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Business Profile & SEO Reseller Kit Flexible Business Collaboration Models for SEO Agencies & SEO Resellers BrainShakers Interactive Endless Online Possibilities… BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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Brainshakers interactive is an internet marketing company, provides complete web page optimization, high quality link developing, SEO reseller solutions for United kingdom, USA, AU and CA web sites.

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Business Profile & SEO Reseller Kit Flexible Business Collaboration Models for SEO

Agencies & SEO Resellers

BrainShakers Interactive Endless Online Possibilities…

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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BrainShakers Interactive SEO Business Collaboration KIT


BSI – Resellers Benefits

About “BrainShakers Interactive (BSI)”

Why “BrainShakers Interactive” for Association

BSI – Business Collaboration Models

BSI – Service Portfolio

BSI - Strength of Business Model

BSI – Report Formats








BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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BrainShakers Interactive

BrainShakers Interactive is “Complete SEO Link Building” Company, not your competitor. “BrainShakers Interactive” has been proved its technical competency with end clients; helping them to achieve substantial on-line presence. Considering the business model we are dealing with, we have found our services and special costs as a helpful resource to the Resellers (SEO Agencies) who are running their business in developed Countries where the economy and per resource cost (salary + overheads) is high.

If you have a need of SEO operational helping hand, or mass professional relationships, or just a determination to grow your business and earnings, then we

are here with an opportunity. We are having a large team of young, dynamic, experienced professionals who are chosen from various corporate brands of Internet Marketing as well as a team of experienced industry professionals who are indulge in SEO research and training program to develop fresh talents according to client requirements. As an expert for many Website owners and Reliable aide to 47 SEO / Online Media Agencies, we have positioned ourselves as trustworthy approach for SEO agencies and website owners all over the globe. Throughout these years, we have aimed to maintain long-term business relationships with all the clients and have successfully been able to maintain average business tenure as 1.5 years with more than 80% client satisfaction rate. Please read more for how we can carry it out. BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected] 22 1

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One Stop Shop for all the “Online Marketing” Requirements

BSI: Service Portfolio

SEO OFF Page Submissions (all kind)

GEO /Local Online Business Marketing

Google Friendly Link Building

Local Google Map Marketing

Social Media Optimization (SMO)








BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

Guaranteed / 100% Approved SEM Links

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)








Business Review Management

SEO Friendly SEO Content Management

Contextual Blog Post Link

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Money-Back Guaranteed SEO

Video SEO / Blog SEO

One Time ON-Site Optimization

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Over 85% of SEO / Online Business Marketing work is routine submission job which require experience, data and lots of time so for higher ROI; it

should be outsource to India because of lesser currency value & relatively inexpensive technically strong work force.

Strength: BSI - Reseller Business Model

1. Ethical Operational Process under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

2. Flexible Business Reseller Models for every possible need

3. Sales Support for your business turnover, Real Time operational Support

4. BIG Service Portfolio; Economical Solution Plan for almost every objective

5. Customization of Business Plan for every budget range

6. Volume based Discounts for maximizing monthly POFITABILITY.

7. Weekly/FortNight/Monthly Reporting on basis of Monthly Billing.

Why you should Outsource SEO Link Building “OR” SEO Back Office Operational Work : View of BrainShakers Interactive

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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BSI - Dedicate Resource / SEAT – Most effective model for established SEO Agencies

BSI – Piece Meal - Model for agencies who require different approaches different time. Small quantity of work to outsource

This is an example text. Go ahead and replace it with your own text. This is an example text.

Go ahead and replace it with your own text

BSI – Commission /Brokerage - Model for NEW or one man SEO firms

BSI – Customized SEO Plan – Client oriented customized SEO Plans

BSI – Volume Discount - Model for SEO Agencies who use multiple vendors for different approaches but having BULK work

BSI – Credit Coins - Model for SEO Agencies those have regular business & large number of client projects

Flexible Models for Strategic SEO Business Collaboration

Business Collaboration Models








BSI – PiggyBacking – Model for new Resellers who require sales support / proposal designing with operational assistance

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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Dedicate Resource / Dedicate Seat Model facilitate you a member of our crew;

Resource will work 160 man hours (20 days * 8 man hours) per month dedicatedly at your projects. You may guide / monitor him at your end or we may do the same on your behalf.

