hickey 16 Carl Grassel 18 Patricia Bilbrey

    Carol White 19 Karl Swenson

    Taylin Taylor Glyn Ross

    25 Dawn Pipinich 26 Gary Porter 28 Andrew Bolich 29 Dawson Marks

    Paul Flanagan 30 Trisha Severson

    Thanks so much to Heather Geiger for the beautiful and inspirational banners she makes for the Narthex

    Bulletin Board.

    Thank you to all who donated school supplies for our school kits.

    Thank you to the quilters for cleaning the kitchen in the Fellowship Hall.

    Thank you to the congregation for supporting our Youth Mission Trip.

    Thanks to Pr. Coughlin, Dianne Coughlin, Jinx Sorensen, Lorrie Hansen and all who helped sort

    through the library books and for reorganizing our

    reading materials!

    October Ministry Team

    In September, a council member will be

    calling the following

    October Ministry Team Members:

    Vern & Carol Albertson

    Art & Trish Baker

    Ben & Roberta Cestnik

    Glenda Cusker

    Alicia Gilman

    Fred & Kari Haas

    Eric & Connie Holton

    Wayne & Lynn Johnson

    Mike & Christine Koosman

    Dave & Lori Lanzendorf

    Josh & Corie Love

    Ashby & Linda Miller

    Jim Moss

    Lewis & Diana Murphy

    Troy & Megan Paulson

    Nick & Dawn Pipinich

    Mark & Nancy Roadarmel

    Glyn & Val Ross

    Trish Severson

    Steve & Tiina Smith

    Brandon & Deanna Thurston

    Audrey Vitarius

    Bob & Carol White

    September Anniversaries If your anniversary is not listed or has the wrong date, please contact the church office so that it can be corrected on the church records: [email protected]

    9 Jeff & Kris Bell

    20 Michael & Michelle Clark

    Eric & Connie Holton

    21 Harvey & Laura Carter

    23 Ben & Roberta Cestnik

    28 Mark & Nancy Roadarmel

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • 8


    Every Sunday our worship service is recorded

    and streamed on the internet. We need helpers

    who will run the camera, computer and sound.

    Training will be provided. Notify the church

    office if you are interested.

    THE BLESSINGS OF PEACE It’s amazing to me that all I have to do

    is be present and open in my heart to

    experience the love that God has for us.

    Blessings are all around us. When we’re

    working side by side with other people, a

    bond inevitably forms. This was part of

    God’s plan for how the church is supposed

    to work. That’s why Hebrews 10: 24-25

    instructs us to “spur one another on toward

    love and good deeds, not giving up meeting

    together…. But encouraging one another.”

    We at Peace are so very blessed to have

    Pr. Bob and Pr. Jeff. This past week was a

    very busy one for our Church. Pr. Bob

    went with the Youth on a Mission trip to

    Denver and Pr. Jeff worked hard at home

    getting the outdoor worship service ready.

    Pr. Bob and Pr. Jeff work hard to attend to

    every need of our Church family. I knew

    some of the obvious things that these

    Pastors do, but those are just the tip of the

    iceberg. Let me just name a few things

    that I know about: home visitation;

    hospital visits; Bible study; Peacemakers;

    committee meetings; Ladybug activities;

    Council meetings; weekly sermons;

    Confirmation; New member orientation;

    Adult forum; Men’s breakfast; Ministerial

    Association; Northwest Council;

    Newsletter, counseling; weddings,

    marriage counseling; Youth activities;

    Baptisms, Vacation Bible school.

    Our Pastors are “hands on” folks.

    What a blessing to have two Pastors

    encouraging us and spurring us on toward

    love and good deeds. Our Pr. Bob and Pr.

    Jeff are very busy serving God and leading

    each of us to a closer relationship with


    Matthew 16:24 says; Then Jesus said to his

    disciples, “If any of you want to come with

    me you must forget yourself, carry your

    cross, and follow me.”

    Jackie Currey

    Acolytes are needed for the

    upcoming Sunday School

    year. Parents, grandparents or

    guardians if you have students

    in 3rd-7th grade please contact

    Kris Bell for scheduling. We are

    in great need of more acolytes

    to sign up for Sunday morning

    worship services.

    Kris can be reached via email

    at: [email protected] or by

    cellphone (406) 581-9560.

    Thank you for your help in

    ensuring that this great ministry

    for the young people of our

    congregation can continue!

    mailto:[email protected]

  • 9

    Denver 2016

    Happy Composters!

    Serving Lunch with Capitol Hill Community Services

    On August 6th -13th, six Senior High Youth and two adults went on a Mission Trip to Denver, CO. The

    youth were Abigail Ross, Shelby Lee, Matthew Mitchell, Dylan Bell, Nathan Ross and Ashton Olson.

    Pastor Bob and Jaime Lee were the Adult Leaders. The kids were involved with several ministries

    throughout the city of Denver. They learned a lot about the city, its problems and what God’s people are

    doing to overcome them.

    Serving Lunch to Over 400 people at the

    Denver Rescue Mission

    Youth News!

