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A presentation introducing the basic concepts of SEO created as my university assigment

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  • 1.SEO

2. Agenda Background. Introduction to search engines Introduction to SEO Problem statement and Explanation Factors affecting SEO. 3. Background The world has changed into a global village. Internet is the Cheapest and fastest way of transferring information. It has proved its importance in business as well as scientific research. Websites are the most important players of this game. So one can earn a lots of money if he is able to sale his product on internet successfully. 4. What websites and internet can do for you? 5. Background Think about having millions of customers worldwide. 6. Background Think about reaching people beyond geographical boundaries. 7. Background Universities can advertise worldwide for students from all over the world. 8. Background Scientific and social educational information can be shared swiftly. 9. Background Professionals can introduce their products, ideas and services easily. 10. There are hundreds and thousands of websites on the internet increasing every day 11. Any one can make a websiteBut the question is, how to Get more business from a newly launched site 12. Or one may ask How to get noticed on the world wide web 13. Answer The answer to the above issue is searchenginesand directories. 14. Explanation Yes! Search engines like Google, AltaVista, Ask and directories like yahoo, dmoz etc. Normally, people use search engines or directories to search the web worldwide. Top 10 results of the search engine or directories, are most likely to be clicked. Consequently, we are in dire need to get our website in top results. So we need to learn some technicalities of the phenomena 15. What are search engines and directories?There are different definitions for the term but all of them tend to point the same thing lets go through them one by one. 16. What is a Search Engine? Search engine is a software program that searches for sites based on the words that you designate as search terms. Search engines look through their own databases of information in order to find what it is that you are looking for. REF[1.0.0] 17. OR A search engine is a tool designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. Information may consist of web pages, images, information and other types of files 18. How search engines works? 19. Types of Search engines: ref [1.0.2] Crawlers/Spiders Human controlled Search engines(Directories) Hybrid Search engine (both crawlers and directory based) 20. Crawlers/spiders Crawler/spider is software that visits and reads websites, indexing them at the same time. 21. Human controlled Search engines (directories)These search engines are often called directories as well. A good example of such search engines will be yahoo. 22. Hybrid Engines+ 23. Every search engine has its own algorithm to calculate page importance. 24. What is Page Rank Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm used by the Google Internet search engine that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set. 25. Suppose we have 4 websites ABDC 26. Initially each Having PR 0.25/1 ABPR 0.25PR 0.25D PR 0.25C PR 0.25 27. Let us Denote OUT=No of links pointing out words any other website IN=No of External links pointing in wordsIN for A A OUT for AB 28. Suppose B ,C ,D are linking to A ABDC 29. B,C and D will thus each confer 0.25 Page Rank to A ABPR 0.75PR 0.25D PR 0.25C PR 0.25 30. Again suppose B , C and D are also linking to each other as well ABDC 31. Page Rank of A ? PR (A)=PR(B)/(BOUT) + PR(C)/(COUT) + PR(D)/(DOUT) PR (A)=B(0.25)/(2) + C(0.25)/(1) + D(0.25)/(3) (0.125)A)B(0.125)(0.083)8 0.0 (3)(0.083)(0.2 5)C(0 . 25 )D (0 . 25 )(0. 708)(0 .2 5 32. Problem Statement How to Get your website noticed ? How to get traffic to your website ? How to get more business? The answer to all above questions is search engine optimization (SEO) 33. What is SEO? 34. SEOSearch Engine optimization The process of improving web pages so they rank higher in search engines for your targeted keywords. Internal Link Structure Link Popularity / Relevance Key FactorsCrawlability / Optimized Code Content Relevance 35. Factors Effecting SEO 36. Optimization can beON Page OptimizationOFF page Optimization 37. On Page Optimization More Concerned with code and layout. Html Tags. Structure of Website. eg.Usage scripts and Css. 38. Technical SEO - Example of Page Elements 39. No Keywords in Meta Tag 40. A better example of meta tags usage 41. A bad way to use scripts 42. A better example of using Script tag and putting the script in external files 43. And So On..... 44. OFF page Optimization MoreConcerned with other techniques such as 45. Email marketing. 46. Link building Strategies 47. TV or other forms of Advertisement 48. SEO Surf 150$ SEO Analysis Features Back link Management Features Search Engine Analysis Site Search Minimizes to the system tray Comprehensive Support 49. SEO Administrator 200$ Ranking monitor Google Data Centers Snippets viewer Link popularity checker Site indexation tool 50. Similar Page Checker Search Engine Spider Simulator Back link Anchor Text Analyzer & etc 51. Multiple Datacenter Keyword Position Check PageRank Lookup META Analyzer and etc