We have resources for all the services [Link Building | Off Page Submissions | On-Site Optimization | SMO | Blogging | SEO Back office work] with Good at English Communication.

Monthly Fees will depend upon – Resource Experience, Skill Set & Complexity of Work.

Strength of Business Model

NO other Overheads | No Labor Law Issues | NO HR Issue | Timely Reporting

You may SAVE up-to 40% SEO operational Expenditure; if you have sufficient work to outsource. Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reporting as per your requirement as well as qualitative Output.

BSI: Dedicate Resource / Dedicate Seat

Highly Recommended Business Model for Qualitative Outcome in 30% Lesser SEO operational Expenditure.

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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Creation of Plans for your company or to operate at your existing SEO/Links Plan

This Business Model help you to get initial Competitive Edge. We operate at your existing plans; completely /partially.. You may keep Onsite optimization at your end to direct flow of progress.

In this Business Model; We operate at over 85% work at mutually pre-decided fee per month per plan.

We also help your sales team if they have any technical query OR send report with logo of your company.

Strength of Business Model

NO Operational Expenditure | ZERO Infrastructure Cost | Time to Focus at Sales

This Business Model gives you maximum time to focus at sales/turnover. Team BSI execute SEO/ Link Building operational work, prepare reports, provide support to your sales team.

BSI: Customized SEO/Links Plan

Execution at your SEO Plans OR Customized SEO / Link Building Plans for your company only. This Plan Keep you on “White Paper” and help in Long Term.

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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Complete Support – “from Sales Proposal Designing to Monthly Project Renewal”

This Business Model help new Entrants for generating SEO sales. We help our associates through Proposal Designing , answers of client (end level) query, operational work, post sales support as well as in Renewals.

This Model is equally Efficient for Cross Vertical Sales; Means if you are a web designer or Hosting Provider and you have little knowledge in SEO domain then with this model, you have double or triple your annual sales turnover.

Strength of Business Model

Cross Vertical Sales| Risk Free Business Model | High End Profit & Stability

Business Model “BSI: PIGGYBACKING” has proved its effectiveness for small SEO Companies (companies run by 2-3 people) as well as non SEO businesses. Completely Risk Free Business Technique.

BSI: Piggybacking Model

Business Model for NEW Entrants in SEO or Internet Marketing Industry; specially designed for CROSS VERTICAL SALES.

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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Attractive Discount at Monthly Billing

This Business Model helps BIG SEO Agencies/Media Agencies/Digital Marketing Agencies for promoting their clients. They require Big portfolio of services which we already have and at the same hand we offer HEAVY DISCOUNT at monthly billing to maximize their profitability.

You may outsource complete SEO work of your clients under the same Business Model.

Strength of Business Model

Zero Lock-in Period| NO Exclusive Contract| Higher Profitability

Business Model is again Risk Free and at the same hand increase profitability as turnover increase. Small slabs so that you could come into higher slab easily.

BSI: Volume Discount Model

Business Model for those SEO Agencies which have number of running projects but require different approaches or quantity every month.

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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Attractive Commission / Brokerage at Monthly Billing or per Project

This Business Model is for Sales Individuals or Non SEO Companies those wants to be associate for our “BrainShakers Interactive” at sales level and use our name for Operational process. Commission / Brokerage may be for Reference OR Lead OR Business Conversion OR Monthly Inward Payment.

All the accounting would be done with Brand Name “BrainShakers Interactive” and associate with get his monthly commission.

Strength of Business Model

Parallel Income Model| Risk Free Business Model | Long Term High Profitability

Business Model help individual sales personals to earn smart money (per month) in Risk Free Manner. This business model provide high range of parallel income.

BSI: Commission / Brokerage

Business Model for Sales Individuals or Non SEO Companies who want to keep us on “White Paper”.

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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Special Cost Discount, Purchase Flexibility & Arrangement of Quick Delivery

This Business Model help BIG associates; to purchase our services in very cost effective manner with other benefits. In this Business Model, You have to recharge your account / purchase BSI credit coins with mutually decided credit coins. You may shop any service any time from where with using these coins.

Being a Exclusive associates, you would get special privilege in term of PRICE & your work will be schedule on priority.