    On August 6-13, five Senior High Youth and one Adult went on a Mission Trip to Denver, CO. The youth were Abigail Ross, Shelby Lee, Matthew Mitchell, Stuart Murray, Ashton Olson and Nathan Ross. Pastor Bob was the Adult Leader. The trip included service projects at area homes and leading an afternoon Kids Club at a local church. Other group activities and worship were held at the mission base in Lander, Wyoming. Everyone who attended was blessed by the experience and are looking forward to another mission trip next summer!

  • 10

    Thursday Night Bible Book Club

    As September approaching it is time to start the Thursday night book club.

    Several members have been discussing book options and I think we are looking at

    Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur. We meet every Thursday night

    (7PM) at the church and will move to the youth room or someone's home on the

    night of church council.

    The starting date has not been decided so please look for updates in the

    bulletin. We welcome all and hope for another good year of spiritual growth and

    fellowship. Any questions...Diane Oddy 282-7986.

    Howdy Cafe friends, Community Cafe provides hearty, family-friendly meals 6 days a week from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. all year! Currently over 17 different community groups & churches along with many individual volunteers help staff the Café each night. PLC has a pool of volunteers to serve meals on the 4th Sunday of every month. Our next Sunday of service is Sunday, September 25. Please let Karlene know in the Church Office if you want to be added to the list of volunteers. We couldn’t do it without your help!

    It’s Almost Blood Drive Time!

    Mark your

    calendars…….October 6

    Please consider donating a much

    needed pint of blood.

    Watch for further information

    Ladybug Preschool will kick off the

    2016-17 year with orientation on

    Septmember 7th and 8th followed by

    the first days of school on

    September 12th and 13th.

  • 11

    The Altar Guild….who are we and what to do we, anyway? Well, we are a group who perform

    many behind the scenes duties. You could call us the “Prop and Set committee” or maybe even

    “the Roadies”, who work backstage to prepare for the important sacraments of communion and

    baptisms. We prepare the altar with paraments to reflect the Church Season and adorn it with

    flowers (quite often from our members’ gardens). Basically, we ensure that everything on the altar

    is ready for worship (i.e. candles, communion service, offering plates and special offering cups).

    We prepare and clean up communion service and are involved in arranging for acolytes and preparing them for service.

    We also prepare for baptisms and contribute items to be included in the Faith Chests that are presented to the family.

    We handle the Cradle Roll for newly baptized babies under 3 years old to offer communication with the child and parents every six months for three years.

    We decorate the altar with flowers at Easter from orders we get from members of the congregation. We also plant red geraniums in front of church for the season of Pentecost. We provide corsages for the

    confirmands on Confirmation Sunday.

    Currently, we are group of women; however, we do not discriminate. There is no special talent or gender

    required. The sole requirement is the desire to serve in a quiet, gentle way. Quite often, it seems the only time

    a member of the congregation might become aware of what we do is IF it didn’t get done! And that suits us just

    fine. So….if you have a desire to give and be of service in a capacity that doesn’t require being in front of

    people or knowing how to play an instrument, give thought to joining us….the more, the merrier and the lighter

    the work. If you have any questions, see Heather Geiger, Audrey Vitarius or Carol White.

    Peace Lutheran Church

    Council Minutes

    July 7, 2016

    The meeting was called to order by President Mike Hansen at 7:09 p.m. Members present: Mike Hansen,

    Bruce Sorensen, John Gillis, Jerry Swenson, Derrick Monson, Kari Haas, Tom Gruss, Jackie Currey, Bill

    Miller, Pr. Bob Coughlin, Pr. Jeff Redlin, Jim Cook. Members absent: Ross Leake, Tiina Smith, Val Ross.

    1. Devotions: Jim Cook

    2. Minutes of June 2016. Bruce moved to accept as read, seconded by Bill, passed.

    3. Treasurer’s Report. In the absence of Val, Mike presented the report to the Council. A discussion

    followed on the June budget, as giving was down for June. It was decided to suspend the $2000

    Building Fund transfer for July and August. Tom so moved, seconded by Jackie, passed. Mike is to

    notify Val of this decision. Jackie moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Bruce, passed.

    4. Congregational concerns.

    a. Mike presented a paragraph of information on the offering counting staff duties. He emphasized it

    is important to have council members prepared to count the Sunday offering and get it deposited

    in a timely manner. The monthly Council counters need to communicate among themselves to

    determine who will be available on any given Sunday. If someone is going to be absent, simply

    notify Mike Hansen, and he will make arrangements for counting and/or substitutes.

    b. A window in the downstairs kitchen doesn’t work properly. Derrick will contact Andy’s Glass.

  • 12

    c. The church needs help with the streaming of services during the summer. An announcement will

    be put in the bulletin to that effect.

    d. The location of the suggestion box will be disclosed in the bulletin. We may need to move it to

    make it more accessible.

    e. Pr. Bob needs a light fixed in his office.

    5. Pastors’ Reports.

    a. Pr. Bob. See hard copy attached. In addition, Pr. Jeff has invited Pr. Bob to be the

    representative at the LCMC meeting in October in Denver. Kari moved we pay Dianne’s was

    with Bob, however they choose to travel. Second by Derrick. Passed.

    b. Pr. Jeff. See hard copy attached. Under “Other 1)” Pr. Jeff assured the Council that if he is

    elected it will not cut into his duties at PLC.