Strength of Business Model

Special Price with Occasional add-on discount| Quickest Delivery| Quality Assurance

In this model; you purchase “X” credit coins [value of per coin in USD 1 and on basis of quantity it goes down; fe; you can get 1200 coins in 1000 USD]. You use credit coins by purchasing services throughout the month. Your order would be operate on priority as well as you would get occasionally additional discount / credit coins.

BSI: Credit Coins Model

Business Model for BIG SEO Agencies / SEO Resellers / Media Agencies those require

verity of services through out the month over different Client URLs.

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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High End Quality Assurance at Objective oriented Projects

This Business Model helps our clients to show quality work (One way Links, Submissions, Content Copies, approved Listing, WEB 2.0 management) in their report.

They use our Services in small quantity to prepare a blend of quality as per average industry standard. In this Business Model, we share our standard price list. Reseller select web marketing approach and send to us with quantity and required parameters.

Strength of Business Model

Flexible Payment Option| BULK Discount Applicable| High End Quality

VOLUME DISCOUNT MODEL is applicable with this Business Association Model so that our associates could earn good Profit Margin.

BSI: Piece Meal Model

Business Model for the SEO Agencies who use Multiple Service Providers for their projects and require our Service to show Quality to their Clients.

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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Over 87 Professional SEOs to assist in all type of SEO Link Building work and help to achieve any of the online marketing objectives of your clients.

Real Time, High End Sales Support & Flexible Business Association Models gives additional Client Satisfaction Rate & keep END clients over the Board till long time.

This is an example text. Go ahead and replace it with your own text. This is an example text.

Go ahead and replace it with your own text

Expeditious Reporting System for process smoothness and regular update.

We respect the value of Trade Secrets hence, we are open sign a NDA. Under which we

promise not to disclose about business collaboration or any of your trade secrets.

Special Reseller Privileges: Additional Heavy Discounts at Bulk Deal Offers


Online Payment Gateways as per best of your convenience; You can decide your profits yourself. We will not have any influence on your selling prices.

Fast Results, Quick Delivery, Real Time Communication/Support

Reseller Benefits








Earn significant Profit Margin. you will be able to enjoy good margin in context to your Local SEO / In-house SEO operational Expenditure.

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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White Label Reports to keep you on “White Paper”

Standard Report Formats

Report – Link Building

Report – List of Approaches & Navigation

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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White Label Reports to keep you on “White Paper”

Standard Report Formats

Monthly Progress Report

Report – List of Search Engine Submissions

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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Page 17: SEO Reseller Company

Trial / Test Work Plan – Special Offer for NEW VENTURES

BrainShakers Interactive – Calling “SEO Agencies/Web Designing Agencies/Marketing Individuals / Online or Digital Marketing firms” for Business Association. So, for the Initial Trust/Faith – We are

offering “Trial Work OR Test Work Plan”

Procedure : Trial Work Model

BrainShakers Interactive would work at your business website/client project for a month time under your quality parameters and budget of USD 100 – USD 200

You will start with 50% payment of trial work; if you get satisfy with quality / process / service and offer bigger monthly work then your already paid 50% payment will be adjust in following month(s) otherwise “NO DUES” any party.

BSI: Trial Work (Special Offer)

BrainShakers Interactive – Calling “SEO Agencies/Web Designing Agencies/Marketing Individuals/Online or Digital Marketing firms” for Business Association.

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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Why - BrainShakers Interactive

Professional Forte Great Experience to handle Reseller Projects/ Network Hundreds of clients with over 95% Client Satisfaction Rate. Client base is having 40% of SEO agency clients. Business Turnover growth of 135% annually Team of 87 experienced, dynamic and qualified professionals Equipped with advanced web analysis software's, Online Reputation audit tool, Link Analysis tool, Automatic keyword tracker etc under hi-tech infrastructure. Tailored Solutions as per the objective of project for your clients. Real Time Sales/Customer Support Flexible Payment Options

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

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Thanks a lot for giving time to our Business Profile and Business

Collaboration Models

If you have further query please send to us at below details

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BrainShakers Interactive

A Reliable Support Hand to Outsource SEO Operational work

BrainShakers Interactive ; [email protected]

BrainShakers Interactive

[email protected]