    6. a. Parsonage Repair for Rental Plan. Derrick reported that Dave Lazendorf and Fred Haas R&Rd the

    exterior trim. It needs paint. He then passed around a list of needed repairs, most of which were

    taken over by Council members. The Council decided that July 30 would be the date to paint the

    outside of the parsonage.

    b. Back Carigana Hedge. Jerry reported that the sprinklers have been fixed, the path to the garbage can

    fixed. Do we want to put money into this hedge project now? Move the hedge? Remove it and replant

    it in the right place? Jerry will consult with Diane Oddy about the hedge and report back.

    c. Congregation Education Opportunity. Pr. Bob reported on a ministry called Right Now Media

    which offers videos for training and education for members of the church. It is sort of a Christian “Net

    Flix” for access to teaching material. If PLC subscribes every member will be eligible to use these

    resources, accessing them on their own devices. There is a free trial period that lasts until July 21, after

    which it is $80.00 per month. The Council decided to see if we can have a longer trial period of 2-3

    months before we commit.

    7. Team reports

    a. Congregational Life. The Worship in the Park will be August 14. Need help moving chairs.

    b. Education & Youth. Next meeting is August 4. Need to get new nursery care person. Do have

    Sunday School teachers for each grade, but need a second person for each class.

    c. Property Care. See 8b. Issues include options for trenching around Peace Garden. There is a three

    year contract. Who signs? Pr. Bob said internet as is is under powered. Derrick to work on NAT options on

    router and will forward contact to Mike for review.

    d. Stewardship and Finance. No meeting until August.

    e. Outreach and Mission. The meeting was on July 7 with LOVE INC, who is wanting to partner with

    PLC to increase visibility in Belgrade. Pr. Jeff will like to be liaison with LOVE INC. They specifically would

    like us to help with the Clothes Closet in Belgrade. They want volunteers rather than money. Pr. Bob said the

    Youth Group is very thankful to the Council for money given to them.

    f. Worship and Music. Met June 14 to include July and August. Next meeting in September.

    8. Old Business

    a. Stained glass windows. Tiina reported to Mike recently that tinted glass can be installed to cut glare.

    The outside glazing will be replaced with a tinted glass. This will not affect the stained glass. It may cost up to

    $400 total. Tiina is working with the glass company to get it done.

    b. New Internet Service. Derrick reported on his conversation with the internet company. They will

    come out to choose a path to install cable and discuss service needed.

    c. Pr. Jeff’s possibility of becoming NW District President. This was covered in Pr. Jeff’s report.

    d. Pr. Bob reported on the Library, Phase II. It will happen. He needs help moving shelves and books.

    e. Question brought up: Do we need a nursery?

    f. Tom brought up the “Little Free Library” concept in re putting a book shelf outside the church for

    passerbys to take and/or give a book. See for an idea of how it would work.

  • 13

    g. Bruce reported that some garden plots have had all their plants die. He suggested we contact the

    renters and offer a refund or a free year next year. Jackie so moved, seconded by John, passed. Bruce also

    reported on a church he visited In Oklahoma, with some 2500 in attendance, that passed buckets for the

    offering. The pastor said that they were collecting for a new building. He also said that if anyone couldn’t

    afford rent, clothing, or food, they should reach into the bucket and take what they needed.

    The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m. with a closing prayer. Jackie has devotions for the next Council

    meeting on Thursday, August 11, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jim Cook, Secretary

  • 14

    Peace Lutheran Church 203 Jackrabbit Lane

    Belgrade, MT 59714

    Mailing Address Correction Requested


    Please take this with you if you are visiting. If you would like to be added to our mailing

    list, please contact the church office 388-1358 or email us at [email protected]

    The newsletter is available on the website

    If you do not have web access, we will be happy to mail the newsletter to you.

    Peace Lutheran Church 203 Jackrabbit Lane

    Belgrade, MT 59714

    Phone: (406) 388-1358

    Web Site:


    Office Hours

    Monday - Friday

    9:00 a.m . – 1:00 p.m.

    Peace Lutheran Staff

    Bob Coughlin, Pastor

    Email: [email protected]

    Jeff Redlin, Pastor

    Email: [email protected]

    Karlene Swenson, Office

    Email: [email protected]

    Mike Hansen, Council President

    Scriptures for September

    September 4 –16th

    Sunday after Pentecost

    Deuteronomy 30:15-20 Psalm 1

    Philemon 1:21 Luke 14:25-35

    September 11 – 17th

    Sunday after Pentecost

    Ezekiel 34:11-24 Psalm 119: 169-176

    1 Timothy 1:(5-11)12-17 Luke 15:1-10

    September 18 – 18th

    Sunday after Pentecost

    Amos 8:4-7 Psalm 113

    1 Timothy 2:1-15 Luke 16:1-15

    September 25 – 19th

    Sunday after Pentecost

    Amos 6:1-7 Psalm 146

    1 Timothy 3:1-13 Luke 16:19-31

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